Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 19 – TV Review

PLL Did You Miss Me? Hanna killed Cece

Hanna has always been the most proactive one of the group.

Oh, get real. You know better than to trust anything PLL shows you.

If they can retcon Mona’s dead body, then a flimsy text isn’t out of the question.

Can you imagine, though?

TL;DR Hanna comes up with a plan to fake confess to B to draw them out; Aria and Ezra are awkward while working together on the book; Spencer wastes time being jealous of Hanna and Caleb; Alison has a shoe-related tumble down some stairs, but is fine; Sara is researching Radley floor plans.

Is there another Umbrella Corporation super bunker under there?

Plots this week:

Hanna plays to her strengths as the most useful Liar and she and Caleb convince the rest of the girls (plus Ezra) into supporting a plan to falsely confess to B in the hope of catching them. Lucas also comes back to town and shows that yes, he is holding a massive candle for her, and offers to buy her a factory to start her own clothing line.

Emily finds out from her cornering of Mona last episode that Mona may or may not have wanted to hurt Cece the night she died, but didn’t get a chance because she never showed up to the Two Crows. Emily and Spencer also stalk Sara’s driver and discover he’s acquiring Radley basement plans for her.

Spencer’s only contribution to the episode is to stew over Hanna and Caleb’s scheme partnership, and to reminisce about a time nothing happened between her and Caleb a couple of years ago.

Aria and Ezra find their professional relationship complicated by their personal past.

And Alison trips on her own ridiculous shoes at her honeymoon B&B. She’s fine, Doctor Dude is ever the attentive new husband, and a vision of Jessica tells her everything’s going to be alright.

Are we sure this isn’t the last season? Because things are starting to feel pretty wrapped up.

It truly pains me, but again, I must praise Pretty Little Liars for continuing to stay out of the swamp of stupid bullshit it should be mired in right now. I attribute this to a decreased presence from B and an increased focus on tangential relationship melodrama. Which aren’t good things.

But anything’s better than the wackiness of the first half of this season.

With one episode to go, will PLL be able to hang onto its sanity to close the season on a high note?


Why I hate this episode:

History says “no.” If we do get a reveal, it’ll be badly camp-tacular and likely include spaceship hologram rooms, fully automated prison bunkers, or a plethora of silly masks. And we know that B has at least one of those things (the silly masks. Obv).

Or, given the slowness of build-up, we won’t get a true reveal. B will pull an A and run away, hoodie held high, and we’ll get a fake cliffhanger to boil our blood until next season premiere when it turns out it was just a pig in the boot all along.

Alison chews up a fucking shitload of screentime this episode, and for nothing. All her arc is about is how she’s happy with Doctor Dude. I’d like to be optimistic and say that Alison might be getting this kind of closure because she won’t be back for the final season. But this is the girl whose murder was the lynchpin of the series, and they brought her back to life. I’m not hopeful.

Spencer’s flashbacks to Madrid with Caleb, like the other flashbacks in this season 6B, are fucking pointless. We already knew about it, and it doesn’t show us anything new. They hung out, there was some sexual tension, but they didn’t pursue it. Dialogue would have been cheaper and quicker. For fuck’s sake.

We don’t have time for Lucas. And with his offer to buy Hanna the future of her career, that seems like a wrap-up for her, too. What are we going to do for the next twenty episodes of season 7?

There’s a fucking cat scare to transition from Emily’s interrogation of Mona to the opening credits. Seriously?

The Liars decide not to turn Mona in to Roma for being the Two Crows caller, despite Aria’s pleas (because she wants to clear herself of suspicion. Which is fair). They reason that with Mona out and about, she might provide clues to B. I don’t say it often, but poor Aria.

Mona and Sara end up having a cryptically-worded encounter that illuminates absolutely nothing, anyway.

Aria imagines Ezra writing about Aussie Chick and there’s a lame fantasy sequence of him talking to her. Bitch, we just got rid of you on The Originals. We don’t want you here, either.

The Jessica vision is also really pathetic. Even for PLL.

Oh, and PLL pulls a Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 with Hanna’s very sincere-sounding confession of killing Cece to a flabbergasted Spencer, only to have her turn around to Caleb with a “See, she bought it, so B will, too.” What a cunt move to Spencer.


But it’s not all bad:

The plan itself isn’t very inspired (and the gang have clearly forgotten the last time they tried to give B false evidence), but any time these idiots do something other than sit around and clutch their pearls is a triumph. And it’s even sweeter that it comes from Hanna, who is always the most up and at ’em Liar.

And her test run on Spencer had me going there for a little bit, so I’ll give her that. The admission that she deleted the surveillance footage to hide her own murderous actions would have made the stupidity of that decision more bearable, at least. And Spencer’s “What the fuck, dude” after Hanna reveals she’s kidding is cute.

Please let Alison be gone for good after this season. Jessica coming down to wish her well must ensure that, right?

Aussie Chick fantasy aside, I actually appreciated the drama between Ezra and Aria for once. It was genuine, and it didn’t get out of control. The show is just acknowledging that trying to create art when both people involved are trying to hide and deny their feelings is difficult. I like it.

If Hanna stays in Rosewood with her Lucas-purchased dream factory, that could spell the end for her and Jordan. It can’t come soon enough.

Hanna finds flowers with a card from B in Alison’s hospital room. There are five drawings of the Liars and Alison, and Alison (the fall down the stairs, I guess?), Emily (the eggs), and Aria (the Two Crows suspicion?) are crossed out. Which leaves just Hanna and Spencer to go. And it precipitates Hanna’s decision to concoct a scheme to get ahead of B.

Oh, and Aussie Chick may have shown up in fantasy form, but she’s not back IRL. Thank God.

PLL Did You Miss Me? Rebecca Breeds

“Soon.” -Camille

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