The Originals Season 3 Episode 6 – TV Review

The Originals Beautiful Mistake Lucien Camille knife in face

Unusual technique, though.

You know how Klaus blamed the entirety of his bad life on a random ill deed by Elijah last episode that we had only just found out about?

Yeah, turns out it’s no big deal.

But you know what is a big deal? A random ill deed by Elijah that we’re only just finding out about.

TL;DR Lucien, Tristan, and (kinda) Aurora are all working against the Originals for screwing them over back in the day; Aurora captures Rebekah (who is back to being Claire Holt); Lucien tortures Camille and Jason Dohring to get his hands on a magical item he needs; Hayley and Marcel tread water with an aimless battle with a Strix henchman; Klaus and Elijah agree to kill Lucien and Tristan, but Klaus still has a half-chub for Aurora.

With Camille also in his dating pool, how is that even possible?

The major plot this episode would have to go to Rebekah. Freya communicates with Rebekah (who is still Re-black-ah, by the way), who is in Morocco to meet a witch who might help resurrect Kol. Aya and some Strix goons kill Re-black-ah, forcing Claire Holt to wake back up. She fights off the Strix as best she can, and has help from Freya, but the Moroccan witch is in Aya’s pocket, and Freya’s link is severed and Rebekah captured. Meanwhile, Lucien abducts Camille mid perp-walk while Jason’s arresting her, and takes the pair prisoner in his penthouse. He puts Jason under compulsion and various tortures to force Camille into finding a particular medallion among her stash of magical artifacts. She puts up a fuss, but eventually delivers. Meanwhile, Hayley and Marcel take a Strix elite prisoner in an attempt to work some answers out of him. Elijah intervenes before he kills them both, and he manages to compel him to admit the Strix are actually after Davina, who Aurora later explains they need to enact a plan to imprison the Originals for all eternity. Why would Lucien and Tristan (and Aurora, maybe) want to do that? Because after the flight from the castle in Reign times, Elijah compelled Lucien, Tristan, and Aurora to believe they were Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah. As decoys to divert Mikael. It worked for a century, and the three are mad that they were brainwashed and fled for their lives while the real Originals went on a hundred year-long holiday. And the episode ends as Aurora undermines the Strix and steals Rebekah for herself.

The Originals’ one hope is that Klaus can keep a woman happy enough that she doesn’t turn on him. So, they’re doomed.

This is our first Klaus and Elijah-lite episode of the season, and I have to say I’m impressed. Camille again manages to be stoic in the face of her puny humanity, and Claire Holt’s (brief) return as present day Rebekah is refreshing.

At least Re-black-ah is properly dead and forgotten this time. How about we all agree to take body jumping off the table? At least for a little while?


Why I hate this episode:

Rebekah’s drive to resurrect Kol feels hollower every time she brings it up to justify her actions. Kol was easily the least virtuous of the Original Five. Let it go, baby.

Aurora continues to be a lacklustre presence. Her “I’m a tricksy sex goddess” stuff with Klaus is painful to endure, and I’m not impressed that she could be the key to stopping the plan to imprison the Originals. Klaus and Elijah should just add her to the hit list alongside Lucien and Tristan. Once they’ve recovered Rebekah, of course.

The backstory about how Elijah compelled the Sire Line Three into believing they were the Originals, and that’s why they’re oh so pissed off, is clumsily chucked in. We don’t even get a sniff of a flashback. Elijah just dumps it out with some expositional dialogue. And the Sire Line Three haven’t gotten over this in the hundreds of years since, either? Weak.

The plan to imprison the Originals using an impenetrable barrier or whatever is very near-sighted. The TVD-verse has relentlessly shown us that there is always some kind of way to weasel out of any magic spell. The Heretics over on The Vampire Diaries are literal proof that magic spells aren’t secure. Lucien and Tristan should never have bothered with this plan.

