Blood & Oil Season 1 Episode 7 – TV Review

Blood & Oil Fight or Flight Petyon Chace charity gala dress

But damn, it looks pretty.

Psycho Partner is still alive.

Amber’s back on the bench.

Cody gets significant screentime.

It’s like Blood & Oil is purposely not delivering.

TL;DR Chace and Peyton manage to rope Annie Briggs into their latest scheme against Don; Wick finds out about Don and Coyote Ugly; the African couple leave town to stop pretending their subplot matters; Psycho Partner fucking survives three days of exposure with a tree through his gut; someone at Briggs Oil has tipped off the FBI about stolen geological surveys.

Because Blood & Oil is the type of show that prioritises geological survey intrigue.

I suppose the major plotline this episode is Peyton and Chace’s pursuit of Annie Briggs, Don’s ex-wife (and mother of Wick?), to join their kind-of-psychotic-at-this-point revenge scheme against Don. She is initially interested, but then backs out, but then backs back in. Whatever. Meanwhile, Psycho Partner somehow survives his impalement, and Cody starts to worry whether Chace maybe made good on those vows of revenge (Chace vows revenge a lot. He would have been great over on, well, Revenge). Meanwhile, Amber finds out Coyote Ugly has continued her relationship with Don, so she sends Wick on a fake business errand so he’ll encounter them. He does, and he subsequently accepts an offer from the circling FBI agents to rat on Don. Meanwhile, Lacey and AJ bicker while they work together on discovering who tipped the FBI off. And Cody discovers African Husband selling drugs. He tells her about his gambling problems, and she convinces him to take his wife and return to the greener pastures of Nigeria.

Blood & Oil is a true chronicle of American success. As long as you’re white.

Are there seriously another three episodes of this rubbish to struggle through? Can’t we just call it a day now, ABC?

I’m giving up on Amber ever getting her chance to shine.


Why I hate this episode:

The episode gives us a taste, much like last week, of how devilish she can be when used properly. Her scheme to have Wick discover Don and Coyote Ugly’s affair is classic primetime soap, but then she does nothing else all episode. To add insult, Wick even lies and pretends to her that he didn’t see anything on his business errand. It’s been seven fucking episodes, Blood & Oil. Unleash the bloody bitch, already.

Instead, Cody gets time in the spotlight. And all she does is provide bridges for other characters’ plots to reach destinations. God, she’s bland.

The African couple, whose subplot was barely more than a blip on anyone’s radar, are unceremoniously cut out of the show. What about Finn?

Annie is indecisive because she’s still in love with Don. Really, dude?

Peyton is also gone now, as she’s returned back to her normal life. The closest we get to an actual flirtation situation is when she kisses Chace on the cheek goodbye. Is this the most suds-less soap opera ever?

How the holy Hell did Psycho Partner survive three days in the woods with a log through his torso? It was bad enough when he was found alive, but then his condition in the hospital looks bad. Wick even assures Chace that his nurse friend said he won’t ever wake up. But guess who wakes up at the end of the episode? This character should have died ages ago. For fuck’s sake.

Annie Briggs is a twiggy redhead. I don’t mind the hair colour, but I expected someone with a stronger presence to be Don’s mythical ex-wife. Amber will stomp that stick insect like it’s nothing.

Coyote Ugly is all tears and “he loves me” when Wick confronts her about the affair with Don. Coyote Ugly started out as a tough businesswoman, and now she’s nothing more than a lovesick, deluded mistress. What a waste.

Oh, and Lacey teases AJ for being blackmailed by the Saudis. AJ, as he, unlike Lacey, is a functioning human being, is justifiably outraged that she would be so flippant about his son being held hostage with threat of death. Seriously, Lacey: what the actual fuck?


But it’s not all bad:

Lacey is a confirmed cunt, now. Just like Talia over on PLL. We all knew it was gonna happen.

Amber’s sliver of a subplot is the best thing about this episode. She spies on Don’s phone calls with ease, and her plan to have Wick walk in on him with Coyote Ugly works flawlessly. The only hitch is Wick’s concealment of his discovery when Amber feels him out on it later. But I reckon she’ll get herself back in the loop soon enough.

Wick’s smackdown of Coyote Ugly for fucking his dad is a rush of pure satisfaction. Not only because Coyote Ugly is the cheap, indistinct notch in Don’s belt that we know she is, but because Coyote Ugly as a character has been such a disappointment. With three episodes to go, can she build herself back up? Do we even really want her to?

Wick’s defection to the FBI could create some much-needed conflict.

Peyton and Chace look slick in their charity gala attire.

I will not miss the African couple.

Oh, and the biggest surprise of the episode is Delroy’s implication that he thinks Cody could be responsible for what happened to Psycho Partner. He finds it curious that so soon after her attack her attacker would end up on his near-deathbed. Nail the bitch. She did it. I saw her.

Blood & Oil Fight or Flight Cody evil

Well, given Psycho Partner’s supernatural ability to survive, I suppose that’s actually attempted murder.

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