The Originals Season 3 Episode 16 – TV Review

The Originals Alone With Everybody Hayley Klaus drunk

Such contrast.

Yes, as opposed to grim resignation while watching TVD, The Originals continues to inspire true excitement in its third season renaissance.

Not even Finn’s ridiculous posturing can bring it down;

TL;DR Kol and Finn bitch at each other a lot; some shadowy new villain steals the white oak bullet and auctions it off; our heroes eventually get it, but that was his plan all along; and he is Lucien; Hayley harasses Klaus into being less selfish while they’re on the road.

I’m so sure it’ll stick.

So it turns out I was wrong, and The Originals hasn’t time jumped along with TVD. Instead, Vincent immediately loses the white oak bullet to some vampire mercenaries, who in turn put it up for auction at the behest of their employer. Vincent goes to Marcel and Josh for help, while keeping Elijah in the loop, and they try to scheme their way to it. They do. Meanwhile, Elijah puts all the Mikaelsons under lockdown at the compound while the white oak bullet is loose, including a visiting, newly-resurrected Kol and Finn. Elijah does his best to keep the peace between Kol, who is still a bit sore about Finn killing him, and Finn, who claims he just wants Freya to body switch him into a witch and leave in peace. Davina puts a stop to Finn’s, plan, though, and uses a spell to lock him in his vampire body forever. So when Marcel delivers the white oak bullet, Finn saves it from immolation and begs for death. This causes Elijah to randomly decide to task Freya with hiding the bullet away, in case he ever becomes suicidal, himself. Which, naturally, immediately leads to Freya’s abduction by the mercenaries’ employer, Lucien, who had been playing nice at the compound all episode (the ancestors also possess Vincent and make him help Lucien, because they want the Mikaelsons dead. Obv). And on the road with Klaus and Hayley, they stop by Hayley’s old werewolf stomping grounds, and Hayley forces Klaus to be nice in an effort to curb his habit of creating enemies. Hayley provides counsel to a young werewolf who recently activated her curse, but Klaus discovers that Lucien has a plan afoot.

A plan to murder werewolves. It’s like a cats and dogs thing, you know?

Yes, it’s missing Camille. And yes, it features too much arbitrary Davina (and a “magic can do whatever we say it can do” spell, which is something I just slammed TVD for).

But damn, The Originals manages to keep things compelling and relevant at the same time. Ain’t no recent addition characters committing suicide here, baby.

I mean, that’s probably because half of the characters in this show are literally immortal. But at least it makes more sense for Finn to still be alive than it does for Matt.

Fuck Matt.


Why I hate this episode:

Also, fuck Finn. Kol speculates that he was resurrected because Davina used Mikaelson blood in the spell to resurrect him (Kol), and Finn likely came in on that wave, too. Which makes me worry that Esther, Mikael, and Dahlia could be close behind. For God’s sake, no.

Finn may have cache because he’s a legacy character, but he’s still mostly an arbitrary punk. His demand of getting a witch body and then he’ll be off, for which he needs Freya, is just a poor excuse to keep him in the compound during the episode. And I actually forgot that Finn killed Kol last season, so the hullabaloo about that didn’t have any impact for me.

Probably because they were both body switched at the time. And we don’t need that to come back, show. So stop talking about it.

I don’t understand Elijah’s decision to keep the white oak bullet. Moments earlier, he was ready to destroy it. But one quick speech from Finn about not wanting to live for eternity has him thinking maybe he might need an escape plan from life one day. Really, Elijah? You’re only thinking about how much immortality sucks now? You’ve had a thousand years to contemplate that. Just burn the bullet, already.

And I can’t believe that Elijah wouldn’t sacrifice his own needs (of future suicide) to keep Klaus and Rebekah (and Kol, I suppose) safe. It’s just stupid. He only did it so Freya could lose it to Lucien.

Lucien’s roundabout plan to get the white oak bullet involved getting it, then losing it (which also required a laborious “I know you know” gambit between Marcel’s group and the mercenaries), then literally having it in his hand after he took it from Finn, then giving it to Elijah, then kidnapping Freya to get it again? Why didn’t he just keep it the first time? If he’d killed Vincent, then nobody would have even known.

Oh, and I was confused when Davina suddenly showed up in the locked-down compound. Was she established there earlier and I just missed it?


But it’s not all bad:

Davina makes Finn unhappy, which makes me happy.

Kol has a surprisingly affecting subplot involving his growing anger and hunger issues now that he’s back as a vampire. He bemoans how he seems destined, like any Mikaelson, to hurt the one that he loves (he earlier has to abort a makeout sesh with Davina because of his bloodlust). Elijah can’t do much but offer a “Pretty much.” It’s sad.

Elijah plays dad this episode, and apart from his absurd decision to keep the bullet, he does a good job. I’m a little disappointed that the episode didn’t go full bottle and stick everyone at the compound in a room together the whole time, but Elijah manages to keep most of them reined in.

Except Lucien, of course, who gets to avoid suspicion by being the one to give the bullet back to Elijah after Finn saves it from burning.

His hate-flirting with Freya comes scarily full circle as he menaces her at the end of the episode while she’s bound and gagged. Dear God, I hope he doesn’t force her to free Aurora from her crypt doom. But on the plus side, if Aurora’s out and about, then Camille can cut that bitch up.

Klaus and Hayley’s journey of My Fair Klaus is pretty expected, but their relationship makes it work. They’re a man and a woman who once had sex and made a baby, but now they’re non-romantic partners trying to keep their daughter alive. I suspect, especially if The Originals runs for eight seasons like its parent show, that Klaus and Hayley will be drawn together romantically again at some point. But for the moment, I appreciated their efforts to be a team without that element.

And Hayley’s right: Klaus’ enemies are all enemies his pursuit of self-preservation at all costs has created. Except Mikael. But he’s (until proven otherwise) dead.

Elijah plays keyboard for a jazz band at the start of the episode while gathering intel on lurking enemies. Sploosh.

It was cute that the episode gave Marcel, Josh, and Vincent something to do.

That blonde mercenary vampire is pretty snazzy.

Oh, and Finn has the same penchant for modelling at all times that Elijah does.

The Originals Alone With Everybody  Finn

Nothing compares to my husbando.

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