The Originals Season 3 Episode 10 – TV Review

The Originals Ghost of the Mississippi Camill transition

“And I know everything. Because my compulsion has worn off now that I’m in transition.”

It looks like one of my commenters was right: Camille isn’t done yet.

Although, I think the indignity of having Aurora sire you is probably a worse fate than death.

TL;DR Camille enters transition, but struggles with the choice to live as a possibly evil vampire, or die with integrity; she chooses to live and get nasty with Klaus, though, so thank fuck for that; Tristan kidnaps Hayley and Jackson and kills Jackson, so everyone unites to use the medallion against Tristan and defeat him and the Strix.

Now there is nothing standing between Elijah and Hayley. It’s wins all around.

So we start at the moment we left off last episode: Klaus melting the fuck down over Camille’s death. Except she suddenly revives, and realises that Aurora not only compelled her to slash her own throat, but to drink a vial of her blood first. Klaus takes this as great news, but Camille, after some soul searching, decides she would rather die as she is than risk turning into a monster by completing her transition. Things aren’t looking up for the gang when Tristan abducts Hayley and Jackson, and then executes Jackson in front of her by tearing his heart out. The Originals are forced into action, and together they kidnap Aurora, and hold her hostage to exchange for Hayley and the medallion (which Vincent, under duress, has performed the spell to activate). At the handover, Camille, disguised with magic as Aurora, steals the medallion and uses it to lock Tristan inside a shipping container. Aya and the Strix are persuaded to abandon Tristan, and the Originals arrange to drop him into the ocean to drown over and over again for eternity. Sadly, Lucien takes the opportunity (offscreen) of the handover to steal away Aurora; Hayley and Elijah hold a werewolf funeral for Jackson; and Camille, buoyed by her heroism against Tristan and a pep talk from Vincent, completes her transition.

And, to prove the The Originals really is catering exactly to my needs, she jumps immediately into Klaus’ arms.

My theory of the see-saw relationship between TVD and The Originals continues to hold water, as The Vampire Diaries hit a new low this week, while The Originals is giving me everything I want.

Hell, I would have been overjoyed simply with Camille’s resurrection. But then they chucked in Jackson’s death for fucking free, man. Like, I don’t know which deity has been reading my thoughts, but thank you.


Why I hate this episode:

Sadly, though, Jackson’s death means that Hayley is obligated to mourn him. Elijah’s right there, bitch. Don’t wait too long.

As much as I love Camille and I want to see her continue on the show, part of me is disappointed that The Originals pulled the punch of killing her off. Her “death” from last episode has now lost all its power because she wasn’t really dead after all. The Originals needs to tread carefully when it comes to not killing its characters, or else it will end up as pathetic as TVD is with its main character “deaths.” Sophie will always be remembered because of how tragic and permanent her death was. I feel like Camille could have been the same.

And if Camille does become a monster of a vampire, it will erode the importance of her character as the reasonable and vulnerable token human. Which, like Camille herself says, would be a shame.

Oh, and Lucien’s on-screen absence is felt pretty heavily. Scribbling in some throwaway dialogue about how he must have rescued Aurora from the compound is lame.


But it’s not all bad:

With Tristan defeated and the Strix (I presume?) on the way out, it’s time for Lucien and Aurora to double down on their villainy to go against the Originals. Although, with the medallion expended, what plan would they even have? I look forward to finding out. And I look forward even more to their hopefully gory defeat.

Tristan’s defeat is satisfying enough for now, though. We saw what happened to Stefan after spending only a few months in a safe at the bottom of a quarry. Tristan’s going to be in an unknown part of the ocean for all eternity. That’s fucking brutal.

Jackson’s death was the surprise highlight of the episode. Tristan is so efficient in just tearing that little heart out. And he even made sure to horribly torture him first, and hook him up to a wolfsbane IV to keep all the pain fresh. Thank you for your service, Tristan.

And now Hayley, given an appropriate mourning period, of course (what, like, two episodes, maybe?), can make her way back to Elijah. He’s ready and waiting.

The best part of the episode is Camille’s gasping revival near the start. The opening minutes are intercut between Klaus remembering a counselling session he had with Camille, and present Klaus melting down in futility over her death. His face when she comes back is brilliant, and I must say, I might be switching sides from Elijah to Klaus in the Hot And Anguished race. Joseph Morgan is that good.

His best facial expression is later, when Camille tells him she’s unsure of whether she’ll complete the transition. Face drop of the year so far.

Klaus, naturally, rages at Camille to not give up, going so far as to have Freya trap her in a spell circle for her safety while they’re out hunting down Aurora, and leaving some blood in the hopes that she’ll be desperate and hungry enough to capitulate. Camille is understandably furious that he’s trying to take her choice away.

Freya, in a rare moment of actually reminding us she’s a character and not just a tool, sympathises with Camille because she, too, had her choice between a dignified death and a cruel immortality taken away from her by Dahlia. She frees Camille from the circle, and convinces her to put her wilting life to good use by being the Aurora decoy in the Tristan takedown. Clever.

Taking Tristan down opens Camille’s eyes to the possibilities for positive change she could affect if she were to continue on living. Plus, as a vampire, she’d have much more power to actually get involved. Vincent happily offers a vein and she takes it. Thank God.

And then, to end the episode, Klaus stops by. At first he is relieved that she’s merely chosen to live as a vampire, but her ensuing speech about how electric she feels as a blood-drinking creature of the night gets his eyes all smirky and glimmering with ominous promise. It’s time for these two to be bad bitches. Together.

Klaus promises Tristan that he will make Aurora’s death “spectacular.” I’m counting on it.

Oh, and Elijah literally is within metres of Hayley now that Jackson’s dead. Get your rebound on, girl.

The Originals Ghost of the Mississippi Hayley Elijah funeral

Even when he’s out of focus, Elijah doesn’t turn off his background modelling.

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