The Originals Season 3 Episode 17 – TV Review

Originals Behind the Black Horizon Finn Elijah Mystic Falls

Elijah wins. Obviously.

Tonight, someone dies.

#NoFinnNoOriginals doesn’t have the same ring to it, though.

TL;DR Finn dies; because Lucien, a newly-minted Super Original Hybrid kills him; Lucien’s plan was to kill the Originals all along; Davina and Vincent get fed up with the Ancestors always fucking them over; Hayley and Klaus discover Lucien experimented on werewolves to make his hybrid bite incurable via Klaus blood.

Which is how he kills Finn. It’s full circle, people.

So it’s off to Mystic Falls for a stealth crossover, as Lucien takes Freya and an under-duress Vincent along to conjure up a potion to become an Original milkshake, only crunchy. His plan works, and he uses Freya’s blood and Vincent’s magic to bottle himself two doses. But before he left, a lucid Vincent tipped off Davina, who tips off Elijah and Finn, who rush to Mystic Falls to save Freya. They are momentarily inconvenienced by Matt, and are too late to stop Lucien. Finn tries to kill him, but that only activates the potion, and Super Original Hybrid Lucien bites Finn. Uh oh. Meanwhile, Davina frets over Kol’s worsening rage issues. Camille recognises Kol’s symptoms as similar to Kieran’s when he was hexed, and at the end of the episode, Davina appeals to Vincent to help her take on the Ancestors for doing it. Vincent is happy to oblige. Meanwhile, Hayley and Klaus investigate the Kingmaker offices, and find a werewolf milking lab in one of them. They discover that Lucien was testing different strains of werewolf venom on his manufactured cure, culminating in an incurable strain. Which is what he put in the potion. Which is what he bit Finn with. The Originals reunite back in New Orleans and Klaus tries to heal Finn with his blood, but it fails, and Finn finally dies for good. Everyone then bizarrely mourns him in an ashes-scattering scene that falls wildly flat, and cheapens the familial melodrama at which The Originals has otherwise been excelling (TVD did it better this week. Wow). And Lucien’s second dose of potion turns out to be for Aurora, who is missing from her crypt.

Here’s hoping Camille stashed away some white oak to take her down.

Aside from the Finn-mourning, this is yet another punchy episode of The Originals. I must again reiterate my surprise at how far this show has come from the bog of this time last season.

This episode sees Lucien’s plan finally out in the open, the death of an Original, a plan to take on the Ancestors, and even a mini crossover with TVD.

TVD had to scrape together every ounce of goodwill it could to make its episode barely above average. The Originals has been pulling these out effortlessly all season.

Shame about that Aurora return, though.


Why I hate this episode:

Yes, Aurora is already out of her crypt. It only took three episodes. Jesus Christ, Klaus, why didn’t you kill her when you had the fucking chance?

Which means that not only do we have to endure that shit-haired bitch again next episode, but now she’s also a Super Original Hybrid. So she’s going to be extra smarmy. Kill me now.

Camille only shows up for a hot minute this episode. I’m glad to see her, but her role is reduced to being a dispensary for a dark object Davina and Kol need to amplify the link between Finn and Vincent to track down Lucien. And to point out that Kol ain’t right, which Davina probably could have figured out on her own.

Camille also has shit hair this week. Boo. That’s Aurora’s job, baby.

I don’t care that Finn is dead. The ashes-scattering scene hits a pathetic nadir when Freya, apparently Finn’s biggest fan, invokes a scene-chewy “Always and Forever.” And Klaus vows to avenge him. Shut up.

It’s disappointing that Matt’s the best TVD cast member they could get for the mini crossover. And even when in conflict with an Original vampire with a vendetta against him (Finn) and an omnicidal mega abomination (Lucien), he doesn’t die. What the fuck, universe?

