Arrow Season 4 Episode 6 – TV Review

Arrow Lost Souls Sara Laurel Canary

Two Canaries are better than one. Because neither of them is much of a character by themselves.

Yeah yeah, it’s time to rescue Ray.

Let’s get to it.

TL;DR The Super Friends (plus Afrojack) unite to liberate Ray from Damien’s clutches; Felicity’s mum, Donna, returns to town to hammer home that this is a Felicity episode; Felicity acts generally dickish (because of love); flashback Oliver is ordered on an excavation mission by Black Boss, but faces opposition from a pissed off Supervisor.

Why doesn’t Supervisor just kill him? This is Lian fucking Yu, home of magic booby trap caves and heroin farms. And land mines. Nobody will question it, dude.

So with Ray confirmed to be alive, it’s time for our heroes to rescue the guy. Ray video calls and confirms that he and the ATOM suit are trapped in miniaturised form, so Felicity tasks Afrojack with building a re-biggening machine that Ray had sketched out. She also becomes explosively wracked with anxiety and guilt and fear, which leads to tension with Oliver. That tension is worsened when Oliver calls in Donna for emotional support, and Felicity sees it as a reason to crank up the cunt factor. It turns out Damien is holding Ray, and with the re-biggening machine assembled, Quentin creates a diversion for Damien and the Super Friends, with Afrojack at the re-biggening controls, get Ray out of his glass box. Felicity eventually admits her bad attitude is motivated by guilt: she blames herself for going and living in suburban bliss with Oliver, which means she missed the distress call from Ray all these months. She also worries that she’s losing herself by being in love, but Donna and Oliver manage to reassure her that loving Oliver isn’t her losing herself: it’s her and Oliver finding each other in, well, each other. Meanwhile, Sara gets kill-happy on a Ghost thanks to her Lazarus madness; Thea gets her flirt on with Alex, Oliver’s campaign strategist; and Damien develops some big computer chip set from what he learned from Ray’s technology. And in Lian Yu flashback, Oliver shows Black Boss the magic cave from last episode. A clue within makes Black Boss think there’s a magical treasure buried somewhere, so he sends Oliver out with some slaves to dig it up, with Supervisor as his subordinate. Supervisor then immediately encourages a slave to attack Oliver, which means Oliver kills the slave, and now Supervisor can go tattle to Black Boss. Opinionated Slave Girl is still around, also.

I wish OSG would GTFO.

We’re six episodes in, and I’m getting anxious to offload our dead weight characters onto Legends of Tomorrow, already. Arrow is stuck in limbo while servicing the setup to yet another spin-off. At least Barry had the decency to only take up two episodes when The Flash was first on the cards.

This is definitely more on the PLL/Ravenswood level of plot derailment.

And Ravenswood was shiiiiiitttt.


Why I hate this episode:

I don’t know how a show headed up by the worst characters on Arrow and the campiest villains on The Flash is going to make it. But I’ll be there to watch it try.

Sara’s subplot hits the exact same beats as Thea’s did only a handful of episodes ago. Yes, we’ve already seen this. Knock it up a notch, or knock it off.

Felicity is the least valuable player this episode, as she descends into abrasive douchebaggery at warp speed. She is awful to Oliver and her mum. That could have been salvaged with a good reason, and Arrow was pretty close with her guilt over enjoying her life while Ray sent out a distress call she wasn’t around to hear. But then it’s all pooped on when she plays the “I’m losing myself in love” game. That’s way too much soap for Arrow to handle, bitch. Dial it back, for God’s sake.

And the little “Oliver and Felicity find themselves in each other” resolution is just as gag-worthy. Yuck.

The flashbacks get more screentime this episode, which is a worrying sign. The fact that Black Boss is looking for magic isn’t promising, either. The Arrow-verse already has metahumans and nanobots and gold guns. And a shark-man. Even the Marvel movies have struggled making magic plausible. I don’t have faith that the CW can pull it off.

Supervisor’s plan is unnecessarily roundabout. Just kill Oliver, say one of the slaves did it, then execute the patsy slave so they can’t refute it. Case closed.

Quentin and Donna run into each other at a bar at the end of the episode. Quentin is not drinking alcohol, but what kind of unstable, barely recovering alcoholic just casually chills at a bar to relax? Jesus.

Oh, and Ray excitedly compares HIVE to Spectre when Oliver tells him about it. Ugh, so on the nose.


But it’s not all bad:

Ray’s back. Which means he’s closer to getting shipped off to the spin-off.

Sara, too, proclaims that she wants to leave town for a fresh start. On your bike, then.

Oliver deserves some serious boyfriend points this episode. He endures all of Felicity’s bullshit, and calling in Donna ends up being a great idea, as she’s the one who counsels Felicity not to give up on her relationship with Oliver. I mean, I’m still holding onto Laurel’s chances with Oliver for dear life, but if Oliver and Felicity are going to be broken up, I want him to be the one to do it. I don’t want Laurel to be no desperate rebound for a broken man.

And the lack of viable love interests for Laurel (RIP boxing coach guy) gives me hope that Oliver may look back her way yet.

Speaking of love interests, Thea finds a new one in campaign strategist, Alex. He’s given a conspicuous amount of screentime, so I’m betting he’s a villain in hiding.

Damien is disappointed that he lost Ray before he could get his hands on a re-biggened ATOM suit, but his researchers have developed some kind of computer chip set from what little they were able to glean from the technology. I’m intrigued.

Felicity refers to Diggle by the codename of “Spartan” while Afrojack is on the mission. I like it. I hope it sticks.

Laurel, Thea, and Sara team up to deal with a goon horde during the liberation of Ray. Girl power!

The explanation for Ray’s shrinking, despite being outside the ATOM suit, is that the nanobots Felicity injected him with activated from the same command the suit was given. And Ray only ended up in Damien’s clutches by accident: Damien picked up the distress call and captured him. I lol’d.

Best line of the episode goes to Donna, who whispers some words of wisdom to Felicity after Felicity snaps at Oliver at dinner: “The best part about arguing is the make-up sex.” Ever the optimist.

Oh, and in a hilarious Pair the Spares moment, Donna hits on Quentin when she finds him at the bar. They’re both hot, so why not?

Arrow Lost Souls Quentin Donna

That garbage, Mary Sue role has ruined Alex Kingston for me. The Mama Lance American accent didn’t help, either.

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  1. Alexander says :

    I never saw the ending coming, but why not? Lance needs some happiness and seems gentlemanly enough to carry on a relationship. As long as he learns from past mistakes that is. Let alone the fact that Donna is much hotter and fun to be around than his ex wife.

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