Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 10 – TV Review

Scream Queens Thanksgiving Chanel Emma Roberts

You were in Scream 4, Emma. You were somebody. And now you’re… this.

Well, the good news is that this episode isn’t as scum bucket-y as last week‘s.

The bad news is that Scream Queens is trying to pull an eleventh hour moral turnaround on Chanel, a girl who just last episode happily thought she’d murdered a love rival. So she could secure a seat at a dinner.

And I say “thought” because it turns out Lea isn’t dead, after all.

So last episode was a total wash.

TL;DR Chanel and Lea clash with Chad’s even worse family, and end up stronger sorority sisters for it; the rest of the gang congregates at Kappa for Thanksgiving dinner and the throwing of wild accusations; no significant ground is gained; Nasim ends up dead, presumably at the hands of Red Devil 2.

The death occurs offscreen. So get ready for me to complain about a lack of a chase scene down below.

So the major plot this episode follows Chanel, fresh off of her apparent murder of Lea, as she joins Chad for Thanksgiving dinner at the Radwells. Unsurprisingly, Chad’s family is even richer and crueler than the worst of Chanel. Things are complicated by the appearance of Lea, whose fake baby story is immediately seen through by Mama Radwell. But, in a heartwarming turn of events, a would-be murderer and Stockholm Syndrome-suffering would-be murderee unite against the Radwells’ taunts and storm out triumphantly. Chad later comes running to Chanel’s side after all, but mainly so he can pick up a second dinner at Kappa. Speaking of Kappa, everyone else ends up there, having ditched or left their own Thanksgiving plans. With everyone in one place, the floor finally opens up for accusation hurling. Some good cases are made, Oliver is revealed to be Nick’s father (and, therefore, the father of the other bathtub baby), but everyone calms themselves in time to sit down to dinner. Which is when Nasim’s decapitated head makes its entrance.

Fly free, Nasim. It can only be better from here. Unless you migrate to American Horror Story. Don’t do that.

Mechanically, this is a pleasing episode. The stuff at Kappa is ultimately arbitrary, as Scream Queens still can’t decide whether the serial killings are supposed to be taken seriously, or if they’re just a joke that everyone keeps mentioning but does nothing to rectify. But all of the characters get their own little slice of spotlight, even Number 3 (shame about the acting on that one).

The Chanel/Radwell stuff should have been exciting. Chanel’s confrontation with an entire family of people more reprehensible than she is should have been a humbling moment that would lead to personal growth.

But it’s hard to root for someone who happily thinks they are a murderer.


Why I hate this episode:

If Chanel hadn’t closed last episode with that stair push, her arc with the Radwells would have been perfect for her. We got that little snippet of context about her own mother a couple of episodes ago, but it was satisfying to see her ganged up on by the worst of humanity. It’s not enough, though, to redeem that would-be murder.

Also, her outburst is largely motivated by the Radwells’ even more vicious verbal assault on Lea. A girl who, again, Chanel herself proudly thought she had murdered just one episode ago. The sisterhood message doesn’t work with that in the way.

While I am still holding onto my crackpot theory about there being another killer or killers unrelated to Nasim’s team, the show hasn’t made that suggestion. So the accusation scenes against Oliver and Jamie Lee have zero power on the audience, because we know that Red Devil 2 is Nick’s sibling from the bathtub. Oliver and Jamie Lee are too old.

Niecy isn’t in this episode, so nobody accuses Keke of being the killer in the Accusing Parlour. What a waste.

Speaking of a waste, poor Nasim Pedrad. Killed offscreen. Can you imagine the mileage they could have gotten out of her stumble-running away from a killer in her dated fashion and bad hair?

Nasim’s death does not include a chase scene. Or any scene.

Patrick Schwarzenegger’s casting as Chad’s younger brother is yucky. The character’s single note is that he’s a sex fiend. I can’t imagine his dad is happy about that. Rude.

Chad’s older brother is played by the delectable Chad Michael Murray. Who gets abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do. He’s just an older Chad, and has about two lines. Again, what a waste.

We get a glimpse of Number 3’s family, who are also rich and cruel. Is anybody watching this show looking for some humanisation of Number 3? I just want her to die so we don’t have to endure her acting anymore.

Lea’s forgiveness of Chanel is ridiculous. Yay, girl power?

After Chanel tells Chad she’s killed Lea and has her in the meat locker, Chad makes a big deal about how he wants to fuck the dead body. Cunt, you didn’t follow through on that the last time you had the opportunity. Nobody believes you.

There are no opening credits again. That makes it one out of ten episodes, now.

Number 3 reveals that she’s deduced Jamie Lee murdered her ex-husband. The others agree, but nobody does anything about it. I’d feel bad for Feather if she wasn’t such a meaningless, nothing character.

Likewise, none of the Kappa girls feel compelled to call the police after finding out Oliver is the father of the bathtub babies. Not even Pete, who has assembled evidence (including a DNA test, Oliver having knowledge of the secret Kappa tunnels, and footage of Oliver blacking out the surveillance cameras near the meat locker) for the express purpose of proving Oliver is the killer. I mean, Pete is Grace’s love interest, so I kind of get that he’d spare Oliver for her sake. But the Chanels apparently like Grace now? Yay, girl power?

Oliver also openly accuses Grace of being the killer. Fucking really?

Oh, and with the Nasim head reveal at the end, each of the guests at the table gets their own shot for an exaggerated scream. Yeah, that wasn’t cute when you did it in the first two episodes. And it’s not cute now.


But it’s not all bad:

Red Devil 2 must be a true psychopath if they’ve randomly offed both of their accomplices.

I’m going to continue holding out hope that there will be another, unrelated killer or killers involved, too. And I’m also saving a theory seat for a transgender reveal on the other bathtub baby. Just to rile up the PC crowd.

The Radwells are predictably despicable. Mama Radwell is disapproving of Chad’s slut parade; Papa Radwell tries to pay Chanel off to stop seeing his son; Brad’s trophy wife is dumb (but, shockingly, not blonde). In the mercifully small dose we get them, it’s fine.

Their verbal assault on Lea is evil, even by Chanel’s standards. I enjoyed it.

Along with Keke, I thought it was curious that nobody slung an accusation Number 5’s way.

The case against Grace includes the fact that she was visiting the college campus on the same day that the previous Kappa president received her acid spray tan. Cool.

Chad correctly guesses that Lea is alive after he and Chanel fail to find her body in the meat locker. Good for him.

When Pete reveals Nick’s paternity to Oliver, Oliver concedes that he was a huge slut back in his college days. Oliver Hudson was pretty babe-tacular in his youth, so I can buy it.

Oh, and Jamie Lee gets the episode’s best line when addressing her fellow Kappa Thanksgiving crew: “God, I hate you people.” I know, right.

Scream Queens Thanksgiving Jamie Lee Curtis

The free wine?

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