The Originals Season 3 Episode 9 – TV Review

The Originals Savior Camille Klaus make out

And it’s not just Klaus.

It finally happened.

But, as things tend to go in the House of Mikaelson, you don’t give a mortal character a bunch of screentime over two episodes and a resounding “they will” answer to a two-and-a-half-season-long ship tease without consequences.

So many consequences.

TL;DR Klaus and Camille bond emotionally and physically, but Camille ends up dead thanks to Aurora; Rebekah comes back, but she’s cursed and crazy; she agrees to leave New Orleans to keep out of the hands of the Sire Line Three, but she secretly forces Elijah to dagger and stash her for everyone’s safety; Vincent assumes the role of witch Regent, but falls under the thumb of Tristan; Jackson learns some appreciation for Hayley’s continued support of the Mikaelsons.

Words like “part of the pack” are thrown around. Because Jackson’s a dog, remember?

So Rebekah’s return is centre stage this episode, as Elijah successfully arranges her salvage and rescue from her undersea adventure. It turns out that super stake has lingering effects, though, and some infused curse spell makes Rebekah angry and violent towards her family (mainly Hayley). Freya risks her life to find a magical cure, and everything seems well as the whole gang settles down for Christmas, before Rebekah must leave to stay ahead of the Sire Line Three. Except Rebekah isn’t cured, and she forces a tearful Elijah into daggering her so that Klaus might enjoy some moment of happiness. Why is Klaus happy? Because he spends his episode with Camille, who he is eager to protect following last episode. They go out to see Jason Dohring, who has been driven to the brink of suicide thanks to Lucien’s compulsion. Klaus compels some hope back into Jason, which impresses Camille so much that they finally kiss. And hop into bed together. But ruh roh, Aurora must have compelled Camille to slit her own throat, which she does. Klaus’ horror at waking up to find her like that is palpable. Meanwhile, the Strix attack Freya to get the medallion back. They do, but Jackson reluctantly intervenes to save her life. He becomes further impressed by the Mikaelsons’ combined efforts to save Rebekah from her curse, and now respects their family unit. Aww. Meanwhile, Vincent, thanks to some subtle manipulation from Marcel, pushes past Swishy Witch Boy (Tristan’s first choice) as the new Regent. But Tristan ends up in charge, regardless, when he threatens Vincent with Finn. In pendant form.

Any risk of having Finn back in Vincent’s body is terrifying to me, so I can understand. Nobody wants that again.

Well, Aurora may have crap hair. But she certainly knows how to cunt things up in New Orleans. My elation at Camille and Klaus’ finally hooking up was swiftly and brutally cut down by Camille’s death-by-compulsion.

Aurora’s smug face as she and Tristan muse about their evilness just makes her all the more hateable.

And that’s what you want in a villain. Especially when your “heroes” are ancient, mass murdering undead abominations.


Why I hate this episode:

Fuuuuuuck Aurora, though. Like, bitch gon’ have to die. Soon.

She also gets this ambiguous little subplot about how Tristan is keeping her prisoner/drugged at his place. If The Originals isn’t going to play the full incest card (and, let’s face it, the signs are there), then I’m not interested in the tease. Her hair is mildly improved, though.

I can’t see any way Camille can be brought back to life. Unless she wasn’t fully dead at the end of the episode. Which means it’s likely that she’s outta here. With Rebekah daggered again, Freya’s devotion to Finn, and Hayley’s persistence in making things work with Jackson, there are no female characters left for me to enjoy. The Originals started off so rich with female characters to root for. Now it’s bare.

Freya interacts with Finn a bit this episode. He, predictably, whinges at her for helping the Mikaelsons. But he apparently has the ability to help her with the spell to un-curse Rebekah. I didn’t realise being sealed in a pendant still gave one such versatility.

Likewise, I don’t understand why Vincent is so threatened by Finn when Tristan dangles the pendant in front of him. With the power of the ancestors at his disposal, Vincent is surely stronger than Finn. What’s the problem?

Oh, and do our heroes really believe that the Strix haven’t had a single one of their spies spot Rebekah since she’s been back in town this episode? The plan for her to leave New Orleans is predicated on the belief that she hasn’t been seen, and they want to keep the Sire Line Three thinking she’s still at sea. Get real, guys.


