Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 – TV Review

Arrow Beyond Redemption dirty cops

Our girl’s moving ever so slightly up in the world.

I didn’t think I’d want a Quentin episode.

But behind all that pointless obstruction and repetitive jibing at Oliver, there is a broken, grieving father.

This is exactly what Arrow needed.

TL;DR Quentin lets loose some powerful emotions as both a put-upon police captain, and a father shocked by his zombie daughter; Oliver’s mayoral campaign begins; Sara still hasn’t regained her personality; flashbacks show Oliver trying and failing to fool a fellow guard.

Who knew not-heroin farmers were so paranoid?

So the action in Star City this week follows the movements of a renegade squadron of police special forces who are robbing local gangs of their drugs, and then selling them back to the gangs to earn a profit. That blind chick from Hannibal is their leader. Once the Super Friends realise the crooks are dirty cops, they bring Quentin into the investigation, and our heroes eventually take down the thieves when Quentin appeals to the goodness still within Hannibal Chick. Meanwhile, Laurel shows Quentin the newly-resurrected, and still rabid, Sara. Quentin goes to Damien for advice, and he suggests putting Sara down. Quentin tries, but can’t do it, and Sara ends up escaping. Oops, Laurel. Meanwhile, Oliver finds out that Quentin is in league with Damien and chews him out for it, but then realises Quentin could be their inside man. Oliver also, with help from Thea, gets his mayoral campaign up and running. Meanwhile, Felicity shows off a new Super Friends base under Oliver’s campaign office (formerly Brother Blood’s villainous lair), and inches closer to the truth about her weird phone activity. And in the Lian Yu flashbacks, we see Oliver successfully convincing his guard supervisor that he executed Opinionated Slave Girl. But then the dude finds Oliver’s ARGUS communication equipment.

Will Oliver survive!?

With only one episode left before I make my decision whether or not to dump Arrow per my ultimatum, I’m still on the fence.

On the one hand, because generally not a lot happens episode-to-episode on Arrow, it’s not too strenuous to keep up with the Star City gang.

On the other hand, because generally not a lot happens episode-to-episode on Arrow, it’s not particularly riveting to keep up with the Star City gang.

I don’t know. I think a post-finale marathon would be more fun, right?

Episode 5 better impress.


Why I hate this episode:

Laurel, sadly, is the least valuable player this episode. She keeps Sara chained up in the basement of her apartment building like it ain’t no thang. Did she really expect a couple of little padlocks would keep a magic Lazarus madness zombie contained? The reveal of her escape at the end of the episode wasn’t shocking at all.

Also, showing your dad his dead daughter chained up and rabid was probably not a good idea. Poor Quentin. No wonder he wanted to put Sara down. Laurel should have waited until Sara regained her memories. She’s already withholding the truth from Oliver for that reason. Why did she rush to show her dad, the person who would be hurt most if Sara looked like an inhuman monster?

Felicity is still bizarrely unconcerned with her phone talking to her. She thinks Afrojack is playing a prank on her, and when he denies it, she’s just kind of like “Lol, oh well.” Bitch, you’re the head of a super company. You need to have working phone. Get a new fucking phone.

The new Super Friends base is also having frequent glitches. Get your tech shit together, Felicity. Gosh.

Oh, and Ray’s password for the Palmer Technologies servers is “password.” I mean, I got a laugh out of that, but holy Jesus. That security is appalling.


But it’s not all bad:

We do see Felicity listening to the voice recording from Ray’s suit at the time of the explosion. Maybe she’ll hear whatever it is that must have happened to allow him to live. I’m still banking on him shrinking. But I’m not so sure he’s living inside her phone anymore. And how does he eat when he’s that tiny?

Laurel was an idiot to show a rabid Sara to Quentin, but this subplot does lead to the episode’s best scene, where Quentin struggles to pull the trigger on his lost little girl. He eventually capitulates and breaks down. So broken. So hot.

Oliver also gets in a strong “this is my serious acting scene” scene when he lambasts Quentin for working with Damien (the Super Friends find out about their partnership incidentally while hunting for the renegade cops). It’s refreshing to see Oliver give Quentin a serve for once. It’s been one-sided in the other direction for far too long.

Part of the Super Friends’ ploy to catch the renegade cops is to have Thea unsubtly purchase a large quantity of cocaine and use her as bait. Thea comments to Diggle that buying drugs at a nightclub reminds her of high school. Oh, you.

The flashbacks are still keeping themselves tucked off to the side. I appreciate it.

Sara isn’t totally animalistic, as she shows some ability to talk. She still lacks her memories, though.

I’m not sure if Sara escaped on her own, or if she was released. We see an unlocked padlock, and something tells me that Sara probably isn’t in the right mindset to be a master of lockpicking right now. But who? Damien?

Damien tells Quentin that he’s a father. What is it with League of Assassins leaders and having kids? I hope Damien’s daughter is as cool as Nyssa.

The new base, glitches aside, is super fab. No more leaky nightclub basement for our heroes. And Cisco apparently helped design it.

Oh, and Oliver makes sure to christen it in true Arrow fashion.

Arrow Beyond Redemption Oliver pull up bar

Back me up here, Felicity.

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