iZombie Season 2 Episode 8 – TV Review

As The Originals thankfully highlighted one its long-neglected characters this week, so too does iZombie.

It’s Babineaux’s time to shine, baby.

TL;DR The COW victim is an ex of Babineaux’s, who was a stalker; Liv’s inherited stalker traits see her uncovering Major’s dalliance with a certain redhead; Steven starts testing SuperMax on zombies, and himself (maybe?); Gilda gets jealous of Liv’s reconciliation with Major.

Both because she’s a female character and therefore must be jealous of all other female characters around her, and because it could endanger Max Rager’s plans. See? She’s still practical.

So it’s bye bye Peyton and Blaine this week, and hello to Clive Babineaux’s dating past. Regina, the woman who left the mystery envelope at FBI Agent Dale’s house last week, violently defends herself from a mystery assailant, but is shot to death by another person who is off-camera. The gun was from Regina’s own purse, but it belongs to Babineaux, her cop ex, who she stole it from. Babineaux implores Liv and Ravi not to get involved or investigate, but they do, and it turns out Regina is a stalker all over town, with a fetish for policemen. The fiancĂ© (now, wife) of one man Regina banged was particularly upset, and set out, with her brother, to scare Regina into fucking off. And giving back a priceless heirloom ring Regina stole. When Regina, ever the prepared stalker, got out her knife to stab the brother to death, the woman shot her in panic. Babineaux is grateful for his friends’ help. Meanwhile, Liv inherits stalker tendencies from Regina’s brain and gets to work unnerving Major, who is trying to keep that whole “I hunt zombies under duress from the Umbrella Corporation” thing to himself. She doesn’t find out about that, but she does go into meltdown at the thought of “Rita,” the woman Major banged while he and Liv weren’t together. Because Liv is a female character and therefore must be jealous of all other female characters around her. And the Max Rager scientists observe that SuperMax improves zombie speed and strength. It also improves humans’, as Steven demonstrates to Major, and entices Major to try on himself. Steven isn’t totally sure if the zombification side-effect has been eliminated, though.

So Major will become a zombie not from hot sex with the love of his life, but from a tainted Red Bull. Bad choice, bro.

This isn’t the most shocking, emphatic episode of iZombie in existence. Likely because Blaine isn’t here.

But it gives Babineaux a chance to properly breathe. And Liv’s personal struggles, minimal they may be, are kept in focus.

And Regina is one crazy-ass, racially appropriate byotch.


Why I hate this episode:

I’m still not sure if iZombie wants us to feel bad for her. She has pretty much no redeeming qualities. I admire her stab-happy response to the attack from Scorned Wife and her brother, but not even Babineaux can muster so much as a shoulder shrug in response to her death. Sorry, Regina?

Liv’s reactions to “Rita” are a lowlight of the episode. I understand that she’s on stalker brains, but her little tear at the end because Rita would send a sexy photo when “Major” (Liv is using his phone) asked her to is disgustingly self-pitying. Major told you he and Rita had a thing right before you got back together with him. Of course she’d be DTF. Get over it.

I thought Steven was just going to bullshit to Major that he was using SuperMax, with the intent to entice Major into trying some and therefore having Major be the human test subject they need. But Steven does show unnatural strength and endurance after drinking whatever’s in his SuperMax can. Unless he did a superb job bullshitting to Major, then I guess he did use some on himself? That scene should have been clearer.

Oh, and from perusing the stalker scrapbook Regina made of her and Babineaux, and with tidbits from Dale, Liv and Ravi find out some personal things about Babineaux. One of those things is Game of Thrones fanboyism. Ew.


But it’s not all bad:

Dale is such a cool person. Even when she’s feeding Babineaux’s secrets to people he doesn’t want knowing his secrets, she’s still so smooth. And besides, Babineaux’s aversion to being personal with Liv and Ravi is silly. They’re the Dream Team.

Liv and Ravi (Ravi especially) make the most of a chance to go out in the field, just the two of them. Ravi is overenthusiastic when coming up with a name and profile for a character he plays during an interview. It’s sweet.

The resolution to the COW is satisfyingly unexpected. We meet Scorned Wife fairly early on, but her husband, despite the cheating, alibis out. And, hearkening back to the first cases of this season, Scorned Wife ends up being a sympathetic killer. Regina was a harassing, stalking thief. Scorned Wife only wanted to scare her, and Regina went for a fucking kill stab on her brother. She only shot Regina because she had to.

Regina also turned up drunk at her wedding (she was their wedding planner), despite being fired before the day. And Regina then sued Scorned Wife and her husband for unpaid fees. What a menace.

Gilda tells Steven she’s worried about Liv’s closeness to Major possibly leading her to finding out about Max Rager’s experiments. Steven waves it away, because he’s a dick like that. But Gilda isn’t one to let it rest, and happily sexts “Major” (carefully leaving her head out of the shot) as Rita. If you play stupid games, Liv, you win stupid prizes.

One of Regina’s other stalkees is the married Chief of Police, and Liv gets caught in his car while on the snoop. She gets thrown in jail temporarily, and almost goes full on zombie from brain starvation. Her target is a sassy black weed dealer. So close.

To add insult, Ravi gives Liv a brain smoothie as soon as she’s released. But the only brain he had available was Regina’s. Liv’s one positive from being in jail was detoxing from crazy stalker brain. I lol’d.

Oh, and Ravi predicts that Liv, with Regina’s memories just waiting to be flashed, might see a POV vision of having sex with Babineaux. Sadly, that does not come to pass. But Ravi offers us his enactment of what it might look like:

iZombie The Hurt Stalker Ravi orgasm face

I mean, how could she resist?

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