Blood & Oil Season 1 Episode 6 – TV Review

Gosh, I’m glad the announcement of Blood & Oil’s season order reduction (and presumable cancellation) came out last week, or else I would be ditching this wasted opportunity of a show.

But, after this episode, there are only four left.

Amber takes a first tentative step off the bench this week. Let’s keep that momentum going.

TL;DR Amber tells Coyote Ugly to stay away from her man; she doesn’t; Wick and Chace both kind of try to murder Psycho Partner, but he dies by accident; Cody’s baby is indeed dead; AJ works with Lacey and Don to fool his employers/blackmailers; Clifton and Peyton set in motion another revenge scheme against Don.

And, for the first time in Blood & Oil history, Chace doesn’t attempt a crazy business scheme this episode. Praise Paris, we did it.

So we’re picking up right after Cody’s gut-stomping from last episode, and all of our characters converge (the episode is titled “Convergence.” Get it?) on the hospital out of worry for her. She initially comes out of surgery with herself and the baby in tact, but later loses her bun from the oven. Chace flies into a vengeful rage, while Wick concocts a plan to kill Psycho Partner (who is still hassling Wick for money to get out of town. Get a new line, dude) out of guilt, but also because it would, like, totally solve his problems. Chace happens upon Wick just as he’s about to pull the trigger, but luckily for them both, Psycho Partner runs clumsily through the woods to escape them, and ends up impaling himself on a log. Chace and Cody make an I Know What You Did Last Summer pledge, and that’s that. Meanwhile, Amber deduces that Coyote Ugly is the one porking her husband, and tells the little scrag to lock up her labia. Coyote Ugly complies up until she finds evidence that Wick, the man she chose, is an oil thief, and so then heroically reopens her legs to Don. Meanwhile, AJ works together with Don, but mainly Lacey, to fool his employer into believing McCutching is merely a natural gas deposit, and not an oil field. It works, but Lacey puts a pin in any further romance. For this episode, at least. And Clifton, at Peyton’s impetuous urging, sets the wheels in motion for yet another attempt at revenge against Don. Which involves Don’s ex-wife.

Oh, shiiiittttttt.

For being the first episode where Chace doesn’t insanely throw all his family and fortune into a money fire, I must commend this week’s Blood & Oil.

And, if only for a moment, Amber Valletta gets into some soap operatic action. So that’s encouraging.

But at six episodes in, and only four episodes to go, “encouraging” isn’t good enough.


Why I hate this episode:

I still can’t believe that it took six fucking episodes to get Psycho Partner to finally shut up. He should have been out of here by episode 3 at the latest. How hard is it to just fucking drive out of town? “I need money, I need money.” You know what you also need? To not get caught for oil theft and murder by Delroy. Fuck. Well, now he doesn’t need anything. Except a good mortician to cover up that branch hole.

While I am in no way mourning Psycho Partner’s death, it’s pretty cheap to have two of our main characters ready to kill the guy, and then bump him off with an accident, instead. Blood & Oil: not here to make the hard decisions.

Amber’s time off the bench is too brief. All she does is tell Coyote Ugly to stay off her husband’s dick. She better have some hell in store for when she finds out her threat wasn’t taken seriously.

Coyote Ugly’s response to finding evidence that Wick stole the oil, and therefore almost got his dad and Chace killed, is to booty call Don? Delroy probably should have been the first person to dial, honey.

Lacey is flaky. Either get with AJ or don’t. Nobody cares about our third (or fourth? Or fifth?) string couple.

Why is Peyton so convinced that Chace is some messiah of the oil industry? All she’s seen him do is fail an auction. And she knows he blew his good fortune of becoming a literal millionaire. But no, baby. Go ahead and goad your grandfather into starting a war with an oil baron. It’ll be fine. I’m sure it won’t stress his heart.

Oh, and AJ’s contact from his employer is cartoonishly evil. She even threatens to kill AJ’s son if he doesn’t continue his spy games. I find it hard to believe.


But it’s not all bad:

Well, AJ hasn’t tried to murder anyone yet. So he’s continuing in his role of being a better father (or, in Chace’s case now, failed potential father) than Don and Chace. He’s also a total DILF. Right, Lacey?

He has an estranged wife, too. But in soap opera terms, that just makes him even more of a package. Right, Lacey?

Wick is saved from going through with the murder of Psycho Partner, but I respect that he determined it would be his best option, and very nearly completed the plan.

I love how blasé he and Chace are about just keeping the death a secret, too. Chace, as he’s our protagonist, makes an obligatory move to call 911 when the impalement happens, but is stopped by Wick. And he doesn’t put up much of a fight. Let that be the end of it. Please?

Amber’s confrontation with Coyote Ugly gives me those Revenge Season 3 Lydia chills. And I’m kind of glad Coyote Ugly reneged on the agreement. Because now Amber has a reason to fucking obliterate her. Unless she’s too tied up with a certain ex-wife problem.

Yes, the best development comes in the very closing scene as Clifton calls one of the fellow enemies of Don he and Peyton spoke about earlier. And that enemy is Don’s ex-wife. Shit just got soaptacular.

Oh, and with the baby dead now, do you think there’s any chance Cody will develop a personality beyond just “I’m looking out for the baby?”

Blood & Oil Convergence Chace Cody baby

Let the power of slippery characterisation compel you.

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