iZombie Season 2 Episode 11 – TV Review

iZombie Fifty Shades of Grey Matter Major Minor bus

An attractive man with an animal. Damn, how did they know our weakness?

I would still argue that iZombie doesn’t feel like essential viewing at the moment.

But this episode fights hard to fix that.

TL;DR The COW makes Liz horny enough to jump into bed with Drake; Peyton jumps into bed with Blaine and, predictably, regrets it; Babineaux and Dale almost close in on Major as the serial killer, but miss.

But hey, the continuation of the investigation gives Dale an excuse to stick around and keep being the coolest girlfriend ever.

So we’ll take a trip to COW town first: a librarian and recently published erotic novelist is murdered. Red herrings include the sexy flight attendant who is the subject of her writing, and a jealous fellow librarian and budding writer. But it turns out the husband did it. Because his paraplegia kept her from being fulfilled sexually, and because he was a gruff arsehole who didn’t want people to know his wife was a horny smut peddler. Being on EL James brains does wonders for Liv’s love life, though, and she charges head first into Drake’s burly arms. Meanwhile, Peyton takes a ride on the Blaine train, but her afterglow is quickly dimmed when Blaine is accused of possibly being the Chaos Killer (the name given to Major’s secret undertakings) by a resourceful Babineaux and Dale. Fighting denial, Peyton goes to Liv, and gets the scoop on Blaine: the Chaos Killer thing might not be fully confirmed, but he did kill Lowell, is responsible for almost getting Liv’s brother killed, murdered homeless teens to sell their brains, and is the one who turned Liv into a zombie. Ouch. And Major catches wind that Babineaux and Dale, in their pursuit of the Chaos Killer, are going to activate a GPS tracker on Minor. He mournfully ditches Minor (mildly arousing Ravi’s suspicions), but it turns out the tracker was on a collar Minor hasn’t been wearing since Major got him at the park, anyway.

That sucks, bro.

The bomb drop on Peyton at the end was stellar stuff, and Babineaux and Dale might have missed Major, but they’re making progress regardless.

Let’s just hope the next episode capitalises on this forward momentum. If Peyton just sits around and mopes, I’ll be disappointed.


Why I hate this episode:

Kristen Bell was touted for her contribution to this episode, but only gets one line as the voice of the audio book for Librarian’s novel. What a waste. You don’t under-use Kristen Bell voiceover, CW. Didn’t Gossip Girl teach you that?

Speaking of being under-used, Daniella Alonso, of the legendary Wrong Turn 2, shows up as the sexy flight attendant neighbour of Librarian. But she only gets two measly scenes, and barely registers as a possible suspect in the COW.

The COW suffers from a lack of tension. I’ll admit that I had my money on the coworker, but once we saw that memory flash of the husband calling her a skank for the way she dresses, there was no way that he wouldn’t be the bad guy. And he was.

I don’t really care about Liv’s relationship with Drake. He’s just a bit of beefcake that she could easily throw away like a used tissue if she wanted to. The episode ends on the note of Peyton lamenting that she had sex with someone she doesn’t really know, and then Liv clutches her pearls because she’s just done the exact same thing with Drake. So? Liv is already in a grudging alliance with Blaine. Could Drake really be any worse? At the very least, Liv knows Drake doesn’t like how Blaine is holding him over a barrel, so it’s fair to deduce that Drake is not as bad as Blaine.

In any case, Drake is no Major. He’s not even a Lowell. He will go soon enough.

Oh, and poor Minor got put on a bus unnecessarily, as it turns out. I’ll miss him as much as Ravi will.


But it’s not all bad:

The scene where Major says goodbye to Minor is amazingly moving. Major really does feel like a cunt for leaving Minor on a goddamn boss. And his cuddling of Minor while saying goodbye got me.

The sequence when Major overhears that Babineaux and Dale are planning to GPS track Minor is golden. Major has to race back to the dog groomer’s and beat Babineaux and Dale. It’s short, but it’s great seeing Major le parkour his way through traffic while Babineaux and Dale are in frame.

Sadly, it turns out Minor’s original owner cheaped out and got a collar tracker instead of the implant. But Babineaux and Dale have more than one iron in the fire, as they piece together Blaine’s shit and arrest him on an old outstanding possession warrant. They badger him about being the Chaos Killer, and Blaine denies it. But not without threatening Dale’s personal safety, before Peyton arrives and springs him, because his drug charges have all been nullified by his immunity for snitching on Mr Boss.

Peyton is so eager to come to his aid because she earlier had hot sex with Blaine. His information is starting to pay off, and her bosses are starting to notice. She’s grateful to Blaine, and he is kind of hot in an evil douchebag way, so I’ll let her have it.

But Babineaux and Dale’s accusations scare her enough to go to Liv for the truth, and the truth is that Blaine is one vile dude, baby. Peyton’s shock, shame, and disgust shine through. The poor dear.

Liv’s tryst with Drake may be tenuous, but she does an effective job on her horned up, romance novelist brains. She inappropriately touches Babineaux and Ravi, and asks Ravi and Major if they’ve ever oiled up and wrestled each other (they say that they haven’t, but are open to it). I still think Rose McIver’s going to have go zanier now that iZombie’s wearing out the range of possible personalities for her, but this one’s a winner.

Liv secretly feeds Librarian’s brains to Drake on their date (itself precipitated by Liv’s Librarian-induced horniness), and they get hot and heavy fast. But, in a surprisingly progressive moment, Liv manages to stop herself, realising that she’s basically roofied him with porn brains, and that they should wait until they’re both in a position to more genuinely give consent. That’s smart writing, baby.

They do have sex later, though. Liv wasn’t gonna leave that man mountain unclimbed.

Speaking of sexuality, best line of the episode goes to Dale. She’s irked at Babineaux for taking the last of the good coffee at the station, which leaves her with the crappy alternative: “I’d throw this on your lap if I wasn’t gonna use it later.” That’s hot.

Liv gets an honourable mention for this probably-too-on-the-nose remark after seeing Kristen Bell is providing the voice for the audio book version of Librarian’s novel: “I’ve always felt a kind of connection to her.” I know it’s cheap.

Joining Daniella Alonso in the casting stakes is Ben Lawson, who plays Librarian’s murderous husband. He doesn’t get to keep his native Aussie accent like he did in this week’s Angel From Hell, but, bogus American accent and wheelchair and homicide and all, he’s still yummy as hell.

Oh, and Rose McIver and Aly Michalka don’t make the most convincing “we’re so thirsty we can’t get a man” gal pals. Because they’re both hot. But on the plus side, they’re both hot.

iZombie Fifty Shades of Grey Matter Liv Peyton

“Yeah. Let’s go lez.”

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