Blood & Oil Season 1 Episode 9 – TV Review

Blood & Oil The Art of the Deal Amber

Resigned exhaustion.

With only one episode left to limp through after this one, it’s time to bring back that one issue that a soap of this low calibre should really stay away from: Native American race relations.

Well, if you’re gonna die without dignity, then why not really shit up the place, hey?

TL;DR Don and Annie both lead pitches for drilling on the Indian Reservation; Peyton returns, causing relationship trouble for Cody and Chace; Cody gets a new love interest; Coyote Ugly, sadly, didn’t die; but she is pregnant (and doesn’t know which Briggs man is the father!); Annie strikes a deal with Amber to get the charges dropped; Lacey finds out Wick perpetrated the theft and fire at the oil rig.

Oh, Lacey. That’s old news.

So the plot-relevant stuff this episode brings focus back to McCutching. Annie makes a deal with Amber to get her hands on the stolen geological survey in exchange for having Amber’s charges dropped, so now knows the Indian Reservation that borders both the land she and Chace have, and the land Don has, is profoundly rich with oil. Both camps assemble their teams to make their cases to the Indian Chief. Meanwhile, Cody and Chace are still on the rocks. Coyote convinces Cody not to take her relationship for granted, and she almost makes up with the guy, but then she stumbles upon a returned Peyton, and is obligatorily paranoid about her. This paranoia turns out to be warranted when Peyton mouth-jumps Chace later, but Cody isn’t so innocent, as she has a new man of her own to fawn over: JD Pardo, the doctor. And, as it so happens, he’s the Chief’s advisor for the deal. Chace might have sunk his team’s chances already. Meanwhile, Wick and Don bicker over Wick being a mole for the FBI and Don being a girlfriend-fucker. They both try to turn Lacey against the other, but Lacey wants to find out the truth herself. And the truth she discovers, aided by some surveillance photos taken by a sneaky AJ on the night of the theft, prove Wick to be a bad dude. Don totally owns up to the girlfriend-fucking, though. Elsewhere, Coyote Ugly is pregnant, but doesn’t know who the father is; Annie was in league with the FBI, in pursuit of the geological survey, even before Wick was; and JD Pardo turns down an attempted advance from Cody.

He may have been on the disastrous The Messengers, but even he wouldn’t slum it with a Blood & Oil girl.

I understand Blood & Oil had its episode count cut, which explains why they’re introducing new things in what is now the second last episode.

But seriously, introducing new things in the second last episode makes Blood & Oil look so unprofessional.


Why I hate this episode:

Out of all the things this show needed, a beta love interest for fucking Cody wasn’t one of them. Holy shit.

And they really bothered to bring back the Native American land issue? I can only hope it’s dealt with as superficially as possible. Both for the sake of not eating up time, and also because this show is not the place for that kind of subplot. Like I said back in the pilot: leave it for Banshee.

Coyote Ugly starts this episode off in promising form, as it turns out she didn’t try to kill herself: she just got too drunk and took pills on top of alcohol. Upon recovering, she promptly fucks both Don and Wick off, while blithely exposing Wick as the mole to Don, and seems to be clawing her way back to her old, badass self. But then the baby bomb strikes. And to make her even more of a tragic cum dumpster, she doesn’t know who the father is. What a waste.

Amber continues to be benched. I’m holding a candle for her to finally get fed up and go on a rampage in the final episode.

Peyton returns for no apparent reason. Well, no apparent reason other than to complicate Chace’s relationship with Cody. Cody didn’t need any more excuses to be a wet blanket, Peyton. Why’d you have to give her one?

Lacey’s investigation into Wick’s possible involvement in the oil theft has no tension because we know he does. I suppose Blood & Oil intends us to care about the personal stakes for Lacey and Wick’s relationship. But Blood & Oil would be wrong.

After her spat with Chace, Cody goes out to catch some dick with Coyote Ugly because girl power or something. I don’t care.

Oh, and I can’t believe Cody didn’t pash JD Pardo. He’s right there. Who has to know?


But it’s not all bad:

With JD Pardo getting at least a couple of episodes’ pay here, and Shantel VanSanten making an impressive impact on The Flash, I’m glad to see The Messengers didn’t totally poison everyone’s wells.

Speaking of wells, Don plans to use slant drilling to tap into the oil well under the Indian Reservation. Just like Mr Burns. I love it.

The editing between the Cody/JD Pardo and Chace/Peyton scenes is cute. Both duos face temptation for an illicit kiss. JD pulls back and instead tells Cody not to give up on Chace. Peyton, however, tells Chace to leave his dead marriage in the dirt where it belongs and get up in her grill. Things get even more satisfying when Cody walks in right on time to see them going at it. Cody’s pain is my gain.

I liked how Annie was involved with the FBI investigation all along, merely so she could get her hands on the stolen geological survey once it had been recovered. She’s a beast.

She and Lacey seem to have a nice, bantering relationship. It was a refreshing change of pace from the arbitrary tension between Lacey and Amber.

Annie is able to have the charges against Amber dropped because the FBI’s warrant was only good for recordings of Don. Anything else was not legal. Clever.

Wick is quickly running out of allies. He’s either going to have to strike out on his own, again (and with how the oil theft turned out, that’s not a great idea), or he’s going to have to team up with the only other Briggs that’s out in the cold: Amber. Let’s get this party started.

Oh, and JD Pardo, is like, really pretty.

Blood & Oil The Art of the Deal JD Pardo

They can unite in their ethnic ambiguity.

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