iZombie Season 2 Episode 6 – TV Review

iZombie Max Wager Ravi Peyton

Crazy like an ex-girlfriend.

Yes, iZombie answers the age-old question: can zombies fall in love… and have protected sex with non-zombies?

The answer, of course, because this is Liv and Major on iZombie, is no.

TL;DR The COW involves the murder of the perp from last episode; Liv and Major push ahead with their doomed romance; Peyton runs afoul of Mr Boss; FBI Agent helps Babineaux with the Meat Cute investigation; Blaine gets fucked over by his dad; Major isn’t killing his zombie assassination targets after all.

What a pussy.

So the COW kicks off with last episode’s perp, fresh from a sweet plea deal, getting quickly gunned down in a drive-by. Liv eats his brains and picks up his penchant for compulsive gambling. Red herrings include the fixer he employed last episode, his surprisingly cordial bookie, and his widow. The real culprit turns out to be a college buddy and former professional basketball player who had thrown games in college for gambling purposes, which Dead Perp knew about and had been leveraging for cash to pay off the bookie. American college life sounds awesome. Meanwhile, Liv and Major continue to get cozy, but Ravi throws some cold water on them when he discovers that the zombie virus cannot be held at bay with condoms. Meanwhile, Peyton is confronted by Mr Boss himself, who warns her not to pursue him. Meanwhile, Babineaux finds flirtation and case assistance in FBI Agent, who offers to get the brains from Suzuki’s freezer tested so Babineaux won’t get blocked by his captain. And Robert Knepper returns to reveal he’s learned Blaine isn’t a zombie anymore, and that he’s usurped his brains business. He tasks Blaine with fetching (and, obviously in the process, murdering the guy) the brains of a business rival’s son. Blaine grudgingly accepts the task, but not before stopping in on his beloved grandfather, smothering the poor man, and carving his brain out.

Love is not a warm scalpel, Blaine. Gosh.

This is yet another quality episode from the iZombie team. What could have been a throwaway case-of-the-week from last episode effortlessly extends into the case-of-the-week again, and manages to draw in elements of the important plot arcs along the way.

I keep waiting for iZombie to completely drop the ball. And I’m still waiting.


Why I hate this episode:

I suppose the only thing you could seriously flaw this episode for is Liv’s pulling from focus. Blaine, Peyton, and Babineaux have much more important things to do this episode, while Liv becomes the world’s least tragic gambling addict. Her love life with Major is cute, but it’s nothing very new or vital. Although, Liv taking a step back gives the excellent supporting cast more time to shine, which is hardly a negative, anyway.

If the zombie virus can skirt its way around a condom with 100% certainty, wouldn’t kissing also be dangerous as fuck? Like Liv said recently, if Major happens to have even a tiny cut in his mouth, he could get it. You can get STDs from blow jobs, you know.

Nobody seems to have brought up whether Major even can catch the virus again after being cured. Unless Ravi tested that at some point and I wasn’t paying attention. Similarly, Robert threatens Blaine with re-zombification if he steps out of line. Are we sure that would even happen?

Did the Barber know that Mr Boss, crime lord of Seattle, was in his chair the whole time? I thought that the guy in the chair was just one of the Barber’s henchmen, considering how chatty he was when they were talking about crime. So that was kind of misleading, too.

Oh, and the reveal that Blaine is faking his assassinations and storing the zombies in a freezer is such a cop out. And it totally invalidates all of Major’s angst. Which makes his angst-ridden bullshit from the past couple of episodes a huge wank.


But it’s not all bad:

Wanking is something Major will have to get used to if he continues seeing Liv. While season 1 was built on their inability to be together because Liv couldn’t tell him she was a zombie, now they can’t even be together despite him knowing. Oh, the soap opera of it all. I love it.

And their not-quite-a-sex scene gives us an excuse to see Major shirtless. iZombie knows how to play to its strengths.

Now that Peyton actually exists outside of Liv’s apartment, she’s shaping up to be one of those strengths. Her encounter with the pint-sized, seemingly vanilla Mr Boss is layered with the requisite tension, but an impressive amount of bravado from Peyton. She doesn’t back down, despite his claims that he’s put other nosy DAs out long before she ever came sniffing around. He bought most of them off, but he implies he killed another. I also appreciate how Mr Boss points out that Peyton is very young to be heading up a case so important, and he connotes that her bosses likely don’t expect her to actually make any progress. Peyton is the right combination of determined, petulant, and scared.

Mr Boss also deduces from Peyton’s evidence board that her sole informant would have been in his employ about two years ago, and given his apparent competence, it shouldn’t be too hard for him to figure out it’s Blaine. Blaine’s got evil white guys coming for him all over the place.

The most compelling subplot this episode is Blaine’s defeat from Bad Dad Robert Knepper. Robert discovered that Blaine was no longer a zombie by torturing his makeup girl, and he’s also acquired all the account information for the brains business, so takes over from his son. He really rubs Blaine’s nose in it by ordering him on a brains run: he must go out to kill and de-brain the son of a business rival. Both so Robert can get insider secrets from the brain visions, but also because he wants to emotionally devastate his rival. That’s fucked up.

What’s more fucked up is Blaine’s subsequent jaunt to his grandfather’s hospice, wherein he smothers his gramps to death, and later extracts his brain. If I had to guess at what Blaine plans to do with it, I’d say he’s going to give it to Robert to torture him or something. But to what end? And we know Blaine didn’t kill his grandpa for fun. Not only because of how we know Blaine loved him, but also the tears that stream from him during the smothering and the brain extraction. Who knew we’d feel such sympathy for Blaine?

Liv also gets a quick scene with Blaine. She and Babineaux are at the funeral home to interview Dead Perp’s widow, who is there for the funeral service. Liv sneaks downstairs and orders Blaine to stay out of sight of Babineaux, who might recognise Blaine as the mystery man from the Meat Cute sketches. It’s good to see Babineaux isn’t the only one who isn’t letting Meat Cute be forgotten.

Speaking of Babineaux, he gets a boost to his Meat Cute case when FBI Agent offers to have the brains from Suzuki’s freezer tested to see if they’re human. She also jokingly (maybe) refers to a meeting with Babineaux as a date. You get him, girl.

Ravi spends his whole episode testing condoms for zombie virus integrity, and it doesn’t come off as ridiculous. Well done.

Liv puts her compulsive gambling to good use and makes some money off the Barber.

The Fixer doesn’t come out of the investigation unscathed, as it turns out he’s got a stash of cocaine hidden in his turtle tank. Adorable.

Robert remarks that he’s not interested in being cured of zombification. What a complete monster. But a cool monster.

Major’s latest target at the end of the episode is Robert.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, Blaine’s grandfather was in hospice care, and he could barely move or communicate. Which means killing him was super dooper easy.

iZombie Max Wager Blaine smothers grandfather

Blaine as the emotional core of iZombie? I can dig it.

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3 responses to “iZombie Season 2 Episode 6 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I think Blaine got the idea of killing his grandfather when Liv mentioned that the visions were horrible. She said she felt the fear of death coming every time she had one (or something like that) and Blaine probably wants his Bad Dad to have the awful memories of the grandfather, and feel like he is living them.

    Sounds like a good plan, if it wasn’t for daddy being in a freezer now…

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