Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 20 – TV Review

PLL Hush Hush Sweet Liars Mary Drake


I fucking told you.

TL;DR PLL returns to the scum-scraping sewer, where it belongs, as it now turns out Jessica has an evil twin, and Doctor Dude is B (maybe?); their plan is to send Alison crazy to get control of the Carissimi group, which is another thing we definitely didn’t need to come back; Hanna’s sting operation goes, predictably, awry; minor soap melodrama occurs with most of the characters.

I think I’d prefer the water-treading melodrama over these kind of garbage reveals.

The plot isn’t as fractured as usual, so we’ll keep it together. The major plot involves the B sting plan set in motion by Hanna. She’ll be meeting B (who they still assume is Sara) out at the abandoned Lost Woods Resort, where Caleb has installed cameras and an electric fence. Aria and Ezra join them, for some reason. Meanwhile, while Sara is supposedly out for the rendezvous, Toby and Spencer (later joined by Mona) will use the noise from the Hastings post-election party at Radley to cover a trip into the basement to look for a hidden records room. The one that Sara had been searching for in those floor plans. Emily is mainly stuck babysitting a recuperating Alison, who thinks she’s going crazy when she starts seeing visions of Jessica and Wilden. The Radley records room ends up containing one patient file: Mary Drake, who had a baby while at Radley. That baby was Charles, and was adopted by Jessica and Papa D. The Lost Woods sting ends up failing, with Hanna being abducted, and, oddly, the surveillance cameras showing Jessica running around. And Emily is unable to calm Alison down, and she checks herself into a psychiatric care facility. Which is what Jessica’s evil twin, Mary Drake, and Doctor Dude (who had been wearing one of those insane latex masks to resemble Wilden) wanted: to have Alison go crazy so Doctor Dude, as Alison’s husband, could get majority share of Carissimi. I assume for the money.

Oh, and Doctor Dude is B (I think?), which means Sara is probably C. And, as far as Hanna’s confession would lead them on, Doctor Dude and Mary think Hanna is Cece’s murderer (remember, Mary’s child), so they’re going to kill her.

Please, save Ashley Benson from this awful show. Maybe she’ll have the time to do more than just be eye candy in an Adam Sandler movie.

So, here we are again, in the toxic sludge of PLL bonkers plot twists.

You know, I would have been mad at this regardless. I mean, evil twin? Seriously?

But after having been impressed with how this second half of season 6 has kept itself afloat, to have it come crashing down so, so hard like this is such a waste.

PLL could have been Gossip Girl-meets-Jawbreaker with its premise. And instead, it’s…this.


Why I hate this episode:

Veronica “my closet is so full of skeletons I wear skeletons to dinner” Hastings actually wins her election. If that doesn’t tell you how detached from reality this show is, then no amount of evil twins or Mission Impossible-level face masks can help you.

We’ll get to the evil twin thing in a minute, but let’s not forget the laughably stupid scene of Doctor Dude taking off his Wilden mask. And the reveal of him having been evil validates the show’s assertion that Alison’s fall down the stairs last episode was not accidental. Um, no, sorry. She tripped on her own ridiculous shoes. Shut up.

The evil twin thing is one of the most deplorable daytime soap opera clich├Ęs. I’m surprised PLL didn’t just go full daytime and have the reveal be at a wedding. For fuck’s sake.

And with evil twins and impossible latex face masks on the table, nothing matters, anymore. Whatever we see can be retconned away immediately. So there’s nothing at stake in a big reveal. With Doctor Dude’s British accent, I was half expecting him to do a second unmasking to be Wren underneath.

Why the hell was Mary Drake’s file the only thing to be left in the hidden records room? When they were clearing Radley out, did the workers just say “fuck it” and let it roll? Or did Mary hide it there so nobody would find it? Because I’m pretty sure destroying it would have been more effective.

The Carissimi group is back in play now, too, which means that we might get a chance to see the spaceship hologram screen room again. Woo fucking hoo.

There are yet more unnecessary flashbacks (this time to the relationship-ending fight between Hanna and Caleb). We don’t need it. You’ve already told us this. If you want to bring it up again, just save yourselves the money and use dialogue. Fuck.

Of course, Hanna reveals that she came running back in the rain to rescind her refusal of Caleb’s “work or me” ultimatum, but he was already gone. He left his phone, so she couldn’t call him, either. But, like, you know where he’s going. If you cared enough, you would have gotten there, bitch. And don’t go kissing him at the Lost Woods when Spencer’s not around. Slut.

Caleb is even sluttier, because he initiates the kiss. Cunt slut.

Aria’s editor fucking loves the book that she and Ezra have now completed. That’s good news for Aria, but not good news for people who hate Aria. Which is me. They, too, also kiss. And bang. Get a new act, PLL. Jesus.

Oh, and it’s possible that Doctor Dude and Mary aren’t the ones who abducted Hanna. Which means that we still might not know who B is. So make that another season finale that doesn’t actually finish anything.


But it’s not all bad:

If we didn’t see someone dragging an unconscious Hanna up the church bell tower, I’d put a sneaky bet on Hanna as B/A.D./whatever. The sting plan was her idea. And she’s always the most likely Liar to charge headfirst into danger. Because she knows she’ll be safe because she’s actually the villain? It could work.

Given that Sara is absent this episode, and she’s been banging on about liking Cece so much, I think she’s a safe bet for C, the anonymous texter who wanted justice for Cece’s murder.

I liked that the episode gave Emily nothing to do. Because she’s useless.

Spencer says “I love you” to Caleb, and he reacts positively. He doesn’t say it back, and of course he later gets up on Hanna, but until then, I thought it was a nice scene.

Oh, and Spencer gets almost naked for a second. That was a pleasant surprise.

PLL Hush Hush Sweet Liars Spencer naked

But with fewer shitty tattoos.

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7 responses to “Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 20 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Well at least Lydia has a role again.

  2. My says :

    I’m counting on the How to Get Away with Murder finale being satisfying and better than what this was.

  3. Dave says :

    Literally the only good part of this episode was seeing Spencer near naked. Not enough though.

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