Arrow Season 4 Episode 10 – TV Review

Arrow Blood Debts Felicity alive

We were so close.

Why, Arrow?


TL;DR Felicity is alive, but she’s not well, which is a small consolation; Oliver goes on a roaring rampage of revenge to find and kill Damien, but can’t; Anarky returns and ends up leading the Super Friends to Damien, but nobody dies; Thea struggles with her emotions; Laurel and Oliver clash over conflicting morals; Diggle makes ground with Andy; the Lian Yu flashbacks are empty, as per usual.

And that’s the way I like them.

So, horribly, Felicity didn’t die in the limo shootout last episode. She spends the episode in and out of surgery while Oliver goes on a Ghost killing spree to get info on Damien’s whereabouts. Diggle grudgingly supports him, while Laurel (and Thea, kind of) chastises him for neglecting Felicity. In the course of the pursuit of Damien, Anarky resurfaces, as he, too, is on a mission to kill Damien. He and the Super Friends do temporary battle, and although Laurel wants him turned over to the police, Oliver releases him in the hopes of tracking him to find Damien. It works, but it turns out Anarky has taken Damien’s wife and daughter hostage, and the Super Friends must intervene. Damien shows up and is grateful to Oliver for saving his family. But in a tasty twist, Mrs Dahrk is revealed to be every bit as heinous as her husband, and bitches at Damien for not killing the Green Arrow when he had the chance. Can we hope their child is even worse? Meanwhile, Felicity ends up unable to walk from her injuries (move over, Oracle); Diggle first bashes and later endears himself to Andy; and Anarky thanks Thea for helping his villainous evolution. His words of admiration for Thea’s dangerous side make her worry about her emotional stability, and she briefly dumps Alex. But she pulls her shit together and takes him back by episode’s end. Meanwhile in flashbacks to Lian Yu, Supervisor brings Oliver and OSG back to Black Boss for punishment, but Black Boss observes that Oliver could be essential in the treasure hunt, so lets them live. And in the flash forwards to the cemetery in the future, the grave definitely does not belong to a still-alive Felicity. But we don’t get to see whose it is.

Because why would a CW show not be obtuse with a flash forward?

I would take this pause to praise Anarky’s refreshing psychopathy. And competence.

But Felicity’s still alive, so fuck everything.


Why I hate this episode:

I’m livid that Arrow so deliciously teased us with her death last episode, only to immediately bitch out now that the season has returned. That’s nothing groundbreaking for a network soap, but this is a comic book property. At least do us the dignity of pretending to kill her off, and then bizarrely retconning her death down the road. Duh.

And not only is Felicity alive and mostly well, but Laurel keeps pushing herself further away from Oliver’s crotch with her incessant disapproval of his methods. I mean, I agree with her. But you’re never going to land your man with that attitude. OSG gets more Oliver action than Laurel, for goodness’  sake.

I’m bracing myself for the cringe of an inevitable Oracle allusion joke. Bleh.

Diggle’s subplot with Andy is such a mess. After several episodes of resolute indifference and giving up, not to mention that absolute beatdown he gives Andy this episode, Diggle gets Lyla in his ear and decides to let Andy be his brother again, after all. They play cards through his cage and everything. So inconsistent.

I don’t know why the episode bothers including Thea’s five minute separation from Alex. Those scenes wasted plenty of precious Felicity time.

Felicity, Oliver, and Barry play the pronoun game regarding the “him” that they want to kill in apparent retaliation for the death of whoever’s in the grave. It’s exhausting.

Oliver goes to Quentin for leads on how to find Damien, and Quentin tells him where Damien’s base is, despite it meaning that Damien would likely figure out that Quentin is helping the Green Arrow. Quentin and Laurel seem convinced that Quentin will face retribution, but Damien wasn’t at the base when Oliver went. All that was there was a bunch of dead Ghosts, and Anarky’s calling card. Barring some sudden surveillance footage, Damien won’t know. So shoosh.

Oh, and Oliver still wants to marry Felicity, despite her injury. Come on, man. She gave you an out. Just take it.


But it’s not all bad:

At least Felicity is a miserable, homicide-supporting bitch in the flash forward. Let happiness forever elude her.

Laurel may be a constant wet blanket to Oliver’s revenge campaign, but she is the most reasonable Super Friend these days. She is still capable in battle, too. So she might have lost her love interest privileges, but she’s become a functional human being in the process. Worth it, I reckon.

Thea gets a lot of screentime this episode. And while it’s blatantly circuitous, at least Arrow hasn’t forgotten that she’s plagued by bloodlust and barely contained violent compulsions. Anarky is the devil on her shoulder when he thanks her for setting him on fire and igniting his wicked streak, and he encourages her to give in to her basest desires. Even when that would end in her killing him with an arrow. She fights it down, of course, but I enjoyed the ride.

Plus, Alex is a cutie. Keep that boy on the line, baby.

Anarky is great fun. He wears one of those plastic masks (like the Alison one on PLL) to hide his scars, and looks even cooler when the mask comes off. He is much more successful in hunting down Damien than the Super Friends. Not only does her get to Damien’s base first, but he also manages to find Damien’s family. He plans to mutilate them with a blowtorch, but, sadly, the Super Friends intervene.

His fight scene against Thea and Oliver is short, but he does break out a bitchin’ three-section staff. Just like Nanami from Suikoden 2. Divine.

And he ends up breaking free from Thea due to her mercy, and is in the wind at the end of the episode. Visit again soon, please.

Black Boss stops Oliver’s whipping when he sees the tattoo Constantine gave Oliver. Oliver bargains his help in the treasure hunt in exchange for sparing OSG’s life. You keep holdin’ on, girl. Don’t let the fact that you’ve never appeared nor been mentioned in the present plotline keep you from believing you’ll be okay.

Laurel is supportive of Quentin and Donna’s relationship.

I relished seeing Oliver straight-up murder some goons at the beginning of the episode. Remember when season 1 was cool?

Oh, and in addition to Felicity being unhappy in the flash forward, Felicity and Oliver as a couple seem to be distant. Just more points for the Laurel supporters.

Arrow Blood Debts flash forward Felicity Oliver limo

Just give up.

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  1. Teylen says :

    chrchr field day for Olicity shippers 😀 (me)

    I doubt that they have a superhero ditch his wife because shes crippled, lest not on a network. ^^

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