But it’s not all bad:

It’s a hard task to compete with the final scene of the episode for emotional weight, but Rebekah and Elijah are heroic in coming close. Rebekah, supposedly on her way out of town, calls Elijah to meet her. She reveals that the curse from the super stake hasn’t been lifted after all. But she doesn’t want to continue to bring trouble on her family, and she certainly doesn’t want to risk the Sire Line Three getting to her, so she puts a dagger in Elijah’s hand and demands he dagger and stash her until the time window for the prophecy has expired. Elijah’s tears are sexy. As per usual.

The real heartwrencher of the episode is Camille’s death. All that time in focus now makes sense. Joseph Morgan again shows us why the Original vampires’ popularity is so enduring, as his realisation of blood on his hands, discovery of the wound, and impotence at being able to do anything to save Camille are shown bright as day through his face. And a single, anguished cry to the heavens of “No!”

Camille and Klaus don’t just jump into bed on a whim, though. To start the episode, it turns out Camille is still living at the compound for protection. She tries to regain her autonomy when Vincent tells her to go check up on Jason, but Klaus shadows her. They find Jason, having been fired from his job for his paranoia over monsters in the dark, with a gun to his head. Camille defuses the situation, and then it’s time for Klaus to step in for a compulsion-aided pep talk.

And what a talk it is. Inspirational waffle sounds so legitimate from his lips. This leads into an almost-kiss to trick us into thinking it’s still not gonna happen between them.

But it does. Once all the Rebekah stuff has settled down, it’s time for Camille and Klaus to have a D&M. Camille protests that she doesn’t want to be a brittle bird who must be coddled, and Klaus admits that he doesn’t want to treat her disrespectfully. What he does want is to mack on her, which he does, and goddamn, if my sour little heart didn’t flutter at the sight. Mercy me.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was for Marcel to coerce Vincent into taking up the Regent reins. It gave me a chuckle. And Swishy Witch Boy loses again. See? He and Josh are perfect for each other.

Freya discovers that the medallion cannot be neutralised. The only way to get rid of it is to use it. Here’s to hoping that the Sire Line Three will end up trapped.

Jackson and Hayley have a spat about how Hayley still has feelings for Elijah, and she’s like “bitch, you knew that when you married me.” I don’t appreciate that they’re still giving their marriage a go by episode’s end, but Jackson, with his eyes open to the family loyalty of the Mikaelsons, might stop harassing Hayley for helping them out.

Rebekah gets the best line of the episode during her curse-addled tirade against Hayley. It seems I’m not the only one who is disappointed in Hayley’s persistence with Jackson: “You mean that fake husband you’ve been parading around in front of Elijah? Do you know the agony it causes him? Perhaps you like it?” Mmm, girl.

Oh, and in monumental contrast to Aurora, Rebekah makes sure to fly the flag for female vampire hair.

The Originals Savior Rebekah Klaus Elijah

A merry Christmas, indeed.

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10 responses to “The Originals Season 3 Episode 9 – TV Review”

  1. Dave says :

    This was an Originals episode at its best. Emotional family moments, beautiful people, gory violence, inescapable tragedy, and the hint of incest. I think Julie’s planning on bringing back Cami as a vampire because there’s an BTS Instagram photo of Leah Pipes wearing what appears to be a daylight ring. I got incest vibes from Tristan and Aurora too and apparently the actors improvised a kiss while Aurora was playing the piano. Julie cut it because filming up to episode 13 had been done already and there weren’t any incest hints in the future episodes. What is it with The Originals and incest?

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Thank God Camille might not be done yet. I spent too much of my life waiting for Sophie to be resurrected.

      As for the incest, I suppose centuries of boredom has got to lead to a few taboo ways to pass the time.

  2. matthew says :

    I want Klaus to be happy. he’s gone through a lot. why on earth would that psycho bitch named Aurora keep on tormenting Klaus. Klaus and cami are the best of pairs. I love THEM.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Camille and Klaus are so perfect. And don’t you worry about Aurora. No character gets to be that obnoxious and live. I mean, it may have taken them six seasons, but even Elena ended up getting the flick. Aurora won’t live out the season, I guarantee it.

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