Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 18 – TV Review

PLL Burn This bridal shower

Just barely holding on, ladies. It’s all you can do.

Well who could have predicted it, but I might have to eat my words about PLL taking the inevitable plunge back into unwatchable, retarded shit territory.

Because damn, this ship is crooked, but I must concede, it’s yet to capsize.

Just hold on for two more episodes. Please.

TL;DR Nothing much happens on the B and/or C front, but at least it means something ridiculous isn’t going on, either; Mona could be involved in Cece’s murder; fate pushes Spencer and Toby towards each other; and Caleb and Hanna; Aria pussy whips Ezra even more than before; Alison does not appear.

PLL is working to its strengths.

For the third last time this season, the plots:

Spencer is still out in the lead as the fallout from the Yvonne abortion leak slams into her. Caleb martyrs himself to keep Toby out of the B loop (for his safety), but Spencer eventually explains it to him. Peter also reveals why Melissa has skipped town so quickly: she didn’t kill Cece, but someone was blackmailing her for killing Bethany. And flashbacks show that Spencer and Toby aborted a baby or something back in the day (I think?).

Hanna reluctantly holds her bridal shower, and finds out that her mum and her friends don’t know all that much about Jordan. Because she has done a poor job of integrating him into her life. We also get a whiff of mysterious past drama between her and an on-the-outs Mona. Her bridal shower ends in an explosive attack from A. Aria is injured, and nothing of value is harmed.

Aria spends the episode teasing Ezra’s cock into making her a co-author on his book, realising her dream of being a published writer. Liam gets over his jealousy of Ezra and is happy for her. And Aria gets blown up at the bridal shower, which makes me happy. Who knew Aria could bring joy? She is also tapped by an anonymous witness as possibly being the person who called the Dilaurentis house from the Two Crows on the night of Cece’s murder.

And Emily stays in the back seat, where she belongs, and stalks around town looking for that homicidal ute. She hits a wall, but later notices Mona has the same keychain as described by the Two Crows witness.

And of course Mona would never lie, so I expect her chat with Emily to be fraught with truths and revelations. Mmm hmm.

PLL may be moving slowly, but moving slowly but surely is better than rocketing straight into the garbage dump of seasons’ past.

And also better than the usual PLL modus operandi of moving slowly, and being mired in garbage at the same time. The ABC Family two-fer.

Keep it up, bitches.


Why I hate this episode:

But moving slowly does present a problem when the season has only two episodes left, and we’re still far from discovering who B is. Sara and Melissa are both far too obvious, and Mona was already our shadow stalker for two seasons. So the reveal of B within the next two episodes is likely going to be a vintage PLL ass-pull.

Or, even worse, we won’t find out who the text tormentor is before the season is out. We’ll be left on some crappy cliffhanger, having put up with such season 6 shit as the dollhouse, Cece’s A outing, and Sara fucking Harvey all for nothing.

The one moment of reality-breaking this episode is the malfunction of Lucas’ loft control system. Of course Lucas has some overly-complicated, computerised apartment. But it ends in Aria getting whacked by a fireball, so I can partially forgive it.

Toby confronts Caleb over the Yvonne abortion leak, and Caleb gets his martyr pants on and doesn’t deny it. I don’t appreciate martyrdom.

The confrontation escalates into a huge punch to the face for Caleb. Spencer spends the scene shrieking at Caleb to tell Toby the truth. Bitch, you fucking tell him the truth. You’re a grown woman. Use your goddamn words. She has to wait until after her man sacrifices his best friend and is bleeding to finally tell Toby the truth. For fuck’s sake.

Caleb explains he didn’t want to tell Toby the truth because, if he knew about B, he would likely go to his cop colleagues. Again, didn’t any of you learn anything from the past five seasons about how keeping your tormentor a secret only makes things worse?

Aria almost informs Ezra of B, but pulls out at the last second. Sigh.

The Aria and Ezra book stuff is such a yawn. Aria’s selfishness is again rewarded. Get lost.

Oh and the Spencer and Toby flashbacks, much like the Hanna and Caleb ones, are tedious and pointless. Some efficient dialogue could have covered that, and it would have cost the show less, too. Absurd.


But it’s not all bad:

Although the episode pushes Toby and Spencer to spend time with each other, and tugs at Hanna to realise that Caleb is a better choice than Jordan, I still hold hope that Spencer and Caleb might be able to make it together. At least for a little while longer. Spencer may not have opened her mouth in time to save Caleb from a fist to the face, but she does go to bat for him with Toby later. Likewise, Hanna still hasn’t jettisoned Jordan. Could Cancer last out the season?

Caleb also brings Ashley into his orbit, giving our favourite Rosewood parent some much-appreciated screentime. She sees him at Hotel Radley failing to get a room to stay in following Veronica’s eviction. She offers him the guest room at her place, despite how Hanna would likely (and does) react. He politely declines, but I appreciate her loyalty.

Her loyalty extends to directly addressing Hanna, herself, over how she knows and likes Caleb better than Jordan. I know, right.

Hanna, after a hilariously telling game of How Well Do You Know The Bride And Groom goes south at the shower, comes to the realisation that she’s kept Jordan away from her friends and family. Because she doesn’t believe it’s going to work out with him?

B has set election night as the deadline for the Liars to give up the killer. Which helps solidify the stakes.

Peter’s frank revelation to Spencer about Melissa’s blackmail is a refreshing change of tact from the Hastings family. He says that someone was threatening to release the video confession she made for Spencer about accidentally killing Bethany. Melissa received the threat and paid them off while Cece was still in the asylum, so it couldn’t have been her.

After appearing in a line-up for the Two Crows witness, Aria snoops around the police station trying to catch a glimpse of them leaving. She sees someone who appears to be Sara. But in a world where Mona can be confused for Aria, anything’s possible.

Emily defies soap opera logic and, after getting a soft refusal from Mona to talk about the Two Crows, insists Mona come with her and spill the beans. Work, bitch.

Mona has been fired from the Phillips campaign. After the Yvonne leak, they went through their staff closely and discovered Mona’s theft of the Veronica medical records. That’s what Mona gets for being a hero.

Alison isn’t in this episode.

Oh, and I like to think of Ashley’s offer for Caleb to stay at her house as something more.

PLL Burn This Ashley Caleb

Sydney Andrews always gets her man.

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  1. Dave says :

    I just got the strength to quit PLL for the rest of the season. You’re going to cause me to relapse!

    Great recap as always.

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