The Originals Season 3 Episode 15 – TV Review

The Originals An Old Friend Calls Klaus Camille

I sense a sinking ship.

Tonight, no-one (of consequence) dies.

But the two most important relationships on the show do.

Which is much worse.

TL;DR Violence precipitated by an enemy of Klaus causes Camille to end their romantic entanglement; Hayley turns Elijah a cold shoulder out of guilt over Jackson; Kol pledges his allegiance to both Davina and his family, but struggles to remain in control of his bloodlust; the Strix are somehow still around; Klaus, Hayley, and Hope abandon New Orleans to escape legions of enemies on the hunt for the now-unlinked Original vampire.

Is The Originals jumping three years ahead, too?

The major plot of the episode is an uncharacteristic villain-of-the-week situation, as a vampire named Gaspar comes to town searching for some apparently remaining white oak. He forces Vincent to help him find it (the ancestors can help him see where it is), and Camille stumbles upon his deadly game. Klaus is blasè about killing a couple of innocent civilians to put Gaspar down, and Camille tells Klaus that she can no longer pursue a relationship with him. Also, she’s mad that he didn’t simply kill Aurora, and thinks he might still love her/is offended that he wouldn’t kill Aurora for what she did. And Camille also still loves Klaus, I think, but is trying to be a secret martyr. Boo. Meanwhile, Marcel alerts Elijah to a mini Strix crisis: a number of Strix elites have gone missing. They eventually turn up dead, and Elijah finds out the reason: Hayley has been ticking off a hit list of Strix involved in Jackson’s murder. Elijah chivalrously finishes the list for her, but despite Hayley’s frank admission that she does love Elijah, she won’t be with him because it would be an insult to Jackson. Boo. Meanwhile, Kol takes a little time to affirm his allegiance to his brothers, and get to know his new older sister. Davina worries he might have a tough time being a vampire again, and she’s right, as he ends the episode by going on a killing spree. He also helps Freya with a spell to determine the location of Klaus’ enemies, and the results indicate a swarm of baddies are on the move to New Orleans now that they know Klaus is unlinked from the sire line. So Klaus and Hayley pack up their baby and head the fuck out.

Well, we know she turned down Elijah because she’s always loved him. But is a round two root out of the question for Klaus? He has been gaining in the hotness stakes.

Even when The Originals is breaking our hearts, it’s still so compelling. I couldn’t have given a shit about the Stefan/Caroline fizzle out over on TVD this week. But show me some Klaus and Camille stife, or, better yet, some more doomed love admissions between Hayley and Elijah, and I’m enraptured.

But you better get these bitches back together before the season is out.


Why I hate this episode:

Hayley’s excuse for shitting on Elijah again is exhausting. It hinges on whether or not we care about Jackson, and, like, no. We don’t, honey. And if Jackson always knew you loved Elijah, wouldn’t he want you to finally be happy with your man now that he’s out of the way? Think about it.

Camille’s break-up with Klaus is more logical. Klaus is a murderous monster. But most of her decision is based on the fact that he kept Aurora alive, and Camille falls into Paranoid Female Sitcom Character territory because she believes it’s because Klaus still loves Aurora. Not, as he insists, because he wants Aurora to suffer. Come on, Camille. It doesn’t have to be this hard.

I get that the Strix are still around because they still want to protect Elijah, but seriously, how many are left? Rayna appeared to have massacred a tonne last episode, and now most of the higher-ups are dead at Hayley and Elijah’s hands. Aya’s dead, too, and they’ve lost all their witches. What good are they? Get out.

Of course there’s some white oak left. But one little bullet isn’t very scary. And you know it’s gonna end up in Kol or Finn.

When did Finn get out, by the way? He confronts Kol at the end of the episode. Unless he’s a hallucination?

Camille resolves to kill Aurora, herself. Please, show, we don’t need to give Aurora any more screentime. Don’t bog Camille down in this.

Oh, and to help Klaus and Hayley go on the run from Klaus’ international team of super enemies, Freya does a spell that will trick any locator spell performed to find them into saying they’re in New Orleans. That’s silly. So the enemies won’t find Klaus: they’ll just turn up armed and dangerous in New Orleans, where all Klaus’ friends and family live. And they’ll be mad because they’ve been tricked. Send them to fucking Wagga Wagga or something. What the fuck?


But it’s not all bad:

It’s a tough call between which harrowing break-up is juicier. Hayley and Elijah have had a lot more build-up, but Camille and Klaus don’t have a Jackson in the middle. I’ll have to give it, sad to say, to Camille and Klaus. Her reason might be stupider, but the tension between the two of them is a little stronger. And the fact that she’s hiding that she still wants him (whereas Hayley isn’t) makes it a little more tragic, so they get the point. Klaus’ teary face is powerful, too.

Hayley and Elijah are no slouches, though. It was an epic relief to hear Hayley say she not only loves Elijah, but that she always has. Even when she was married to Jackson. And teary Elijah is, as always, a treat.

Hayley picks up the second best line of the episode, naturally: “I love you, Elijah. I always have loved you.” Duh.

The reveal of Klaus’ enemies is a hoot. Kol shows Freya how to use Klaus’ blood on a world map to locate his enemies. They’re only looking for Gaspar, but little blood droplets splinter all over the map. I lol’d.

I appreciated that Klaus dispatched Gaspar quickly. I was preparing to endure him as a new Big Bad, and felt a little bad that Davina and Kol wouldn’t be getting that chance. But nope, Gaspar’s already dead. But he did manage to send off a message to the rest of Klaus’ enemies that there is white oak in New Orleans. Freya observes that the blood droplets on the map begin to move towards the city. It’s cool.

Although I’d be open to a rekindling of sexual tension between Klaus and Hayley, I also think they’d make a fantastic pair of powerful, platonic parents on the run with their daughter. I don’t know if we’ll see much of it, though. With TVD committing to its three year time jump, and things seemingly being tied up for the time being here, I think next week might move The Originals ahead to join its parent show. I’m game.

I look forward to seeing Camille make good on her promise to kill Aurora. She’s earned it.

Vincent ends up getting through to the ancestors, and he finds a single white oak bullet (I guess Aurora stashed it away?). I mean, how much do you actually need to kill an Original? You could get five splinters out of that, right?

Marcel appeases the Strix by delivering Gaspar’s severed head to them, claiming he was the one killing the Strix elites. The Strix had an existing beef with Gaspar, so it’s plausible.

I also found Elijah’s completion of Hayley’s hit list to be very romantic.

Davina is right to be concerned about Kol coming back not as the witch she fell in love with, but the psychopathic vampire she’s heard about. Not that she knows it yet.

Davina actually sets Kol up for the best line of the episode, eschewing the towering melodrama for a brief moment of fantastic humour:
Davina: “Everything okay with your family?”
Kol: “Of course not.”
He doesn’t miss a beat.

Oh, and Kol recalls meeting Freya a hundred years ago in New Orleans. She was the only witch who he couldn’t charm. Freya says it was a sign of their familial bond, but Kol figured that she could have been gay.

The Originals An Old Friend Calls Kol gay

Any gays that come to New Orleans would probably have to date Josh, so I can see why they’re staying away.

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  1. Sire says :

    Teary eyed Klaus… OMG, I wanted to jump through the screen and comfort him… SO HOT! A lot of eye candy this ep

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