iZombie Season 2 Episode 17 – TV Review

Just kidding. Aside from The Vampire Diaries, and Nina Dobrev’s departure sealed that deal, The CW is pretty hot right now.

I mean, are you watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Incredible.

iZombie’s not too shabby, either. But it was touch and go for a while there.

TL;DR The COW involves Enrico Colantoni’s character, and links into Blaine’s (now Not E’s) drug operation; Ravi and Major keep the Steven and Max Rager zombie hunting stuff to themselves, for fear of Liv doing something reckless if she knew; Major’s chickens come home to roost, and Dale arrests him as the Chaos Killer; Blaine’s memory loss does not abate.

But is it just an insanely committed ruse?

Well, we’ll go to COW town first, and a university student senate candidate is found murdered. Perfect fratboy beefcake returns as a campaign opponent and red herring, but it turns out Enrico caught her for drug offences, and blackmailed her into becoming a criminal informant to put away others. But being an overachieving grade-grubber, she took her task too seriously and ended up being killed by one of Blaine’s dealers, who himself was part of Enrico’s CI program (but a double agent, obviously). Just as Enrico’s figured it out, Eyepatch Goon knocks him out and kills the offender, leaving nothing to go on, and Babineaux reports Enrico for his unethical program. Meanwhile, while on overachiever brains, Liv is somewhat like her old self, and finds that a sobering reality check. Meanwhile, Major fills in Ravi on his zombie-hunting assignment under duress from Steven, but they agree not to tell Liv because she would probably go after Steven and get herself killed. Major, now rezombified, is itchy to take the new cure, but they’re not convinced Blaine’s amnesia is legit, so they decide to have Major scratch and zombify Steven to test if he loses his memory, too. But before he can, Dale gets a vital lead in the Chaos Killer case and arrests him. Meanwhile, Blaine remembers nothing about his zombie life, but stays on to work the funeral home. Not E and Eyepatch Goon joyfully crank up the drug and brain business downstairs. And I was half right on both counts with Gilda: Steven has got her locked up in the basement lab, but not to test on her. He just wants her out of the way while he’s busy launching SuperMax.

Platinum blonde does not suit her.

We’re about to close out the season, and iZombie is proving that it kept its strongest plays until the end. And I’m so grateful.

To think there was a point earlier this year when I was ready to dump it. What a fool I was.

But let’s try to curb the filler next season, show.


Why I hate this episode:

On more than one occasion this season I’ve felt like Liv is the least important character in her own show. She, as the lead, is shouldered with most of the COW burden. And with such a diverse and fantastic array of supporting characters taking up all the non-COW time, she’s left without anything of substance to do. She gets a little second here and there to stomp around looking for Drake, but that’s about it. Even her brain trip, which is like the personality she used to have, doesn’t reveal much. The most dramatic it gets is when Perfect Fratboy Beefcake says she’s uncool.

Blaine may have amnesia, but I’m pretty sure the weird shit he sees the couple of times he ventures down to the basement would alarm him. Normal people don’t just shrug off seeing their apparent coworkers bagging up drugs or playing around with brains. Even in a funeral home.

Peyton’s willing to believe in zombies, but not amnesia?

Oh, and Dale encourages Babineaux to apply to the FBI so that he can go with her when she leaves. And he fills out the paperwork. Don’t break up the team, dude.


But it’s not all bad:

And that might be pretty damn soon, as Dale arrests Major to close out the episode. Major is just about to enact his scratch plan on Steven, but is surprised by Dale and the FBI busting in. When she’s got him on the ground to cuff him, he almost goes rabid mode again, but fights it off. Poor Major. But he looks so good when in anguish.

The clue Dale needs is a clever callback: the dog groomer. She follows Ravi’s example and puts things together when she sees the photo of Minor with his real owner in the newspaper.

Perfect Fratboy Beefcake is another welcome callback to an earlier episode. And he, too, isn’t there for nothing because he delivers the “no fun” jab at Overachiever Liv.

The university radio station being visible from the cafeteria is so Veronica Mars season 3. Amazing. Unless that’s a regular thing at American universities.

The libertarian vs dudebro radio interview also mirrors the feminist vs douchebro radio interview in Veronica Mars. So cute.

For Major’s first brain meal, Ravi gives him some leftover from Kacey’s happy hippie mum. Kacey is yet to return, but I’m not giving up hope.

Babineaux gets a welcome character beat this episode when he chooses to report Enrico’s CI program to Internal Affairs. While it may have put away a lot of scumbags, it did result in the death of Bailey, our COW victim. And Babineaux is a man of the law, you know.

Ravi’s trepidation in telling Liv about Steven’s blackmailing of Major, for fear she would get involved and get hurt, is proven very right when she (although, to be fair, still on sassy stripper brains) thoughtlessly charges Mr Boss’ office for information on Drake. Mr Boss isn’t there, thank goodness.

Blaine’s horror when Ravi tells him everything evil he did is pretty tragic.

Steven isn’t shy about telling Gilda he needs her shut away not because he loves her that much, but because he’s got a drink to launch, honey. She is unimpressed.

In another, less subtle reference, Steven is excited that Rob Thomas did music for the SuperMax ad. It’s tacky, but I liked it.

Oh, and Steven is egotistical enough to star in his own ad. Because of course he is.

iZombie Reflections Of The Way Liv Used To Be Steven SuperMax ad


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4 responses to “iZombie Season 2 Episode 17 – TV Review”

  1. Teylen says :

    I do thank that if Major wouldn’t have been jumped by the FBI he might have gotten jumped by Max. He did very heavily indicate that he knows about Major not offing the Zombies, having a freezer and stuff..

  2. Anonymous says :

    At least Gilda’s hair still has volume.

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