iZombie Season 2 Episode 7 – TV Review

iZombie Abra Cadaver Blaine Liv stakeout

Gentlemen prefer blondes. Which explains why Blaine prefers brunettes.

I’ve often felt at times that iZombie had some Phoenix Wright esque elements simmering under its surface.

Well, this episode finally confirms it.

Except the psychic sidekick is a zombie vision-having lead.

Close enough.

TL;DR The COW involves a magician’s convention and illusion intrigue; Liv and Major already begin to drift apart; Ravi dumps his new girlfriend because he wants Peyton; Peyton wants Blaine; Blaine and Liv derail Babineaux’s Meat Cute investigation.

But they can’t derail his intercourse with FBI Agent. He finally got it in.

So the COW centres on a murdered magician at a magician’s convention. Liv’s assumed personality makes her macabre and death-obsessed (he was a bit goth). Red herrings for the COW include a prickly ex-girlfriend magician, and a prickly former mentor magician. But it turns out to be a Penn and Teller knock-off act who were desperate to silence our victim from exposing their tricks, like he did to the other suspects. And with Liv’s extreme personality swing this episode, coupled with the intimacy issues, Major begins to see the flaws in loving a zombie. Meanwhile, Blaine calls on Liv to help put a stop to whatever Babineaux and Dale, the FBI Agent of his dreams, have been sniffing up. They intercept a lab report that confirms the brains in Suzuki’s freezer as human and doctor it to say otherwise. Babineaux is disappointed, but he and Dale console themselves in each other’s crotches. Meanwhile, Ravi dumps ultra cool girlfriend Steph because he can’t get over Peyton. But Peyton says “No, thank you.” Because she can’t resist the bleach blonde mortician charm of Blaine.

And let’s not forget that drug dealer past. What a catch.

So yeah, iZombie is starting to become a brilliant fusion of Veronica Mars, Castle, Tru Calling, and Phoenix Wright.

I’m going to be so crushed when it inevitably fucks up.

Or, worse, is cancelled.

Come on, CW. You kept 90210 on the air for five seasons. Do us a solid on this one, yeah?


Why I hate this episode:

While the Blaine/Liv team-up is as caustically delicious as you’d hope, the setback for Babineaux’s investigation is another blow to our poor detective. He finally caught a break when Suzuki’s widow handed him some brains, but this latest lab report interception is just another reason to keep Babineaux out of the know. Oh, Liv. If he can be cool enough with your apparent psychic visions that he’ll base entire cases on them, then I think he can handle the “I’m a zombie” talk. Just let him in. You know. Like Dale did.

Ravi is an enormous turd for dumping Steph the way he did. He’s never gonna find a chick as cool as that again. Not even Peyton is that cool. Not even Easy A Aly Michalka is that cool.

The Max Rager plotline gets pushed aside this episode. It’s a necessary evil, as the others need room to breathe. But still, when you bench your evil mega corporation with a zombie apocalypse barely contained in their basement so you can investigate wacky magicians and spend time on Ravi’s love life, it’s going to feel a little lacking.

Oh, and Blaine says what should have been a contender for best line of the episode in any other year, but with Star Wars looming so heavily on the horizon, simply feels forced: “Help me, Zombie Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” Not quite as clunk-tacular as Ray’s Spectre ejaculation on Arrow last week. But close.


But it’s not all bad:

Blaine is such a cool cat. Even when he’s slumming it back on Once Upon a Time. And despite his above line flub, he does manage to slip in the episode’s best line regardless. Liv isn’t happy to see him when he first comes calling for assistance, but Blaine tries to assure her: “I’m an acquired taste. Like gazpacho. Or that free U2 album.” Now that’s a cultural reference that can’t be mistaken for a plug.

Liv and Blaine’s failed stakeout of Dale’s house is a hoot. They’re all ready to go, but Dale and Babineaux stay in for sex instead of going out and allowing Liv and Blaine the chance to sneak in. Rats.

They do eventually go in later, and Liv snatches up the lab report and doctors it to show the brains were not human. Babineaux keeps getting blocked in every direction he turns, but I hope he doesn’t give up. The truth is out there.

The real highlight of the episode, which is nice for a change, is the COW. The magician murder mystery is such zany fun. With suspect names like Houdina (the former lover), Magnus (the former mentor), and Smoke & Meers (the killers), how can you go wrong?

The answer to the murder mystery is that Meers, of Smoke & Meers, dressed as a maid and murdered the victim, then pretended to merely be the person who found him. Cute.

In an odd turn of events, the episode ends as a woman who had earlier seen Liv leaving the doctored lab letter at Dale’s house leaves an envelope at the door addressed to “occupant.” I have no idea what this is about, but my Racially Appropriate Romance Sense is telling me that maybe she’s Babineaux’s ex or something?

Syd Wicked, the poor victim, gives rise to some awkwardly fatalistic monologues from Liv. Major is the least impressed by this change in demeanour, and coupled with the ban on penetrative sex, I think he’s starting to regret pledging to love a zombie.

While that relationship’s flame dims, Peyton keeps her budding ship with Blaine roaring along. She warns him that Mr Boss is out to get him, and he uses her worry as an excuse to give her his digits. Slick.

Also holding a candle for Peyton is Ravi, who fucks off the delightfully peppy Steph on the doomed chance of rekindling that romance. It fails, rejected kiss and all.

Oh, and I look forward to Ravi’s fumbling attempts to get back together with Steph now that Peyton’s swiped left. Does Steph have the self-respect to turn him down?

iZombie Abra Cadaver Steph

I don’t know. She dated Ravi in the first place, so that’s not a good sign.

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