Oh, and with the white oak bullet expended to make the potion, there’s no white oak left for the gang to kill Lucien and Aurora. Which means some more is either going to randomly show up, or they’re going to find some other “magic can do whatever we say it can do” spell to take them out. Tsk.


But it’s not all bad:

The CW loves a Designated Girl Fight, so barring a surprise challenge from Freya (and Hayley has better things to do. Like hop into bed with Elijah, goddammit), Camille should be the one to take down Aurora when the time comes. It would be so fucking satisfying.

Even in the tiny capacity she’s afforded this episode, I’m glad to see Camille. Marcel isn’t done the same kindness, as he’s omitted entirely. Which is for the best, because he’s been treading water with pointless busy work since the end of season 1.

Finn drags down Elijah’s value, which gives Hayley and Klaus the chance to shine again as the best components of the episode. Their parental siege on Kingmaker is tacky as hell, but I do love watching them slay some goons together.

Their discovery of the werewolf tests is also happily twisted. Lucien’s been forcing werewolf activations (like the teen girl from last episode) so he can get werewolves whose venom he can milk. In the lab, Hayley and Klaus find out that’s how Lucien made his antivenin, but then wonder why he would be continuing to test something he already knows works. To add the super venom to the Super Original Hybrid potion, of course.

Lucien’s motivation isn’t very complicated: he wants revenge for that life-stealing compulsion shit, which we already knew. But what we didn’t know is that Lucien’s plan has been in motion since he first set foot in New Orleans. He made a deal with the Ancestors to ensure the demise of the Originals, in exchange for their help in becoming the Super Original Hybrid. Simple.

Freya then logically accuses him of making up the “one by friend, one by foe, one by family” prophecy, but Lucien says he didn’t. He just found it. But he expects that despite the prophecy, he himself will be the cause of their doom. Hmm.

His deal, combined with the Ancestors having corrupted Kol’s resurrection with the rage hex, opens the door for a confrontation finally being brought to the Ancestors. They were the kind-of-indirect villains of the first season, but have managed to shy away from their karma since. Not anymore, witches.

Matt’s appearance is lame, but the show makes sure to remind us that Matt is the one who staked Finn back in TVD season 3, which I had forgotten about. So he does have a legitimate link to Finn.

Elijah slam dunks the episode’s best line: “Matthew Donovan. How adorably inconvenient.” I suppose the writers of The Originals aren’t required to shill him like the TVD crew are.

When Finn, Elijah, and Matt reach Lucien, Lucien uses Freya as a human shield. So Finn simply grabs the trigger on Matt’s gun (loaded with wooden bullets, natch) and shoots Lucien in the heart through Freya’s chest. Smart. Elijah promptly heals her with vampire blood, of course.

With no Other Side and no special New Orleans witch plane available to him, Finn dies a supposedly complete death. The family then quickly cremates him, so I would like to believe that’s it for the least interesting Mikaelson.

Finn tries to give himself some tragedy points by telling Elijah that his nine hundred year daggering evolved from oblivion, like Elijah experienced in his mere decades of daggering, to some kind of horrible consciousness. I don’t give a shit, but points for effort, Finn. You had to try.

Oh, and I relish Klaus’ anxiety at Aurora’s escape. Because he seriously should have fucking killed her when he had the chance.

The Originals Behind the Black Horizon Klaus crypt Aurora

Don’t you remember that she fixed it, you fool?

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4 responses to “The Originals Season 3 Episode 17 – TV Review”

  1. KlausWantsYouDead says :

    Do everyone a favor please. Go kill yourself.

  2. Kathleen H. says :

    I love your Vampire Diaries and Originals reviews!!! Sometimes when I’ve had a bad day (which happens a lot lately) Ill just read them because they are so fun to read….mainly the memes and the ‘What I Hate About This Episode’ parts.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Thanks, baby. I appreciate it.

      Though, I must give credit to this season of TVD for being so inept and giving me lots of things to talk about.

      And thank God Finn is dead. Bye forever. And always.

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