The Originals Season 3 Episode 13 – TV Review

The Originals Heart Shaped Box Aurora at gunpoint

She read all my notes!

Sadly, Aurora does not die this episode.

But she is thoroughly, almost cruelly, humiliated.

She really did read all my notes.

TL;DR Aurora consummately flubs her plan to kill the Originals with the white oak bullets; Aya cracks the whip on Davina to get the sire line unlinking spell done; Hayley toughens up Camille; Freya and Klaus’ sibling bond is strengthened through their fight for survival.

You mean Freya gets to have scenes that aren’t just to contextualise who is babysitting Hope? Sweet.

So Aurora’s got her little pistol full of white oak bullets, and she’s ready to drop some Originals. She abducts Freya, forcing Klaus and Elijah to come to her rescue. Aurora corners Elijah while Klaus desperately tries to save Freya from being buried alive. But Aurora makes the classic villain mistake of being an incompetent fucktard and hesitates to kill Elijah so Klaus can witness it, which leads to the Originals getting the upper hand. Klaus, too, remembering his incompetent villain roots, hesitates on Aurora, and she gets away. Meanwhile, Aya helps Davina contact Kol so he can tell her what the final ingredient they need for the sire line unlinking spell is. They determine it must be the heart of an unsired vampire, and the only one in existence is Hayley (having been vampirised from Hope’s pre-natal blood). Aya sends the Strix witches after Hayley, and she and Camille (whom she had been training at the church gym) do their best to fight them off, but only succeed due to intervention from Davina and Kol. But luckily for Aya, that werewolf magic marriage ceremony thing made Jackson’s heart identical to Hayley’s, and the Strix dig it up from where Hayley buried it. Damn werewolf heart-burying rituals. Meanwhile, Marcel continues to play allegiance to both sides to avert disaster. And the episode ends as Aya proposes a deal to Aurora to work together.

Because you’re both such winners. I’m sure it’ll work out.

Again, I must complain that the sire line unlinking spell should have been Tristan and the Strix’s Plan A, not B. That medallion trap thing was tenuous from the start. Just rip that sire line clause out and you’ll be sweet.

But aside from minor plot contrivances, this is yet another solid showing from The Originals. Will I ever tire of Klaus reaffirming his commitment to his family?


Why I hate this episode:

Probably not. But I tired of him not simply murdering his enemies long ago. I can’t believe that he holds Aurora at gunpoint and fucking hesitates. At the end of the episode, he, Elijah, and Freya toast to killing all their enemies, but that’s a lesson Klaus should have learned from all the bullshit he put up with in Mystic Falls. Come on.

For a crazed bitch hellbent on revenge, Aurora’s trigger finger is disappointingly not itchy. She spends most of the episode pointing her gun at an Original, but manages to fail at killing any of them. Weak.

Davina’s conference with Kol (via magic super candle) turns out to be completely unnecessary. Kol refuses to divulge the ingredient for the unlinking spell because he doesn’t want Davina to stay involved with the Strix witches, so Davina just uses logic to figure it out herself. What a wank.

Marcel still feels as peripheral as ever. Even as leader of the Strix, he barely gets a look-in. I love his hot body as much as the next obese shut-in who watches mostly CW shows, but I think it’s time to kill him off.

When Aurora abducts Freya, she leaves a clue written in limerick. Yuck.

Oh, and Klaus has trouble finding Freya’s buried coffin among a field of decoy coffins set up by Aurora. Freya has to call upon Finn in his pendant (she can’t do magic due to being drugged by Aurora) to magic up some of her blood so Klaus can see the flowers on top of the coffin get wet. But, as a hyper-sensitive vampire, shouldn’t Klaus be able to smell Freya’s gushing gunshot wound through some loose soil? Or at least hear her breathing and groans and pleas to Finn?


But it’s not all bad:

Finn sucks, but I did like the CGI work on Freya’s blood rising through the coffin. Work that budget, show.

Aurora’s hilarious incompetence is the highlight of the episode. I was initially impressed with her abduction of Freya and little game with Klaus. But then she told Elijah she was going to wait to kill him, and I relished watching her plan tumble apart from there. Although, I did appreciate that her motivation to kill Elijah wasn’t just to hurt Klaus: she also wanted to kill him so that Tristan would die, ending his unbearable torture of drowning forever. Smart. Which is unusual for Aurora.

After Klaus fights her in the woods, she manages to wrest the gun back from him and shoots Elijah when he appears on the scene. She flees, and Klaus is left to fish around in Elijah’s torso to save him from the wooden bullet lodged just near his heart. This could have been just any old hand-in-chest scene, but Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies show us why their characters have had such longevity in fans’ hearts by acting the crap out of it. Elijah, fearing he’s unable to be saved, demands Klaus leave him and go kill Aurora. Klaus is only able to save his brother by snapping his neck for a bit of shoosh-o, and finding the bullet. Stoic.

Klaus’ mini arc with Freya is also a welcome return to focus for the forgotten Original sister. Klaus starts the episode bitching at her for not finding Aurora with a locator spell (Aurora is cloaked), but by the end, having saved her from live burial and all that, they’re toasting to slaughtering their foes. Wholesome, family fun.

I still don’t buy Davina and Kol as a couple, but they get some cute moments this episode. He resists helping her as much as possible to keep her out of Strix control, despite the fact it would mean his resurrection is off the table. But Davina is resolute in doing whatever it takes to save her man. It’s nice.

Camille and Hayley’s subplot is padding, but I can’t complain when two of my favourite ladies are punching the crap out of each other. Hayley counsels Camille not to forget that, although she’s now a vampire, she’s still the person she was before, too. I’ll be sad to see Bitchy Camille go. But I would welcome the rise of Hero Camille.

Oh, and Klaus snags the episode’s best line during his family toast near the end: “Let’s kill them all.” Yes, please.

The Originals Heart Shaped Box Klaus toast

I don’t have that shame.

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  1. Sire says :

    I can’t wait for fucking Aurora and Aya to die… worst characters in this show EVER

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