Blood & Oil Season 1 Episode 8 – TV Review

Blood & Oil Rats, Bugs and Moles Amber Valletta arrested

“Prison would be more dignified.”

Yes, Blood & Oil is still on.

No, I haven’t missed it while it was briefly away.

Only two episodes left after this one. Let’s grit our teeth and bear it, baby.

TL;DR The FBI sting ends up with Amber arrested; Psycho Partner finally fucking dies, but not before telling Cody about how Chace and Wick funnelled him to his death; Coyote Ugly maybe attempts suicide because Wick maliciously fucks her off (without a man, why live, right?); Annie and Chace don’t achieve anything in their war against Don this episode.

The Briggs women aren’t a winning bunch.

So the tension of the episode mostly forms out of the FBI operation, wherein Wick is their mole. Don catches wind that someone in Briggs Oil upper management is talking to the Feds and tries to sniff out the rat. Wick manages to dodge him and get his phone bugged, but the plan to goad Don into discussing his theft of the geological survey is diverted when Amber and the oil commissioner are caught on the bug talking about it, instead. Amber ends up in cuffs, and Don lives to be too old for his love interests in this show another day. Meanwhile, Psycho Partner wakes up and utters Chace’s name. Delroy comes calling, but Chace denies everything to both him and an increasingly suspicious Cody. Cody gets the scoop from Pyscho Partner himself later on, though, but after Psycho Partner dies, she upholds Chace’s claims to Delroy. But Cody being Cody decides to leave home and go live with Coyote Ugly. Too bad that Coyote Ugly has spent her episode getting utterly shit upon by a justifiably vengeful Wick. She drowns her sorrows with too much booze and maybe a bottle of pills. But given Psycho Partner’s nigh-immortality, I’m not picking out my funeral wear just yet. And AJ determines Wick is the mole at Briggs Oil, but the only one who will believe him is Annie, who scolds her son for being so reckless.

I’m guessing she got a kick out of seeing the bomb land in Amber’s lap, though.

The truth about Blood & Oil is that it’s not a heinous show. It’s got enough style and scale to its production to competently prop up the threadbare plotting.

It’s disappointing that it couldn’t be more, though. Blood & Oil could have been a savage, heartless, power-and-money soap opera, like Revenge was in its more serious ages.

But instead, it went for sympathetic villains and emotional excuses holding back anyone from having any fun.

And it wasted the absolute fuck out of Amber Valletta. Lydia got thrown off a building and that isn’t a touch on how badly she’s treated here.


Why I hate this episode:

Amber’s arrest is such an insult. She doesn’t get to do anything all episode except endure verbal bitch slaps from Annie, and then she’s the one who is unlucky enough to blab about the geological survey in earshot of the listening device. Don’s over here screwing over Chace and banging mistresses, and poor Amber is the one getting carted off in handcuffs. If there were more than two episodes left in the season, I’d hold out hope that this indignity would push Amber to turn on Don. But she hasn’t got the time. You tried, baby.

Can you believe that Annie is the blander of Don’s wives? Amber’s bench-dwelling ain’t got nothing on Annie’s wishy-washy love for Don. Fuck that shit. We need someone who can take Don down. And Chace has clearly proven himself not up to the task.

Remember when Coyote Ugly was a queen-of-all-trades business owner, real estate agent, and loan shark? Neither does Blood & Oil, because this episode sees her grovel to Wick, sleep with Don as part of a scheme Wick persuades her into, and then apparently try to kill herself when Wick reveals that he actually hasn’t (and won’t) forgive her for fucking his father. I think death would be a blessing for her, and for the show. How many more female characters does Blood & Oil have to fumble?

Speaking of Lacey, it’s Lacey’s fault that Amber ends up arrested. The bug is in Don’s phone, which is in his jacket pocket, and he takes his jacket off at Lacey’s insistence that he dance with her at the Briggs Oil anniversary party. For fuck’s sake, Lacey.

While I appreciate Pyscho Partner’s long-overdue death, I can’t believe he actually woke up and held a conversation with Cody. Watching that play out was just embarrassing.

Cody, too, is embarrassing. But you already knew that.

Oh, and the land Annie, Chace, and Clifton bought together might be dry (I couldn’t figure out if the info they got had anything to do with the stolen and/or faked survey or not. And I didn’t care to find out). Yet another shrewd business decision from Chace.


But it’s not all bad:

Annie manages to swoop in for the episode’s best line, which is a rather routine put-down to Amber’s face, but is satisfyingly catty: “You know, I got into the oil business on my own two feet. Not on my knees.” Well done, Annie. You keep aiming for the middle.

Wick also deserves a mention for calling Coyote Ugly a whore. It’s venomous. But she deserved it.

Amber’s arrest is frustrating, but I can’t fault it for drama points. The vindictive FBI agents even force her to do a massive perp walk out through the anniversary party. How scandalous.

Amber keeps getting shut out by Blood & Oil, but a sliver of hope peeks through in a tiny subplot wherein she tries to force the oil commissioner to frame Lacey for stealing the geological survey (that’s what they were talking about when the Feds were listening). So close.

I’ll give points to AJ for quickly figuring out that Wick is the mole.

Wick seems to feel bad for Amber’s arrest. Well, consider it a practice run, dude. Don can be next.

Thank holy heaven that Psycho Partner is finally dead. And with Cody choosing to keep Chace’s lies straight with Delroy, I think all the criminal troubles around that should go away now.

Amber’s party dress is fucking fantastic.

After all the bullshit with Psycho Partner, Blood & Oil’s owes us a swift death for Coyote Ugly, right?

Oh, and Wick gets to have his James Bond moment when the FBI agents are prepping him for the anniversary party. Idris Elba better watch out.

Blood & Oil Rats, Bugs and Moles Wick

“I want the cute, Ben Whishaw variety.”

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