The Originals Season 3 Episode 8 – TV Review

The Originals The Other Girl in New Orleans Aurora bad hair

To fix the hair, one must first witness the hair.

As TVD falls, The Originals rises.

Brace yourself, people: it’s a Camille episode.

There is a God.

TL;DR Aurora interrogates Camille, and it’s revealed that under Camille’s pure exterior lies a morbid fascination with darkness; Klaus gets to save Camille and fuck Aurora the fuck off; Elijah, Freya, and Hayley spend time interrogating Tristan; Marcel ends up saving Tristan to ingratiate himself to the Strix; Jackson and Hayley’s marital problems aren’t going away.

There is a God. Even moreso.

So the major thrust of the episode is Aurora’s abduction of Camille. She sends Klaus (joined by a supposedly concerned Lucien) on a clue chase while she questions our maiden fair. After some predictably petty barbs, Aurora has Camille admit her darkest secret: Camille once glassed and bashed a college roommate’s abusive boyfriend. Without provocation. Aurora shrewdly deduces Camille doesn’t regret the police trouble that followed, but that Camille is secretly drawn to the darkness. She also sics a bunch of transitioning vampires on Camille to kill her. Once Klaus catches up, he gives Aurora a monumental break up speech, uses vampire mind invasion to get the Rebekah co-ordinate from her, and saves Camille, concluded by a tense, longing embrace. Meanwhile, Elijah, Freya, and ringer Hayley get busy interrogating Tristan for the other Rebekah co-ordinate. Tristan is impressively resistant, but Elijah, too, uses vampire mind invasion to get info, later expanded upon by Marcel, on a cargo plane that they expect is carrying Rebekah. Marcel and the Strix, at Aya’s demand, liberate Tristan, but Marcel is indeed only obeying their orders to further infiltrate the organisation. Meanwhile, Hayley cops shit from Jackson’s grandma for being loyal to the Mikaelsons, but they’re her family, cunt, so Hayley doesn’t chuck them away. And Tristan suggests to Freya that the siblings she’s reunited with aren’t so great, and recommends she call upon Finn to get the real scoop on them. So she does.

Oh, Freya. Didn’t you get enough of Finn’s piousness last season?

Freya’s battle against superfluousness not withstanding, this is a standout episode of The Originals. It doesn’t rely heavily on newly introduced witchy woo, or even the newly introduced characters.

The episode is about Klaus and Camille. This is an episode that’s been a long time coming.

Short of a Big Damn Kiss, this is exactly what I’ve been wanting from them.

Why do my preferred ships have so much trouble getting their lips together?


Why I hate this episode:

The huge downside to the Camille plot this episode is that it’s shared with Aurora. Goddammit, Aurora.

Also, I’m not sure if I’m happy about the reveal of Camille’s inner darkness. Camille’s been, as this episode repeatedly announces, the one shining light in the endless murk of The Originals. Whenever Matt on TVD has given in to his nasty urges, however thrilling it may be, it hasn’t rung true. And with The Originals already being black and grey morality, I don’t want Camille to be just another meanie. But if it gets her closer to Klaus’ bed…

Elijah apparently can’t compel Tristan because reasons. That’s lame.

I don’t remember season 2 that well, but I would have thought if Finn had anything really bad to say to Freya about the Mikaelsons, he would have already said it. They had time to chat last season, right?

Marcel’s plan to infiltrate the Strix causes unnecessary tension with Elijah. Can’t we all just agree that it’s a decent plan and get along?

Conversely, there is no way on earth that Aya, Tristan, and the Strix aren’t aware that Marcel is a mole. Like, come on, guys.

Jackson’s Grandma is a pain in the butt. I commend Hayley’s loyalty to the Mikaelsons, but it was hard to endure Grandma’s relentless putdowns. Shut up and ship off back to the bayou.

Marcel gives Tristan some of his Klaus blood stash to heal the werewolf bites Hayley inflicted on him. Oh, so Lucien has werewolf bite-healing serum, but the Strix, the oldest and most powerful vampire organisation in the world, doesn’t?

Aya makes a big deal about some super stake that can keep an Original vampire down. Like the one she used on Rebekah. She gives it to Marcel to use on Elijah to free Tristan. Has everyone forgotten that an ordinary stake will keep an Original down for a couple of hours, anyway? Just crack a chair leg and save yourselves the money, people.

Aurora is a huge douche to Camille during their hang sesh, by the way. If you hadn’t expected that.

Oh, and Lucien tries to hang shit on Camille while he’s on the clue chase with Klaus. Thankfully, Klaus snaps his neck.


But it’s not all bad:

In a not entirely surprising development, after Klaus has thoroughly dressed down Aurora and reunited with Camille, Lucien comes slinking in to comfort a broken Aurora. That sleazy little dog.

Klaus’ dressing down of Aurora is indeed very thorough. Yeah, he does the ol’ “you will think of me only in fear” routine, which is kind of a Klaus specialty. But the real kicker is that he forcefully invades her mind to get the co-ordinates. Aurora seems hurt by that most of all. Good.

For what it’s worth, Camille does an admirable job standing up to Aurora and the transitioning vampires. Which is kind of Camille’s specialty, you know? She effortlessly trades barbs with Aurora, and never buys into Aurora’s attempts to convince her that Klaus is only using her (which, to be fair, is a decent point). Aurora is particularly flustered when Camille psycho-analyses her. It’s satisfying.

Camille also puts work into fighting off the transitioning vampires, even managing to kill one before Klaus has to come rescue her.

The transitioning vampires were vampire candidates of Marcel’s, who were training at the church gym. Aurora turns them easily because it’s what they want. Way to pay attention to continuity, Aurora.

Tristan remarks at Hayley’s immaculate beauty while she’s torturing him. He’s not wrong.

Hayley admits her marital strife to Elijah, who releases her from helping him for her own good. It’s redundant at this point to say it, but dat nobility.

And despite Grandma’s protests, Hayley legs it back over to help when Marcel and the Strix show up. What a boss.

I don’t know if the Strix are onto Marcel, or just pathetically oblivious, but either way, he’s getting on in. Marcel finally feels like he belongs in this show again.

Freya, heeding Tristan’s advice, calls on Finn from that little crystal pendant thing she has. And he got a hot haircut. Elijah better keep an eye on that Hot, Older Brother trophy, because Finn is coming for it.

Second best line of the episode goes to Elijah when Marcel suggests he just let Tristan be rescued to save them all the trouble of fighting: “I will not release that filth.” Fuckin’ ouch.

Best line of the episode goes to Klaus after he gets Camille safely back to the compound, and it’s time for a little levity:
Klaus: “Your incident at the university. The man you assaulted. I’ve already compelled some people to go and kill him.”
Camille: “That’s a joke, right?”
Klaus: “Doesn’t have to be.”
He’s all sly and cute. How have they not kissed yet?

Oh, and Camille and Klaus’ hug may not be on a Norma/Romero level, but it gave me tingles all the same, baby.

The Originals The Other Girl in New Orleans Camille Klaus hug

Good hair?

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  1. Sire says :

    Aurora is just awful… what a terrible character and terrible casting, I hate every single thing she does or says and want to just punch her in the face… She’s like the anti-Camille

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