The Originals Season 3 Episode 14 – TV Review

The Originals A Streetcar Named Desire Hayley Stefan crossover

Have they even met before? I honestly don’t remember.

Well, the TVD leg of the crossover was shit.

Can we rely on The Originals to do what it’s been doing all season and thoroughly embarrass its parent show?


TL;DR Stefan stays out of the way, thank goodness; the Originals manipulate Rayna to attack the Strix; but they are unable to stop Davina from unlinking Klaus’ sire line from him; Lucien defects from Aurora; Aya is killed; Aurora is buried alive; Kol is resurrected.

An utter, utter embarrassment for TVD, whose greatest achievement in their leg was to make Damon a little bit sad.

So we’re starting off where TVD left us, as Stefan seeks aid from Freya for his Rayna problem. She puts a paste on his wound that won’t heal it, but will cut off her ability to track him. But back to more pressing matters: Aya and Aurora enact their plan against the Originals, which involves the Strix witches trapping Elijah and Klaus inside a mindscape “hunt room” type place while they work the sire line unlinking spell on their bodies. Elijah and Klaus are joined in the hunt room by a whiny Tristan (his consciousness put in there to keep him from the horror of endless drowning) and Aurora. Meanwhile, Hayley, Marcel, Freya, and a recovered Lucien (Aurora turned on him when he disagreed with her on trying to kill Klaus) scramble to rescue them. But Stefan has a plan: have Marcel smuggle him (and Hayley. For backup) into Strix HQ, remove the wound paste, and let Rayna come slay up the Strix vampires for them, while Freya channels Lucien to get enough power to break the boys out of the hunt room. The plan goes off pretty well, but Davina spitefully insists on completing as much of the unlinking spell as she can, and manages to succeed on Klaus. When the dust has settled, Hayley kills Aya (because Elijah wusses out of doing it); Klaus bricks Aurora, alive, into a crypt; Stefan departs New Orleans; and Davina harnesses the glut of magic lost from Klaus due to the unlinking to finally resurrect Kol.

As long as we don’t also get Finn and Esther and Mikael back, I’ll allow it.

I mean, look at that synopsis. Look at how much progress is made in this episode compared to TVD’s half of the crossover.

Yes, The Originals also didn’t utilise the crossover opportunity well (Stefan was largely inconsequential). But at least it didn’t waste the opportunity to push its own agenda.

The Vampire Diaries chose to do absolutely nothing.


Why I hate this episode:

Davina’s becoming just a big pain in the arse. She’s almost at Bonnie levels of plot-mandated omnipotence, and with Aya dead, Aurora walled in, Tristan gone for good, and Lucien back on Klaus’ side, it looks like she and Kol are going to be the villains for the remainder of the season. I can only hope that means Klaus will finally be justified in killing her.

The relationship between her and Marcel is, like, whatever. The episode tries to play up how monumental their trust in each other is supposed to be, but I don’t care.

Camille isn’t in this episode.

As Stefan is leaving, he makes sure to assure Klaus that he’ll treat Caroline right. But Stefan also turns that advice back on Klaus and says he needs to appreciate Hayley more. Bitch better not get in between my Klaus and Camille. Not now that we’re so close.

The representations of Klaus and Elijah in the hunt room aren’t as cool as the ones from last season. This time it’s the queens on the chess board, representing the women they’ve fucked over: Aurora and Aya. Lame. We barely know Aya, and we wish we didn’t know Aurora. That’s a weak reveal.

Oh, and if Rayna could barely eke out a win over Damon, then I don’t know how she was such a formidable opponent for a gang of much older, stronger Strix vampires.


But it’s not all bad:

She gets killed again. Which is becoming kind of a running joke now. And I like it.

The plan to use Rayna was so clever that I actually smiled. Stefan may have been unnecessary as far as the crossover factor, but Rayna was a useful little tool. And being a tool is what she was created for.

There were a number of fantastic moments this episode, so it’s hard to pick the best. But I’ll start off by giving a shout out to the overt flirting between Freya and Lucien when she’s preparing to channel him. There are quips about bondage and stamina. With Aurora out of the picture, and Freya desperate and dateless, I suppose I can get on board for this Pair The Spares.

Freya also flirts with Stefan. Because yeah, she’s desperate.

Aya’s death scene manages to evoke more emotion than it was probably worth. Elijah holds the white oak gun to her chest while she begs for death, unwilling to go on living after so much defeat and futility. Elijah tearfully cannot, and Aya begs that, if she had to, she’d shoot Elijah just to make sure she would die, too. But it’s Hayley to the rescue, as she stakes Aya to avenge Jackson. All’s well that ends well.

Aurora’s humiliation is also jubilant. Klaus has Freya spell lock her into a crypt, and he takes pleasure in literally bricking her in. I take pleasure in it, too.

Tristan’s refuge in the hunt room from an eternity of drowning comes to an end because the Strix witches are all killed (except Davina), so the hunt room collapses. I lol’d.

The Strix are gone.

Davina may be a reckless dipshit, but she certainly gets shit done. It’s a pretty big deal that Klaus’ sire line link has been removed. Now one of the biggest obstacles for Davina killing Klaus (that obstacle being her affection for Marcel and Josh) is gone. Uh, oh.

Best line of the episode goes to Elijah as he’s dressing down Aurora in the hunt room: “You are a deranged and ridiculous child who cannot be left unsupervised.” Yep.

Oh, and like I said, Aya isn’t worthy of it, but I’ll never turn down a tearful Elijah scene.

The Originals A Streetcar Named Desire Elijah

I’m pretty sure that’s what the ladies have been calling it all along.

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9 responses to “The Originals Season 3 Episode 14 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Always love your reviews. Gosh this ran laps around that TVD episode. Even that Bonnie axe scene can’t take on all this plot progression. I’m curious about whether Aurora was really dealt with fully before the season end, though.

    Why do you dislike Davina so much, by the way? And still think she was a reckless dipshit even this episode?

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Davina’s actress is pretty weak, and I think because she is so young she often comes off as a little girl having a tantrum when she tries to be serious and threatening.

      And her romance with Kol as her major motivation is weak. She knew Kaleb for, like, two months? Move on, baby.

      • Anonymous says :

        Ah. That’s fair and makes sense. What she actually does I didn’t find reckless…she got her friends (who apparently mean a lot to her…even though the relationships haven’t developed much) out of the sire link, and got Kol back too. But she does seem like a whinger a lot with the acting. It’s kind of funny how much they tried to sell that deep link between her and Kol, especially when you consider what Kol used to be like.

  2. Sire says :

    It’s amazing how Stephan managed to make even Klaus look boring with his boring aura… but at least he’s hot

  3. medmelil says :

    If Kol saved Hayley by putting down Davina because she had been linked with the sisters? Then why didn’t they die together during the desiring spell when the first one was killed??

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