The Originals Season 3 Episode 11 – TV Review

The Originals Wild At Heart Elijah wet

And then I got wet. Because I had to take a cold shower.

The new weapon that can kill the Originals surfaces, and it’s consistent with established lore.

And Camille might just be our new villain. Or at least a villain for now.

God, it’s a good time to be a TVD spin-off show.

TL;DR Klaus spends his episode trying to rein in Camille; Elijah works with Aya to find out what the weapon is; it turns out to be a surviving piece of white oak, and Camille steals it to spite Klaus; Davina contacts Kol for advice on joining the Strix to access the power to resurrect him; Hayley mourns Jackson and inches closer to Elijah.

He’s so close I can taste him. And he tastes a lot like my TV screen.

So Klaus and Camille sadly skip the awesome vampire sex part of her transformation, and instead he tries to teach her how to control her bloodlust and bitchiness. It doesn’t go so well, and Camille ends up compelling Jason Dohring into helping her get her dark objects back from (a still absent) Lucien’s penthouse. Klaus confiscates them and continues to appeal to her better side, but even Hayley, now a saint because she has a dead husband, struggles to break through. Meanwhile, Aya and the Strix quickly forget about Tristan, but are still committed to keeping Elijah, their sire, safe from the prophecy of his death. Elijah participates in a witch spell to find out what the mystery weapon against the Original vampires could be, and it turns out it’s a wooden horse pendant that Klaus carved out of white oak for Rebekah back before they were turned. But Camille snatches it before the boys can, and holds it ransom for the return of her dark objects. Klaus is unamused and horny. Meanwhile, Aya offers Davina, still hurting from her shunning from the witches, the chance to join a coven of Strix witches, along with a spell to resurrect Kol. Davina (with arbitrary help from Josh) contacts Kol and they pledge their love for each other blah blah, and she resolves to do whatever it takes to save him. And Hayley comes slinking back to the compound with Hope, now that her house across the way is empty without Jackson. The episode ends as she breaks down in tears, and Elijah is there to listen.

Grief sex is better than no sex, Hayley.

While Davina is her obligatory, pathetic self, the Original vampire plotlines this episode are more entries in the stellar resumè this season is putting together.

We’re halfway in now, and a season 2 style collapse is still on the table. But I think that even if it happened, these first eleven episodes have been so strong that I wouldn’t really mind.

I mean, yeah, I’d complain and swear and froth, but, like TVD season 5’s first half aka The Katherine Show, there’s enough strength here to sate me.

And I’m easy to satisfy, you know?


Why I hate this episode:

Davina’s subplot is a wank. I barely noticed Davina has been absent for the last few episodes, and her return to screeching about Kol didn’t make me happy. Josh’s part in her spell to contact Kol is laughably unnecessary, too (just like Josh, himself). She says that she needs to channel him as her connection to the land of the living. But just last episode we had the little burn on Tristan about how the medallion won’t let anything living or dead pass through its barrier, with Tristan counting as “dead” because he’s a vampire. So in the space of one episode The Originals thinks of vampires as being alive, instead?

Her journey into the plane of the New Orleans witches somewhat contradicts the established lore. Davina uses a spell which temporarily kills her so she can access the plane, but the only way to be in that plane was supposed to involve the consecration of the witch’s body first. Tsk tsk.

Ariana, the blonde witch from the Strix, later just jumps in, too, somehow. Dammit, The Originals. The “magic can do whatever” crap has been so impressively restrained so far this season. Don’t slip now.

Oh, and speaking of Ariana, she’s the witch who probes Elijah’s mind to find out what the weapon is. At the end of the episode, after the boys have realised what her vague discoveries meant, Elijah comes and kills her to keep it secret. But Aya was also present when Ariana spouted off what she saw. You’re not gonna go after her, too? Lazy.


But it’s not all bad:

Without Tristan around, Aya seems a lot cooler. She pledges to tighten the Strix ship (by killing a dissenter in the leadership, of course), stay on in New Orleans to prevent Elijah’s death, and is even cordial to Josh at one point. What a sweetheart. Unless Camille comes knocking on his door, Marcel’s got himself a bona fide new love interest.

Of course, Camille is still on her winning streak. Becoming a vampire has unlocked the inner cruelty and cunning that’s always been simmering under her surface. Stealing the white oak horse out from under the Originals is fabulous, but I’ll give special mention to her dressing down of Hayley. Hayley tries to give Camille some sister solidarity (and Hayley knows what it’s like to become a kind-of vampire), and Camille rightly hits back that, now that Jackson’s dead, she should get on Elijah’s dick ASAP; Hayley is free of Jackson, not sad for him. I know, right?

Hayley doesn’t take kindly to that, but Camille again backs up her flawlessness by pretending to be quiet and shocked at herself, but is actually simultaneously eavesdropping on the boys’ discussion of the white oak horse. Boom.

Earlier in the episode, Camille compels our favourite hot and damaged detective, Jason Dohring, to get into Lucien’s penthouse and nab back her collection of dark objects. Klaus intervenes, so Jason is safe for now. I’m still hoping Camille gets him into bed at some point, though.

Camille only demands the return of her dark objects in exchange for the white oak horse, but I imagine that someone as calculating as Camille will probably try to extort more out of the Originals.

The spell to probe Elijah’s mind involves him getting into a shallow pool of water, thus the image at the top of this post. Dear God. He must have heard me praising Klaus’ hotness last episode, and was like “Nuh uh.”

Josh stands up for Davina when witches in the markets ignore her. Aww.

Best line of the episode goes to Hayley at the conclusion of her breakdown over Jackson, to a sympathetic but restrained Elijah: “The truth is that my husband died because he loved me. And loving any of us is a death sentence, isn’t it?” The only logical option is to love each other, then, baby.

Oh, and Phoebe Tonkin seriously can’t even look ugly while crying. I spend most of my time salivating over the Mikaelsons, but credit where credit’s due, Tonko. You are stunning.

The Originals Wild At Heart Hayley crying

But I appreciate the emotion.

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