Oh, and Rebekah and Aya’s duel is a Designated Girl Fight if I’ve ever seen one. Come on, The Originals. You used to be (ish) progressive.


But it’s not all bad:

Jason gets to be a Dude in Distress, so The Originals hasn’t entirely dropped the Progressive Ball.

The Lucien/Camille/Jason plot is the episode’s most compelling. Camille keeps up her solid track record of being able to stand against whatever supernatural being has her on the ropes. I know it’s only because the script says so, and any other human character would have been dead three seasons ago, but I will happily admit my bias for Camille. So this episode makes me happy.

When it becomes clear that Jason will die without intervention (Lucien compels him to sever an artery), Camille fakes having found the right artifact, and stuns Lucien with a weapon, instead. She feebly tries to attack him, but is quickly thwarted, and must give up the medallion. Points for effort, though.

During the ordeal, Jason realises that Camille’s brother must have been supernaturally interfered with, and that would explain his bizarre spree killing. Klaus better watch out, because Jason is catching up in Camille’s love interest ranks. That’s what Klaus gets for spending time with basic bitch Aurora.

The highlight of the episode is Freya’s discovery of Klaus and Elijah’s fight from last episode. And instead of still going at it or sulking separately, Klaus and Elijah have already put aside their shit and pledged to murder Lucien and Tristan. They answered my prayers.

Claire Holt makes Rebekah her own again, and puts some serious hurt on Aya and her Strix lackeys. Freya, too, proves useful in battle.

Until they’re boned by the Moroccan witch, of course. And Aya happily gloats that the witch did have a spell that could have resurrected Kol, but Rebekah will never get it now. Meow.

After Elijah compels the truth about the Strix needing Davina, the Elite self-immolates by taking off his daylight ring to avoid any more interrogation. Clever girl.

I am very impressed that Lucien and Tristan’s plan against the Originals is a mere imprisonment, and not some new weapon that would kill them. One of the TVD-verse’s constants has been that a white oak stake is the Originals’ only weakness, and that is (so far) being upheld. Well done.

After obtaining the medallion, Lucien compels Jason away to lead an unhappy and fearful life. What a fabulous bitch.

Oh, and Hayley and Marcel are seconds away from death at the hands of the Strix Elite. I’d miss their perfect faces, but it would have otherwise been a necessary bit of character clean-up. Maybe next time.

The Originals Beautiful Mistake Hayley Marcel almost dying

Marcel seems to like it. Gosh, he’s thirsty.

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9 responses to “The Originals Season 3 Episode 6 – TV Review”

  1. Sire says :

    I hate Aurora. I just find her visually unpleasant, her hair is TERRIBLE and she has a case of Resting Bitch Face, and not the good kind. I just think it was bad casting because nothing about her bland self would make Klaus sulk over her for centuries (in silence, cause we’d never heard about her before)…. It’s just so not believable. Really Lucien is the only good new character, he’s so fabulously evil and interesting and really pretty to look at.

    PS: That suicidal vampire was fine, too

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Compared to Klaus’ other love interests, Aurora is a bloody joke. Look at Caroline, Hayley, Camille, and Katherine. Aurora has nothing on them in either personality, or looks. I would have found it more plausible if Klaus had been in love with Lucien. He’s a dish.

  2. starksdeductions says :

    I don’t get it. Why didn’t Rebekah just stake everyone when Freya knocked them down?

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Because the Originals vampires never just kill everyone when it would help them. Do you know how much easier Klaus’ plans would have gone in Mystic Falls if he simply massacred everyone around Elena? Maybe they’re not so evil after all?

      • starksdeductions says :

        Oh yeah, definitely. I always thought it was just the writers, because if that was real life, they would have killed everyone from the get go. Klaus violently killed 12 of his own kind just because they wanted to break free from his control. Older vamps than Stefan and Damon have done less and got killed, but I thought one of the reasons they moved them to their own show would be so that they can be more free to do stuff like that.

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