The Originals Season 3 Episode 4 – TV Review

The Originals A Walk On The Wild Side Elijah Hayley party

Not even standing next to Elijah could achieve that.

There is no Camille this episode.

Thankfully, Hayley wears a showstopping red dress and perfect hair. So not all is lost.

TL;DR A party at Tristan’s vampire organisation soaks up a lot of screentime; the gang helps Marcel infiltrate its ranks; that clairvoyant witch portends more doom for Klaus; Hayley and Elijah’s UST is through several roofs; Aurora is finally in town.

And she likes a killer party.

Most of the episode focuses on a classy Halloween party at Strix (at least it has fewer syllables than Volturi, right?) HQ. Marcel has been invited to take part in an initiation ritual, wherein he has to deduce which party guest has stolen his daylight ring, and then kill them in combat, before the sun rises. Meanwhile, Elijah and Hayley also attend the party to get a feel for what Tristan is up to. They are later briefly joined by Klaus, Lucien, and Freya, who have been searching for Lucien’s missing clairvoyant witch, Alexis. Our heroes manage to help Marcel figure out the party mystery, and he uses a wolf bite from Hayley to infect his own blood in order to take down the cannibalistic vampire he fights. Despite winning the game, Marcel notes his digust at the barbaric nature of the organisation, but Tristan is as slippery as ever and claims that showing restraint and logic was the real test, and Marcel lukewarmly accepts his membership in the Strix. But Marcel is also only doing it to spy on Tristan and such. Meanwhile, Alexis tries to switch allegiance to Tristan after foreseeing a horrible death for Klaus. Freya drags her back to the compound and Alexis agrees to share the vision with the Originals, but suddenly dies, having been poisoned by an in-the-wind Aurora.

And Jackson answers all our prayers and does not appear this episode.

I appreciate how compact this episode of The Originals is. With all the Reign-esque flashbacks and sprawling backlog of characters from the past, it was a nice reprieve to have an episode that was so focused.

And I suppose I can suffer Camille’s excision if it means that Jackson also gets the flick.

How about we bring back Camille, but don’t bring back Jackson? Think about it, CW.


Why I hate this episode:

I still don’t buy why Tristan and the Strix are so keen on having Marcel as a member. He’s consistently been shut down by Klaus and the witches for the entire run of The Originals. If anything, you’d think they’d go and recruit Davina. I know it’s a vampire organisation, but if Alexis can slither her way in, then surely they could find some use for Davina?

Marcel and Aya, the black chick from last episode, are striking up a race-appropriate romantic relationship. It’s pretty disappointing. And regressive.

Elijah bemoans that the Strix, originally his creation, corrupted and evolved into a gaggle of elitist psychopaths. Then why didn’t you do anything to stop it?

Elijah also explains that he and Tristan “made each other.” Yeah, Tristan was so important in making you the man you are that you’ve never mentioned him before this season. Right.

Lucien has one of those nebulous super companies. Even the show strains to find any enthusiasm in talking about it.

Oh, and Hayley shows a lot of concern for Marcel this episode, but I can’t for the life of me recall them ever having much of a meaningful friendship.


But it’s not all bad:

Marcel’s victory in the Strix initiation game is pretty fantastic. I don’t know if Klaus and Lucien’s arrival was in any way planned, but he and Hayley use the ruckus they cause to secretly have Hayley bite him. Once the battle between Marcel and his opponent is underway, Marcel lets the opponent feed on him, which infects him with wolf venom, too. Smart move, baby.

Marcel then has his soap box moment, at which point Tristan says it’s all good, anyway, because the opponent was plotting against the Strix or something. And Tristan kills him. Welcome to an awesome club, Marcel.

Marcel assures Klaus that he’s only doing it to find out what Tristan is planning and keep Klaus safe. Because if Klaus were to die, Marcel would, too. Klaus believes him enough to heal his werewolf bite.

Hayley and Elijah end up stealing the show, as is utterly expected (but no less satisfying) by now. With Jackson benched this episode, Hayley elects to accompany Elijah to the Strix party. She puts on a luxurious red dress, and the UST betwen her and Elijah is back to its exquisite glory. God, they’re perfect for each other.

Klaus gets some bro time with a hard partying Lucien. Lucien at least seems to be less menacing and ominous than Tristan, you know? Their fake drunkenness at the Strix party is fun to watch. They even bring Halloween skanks.

Freya cleverly disguises herself as a Halloween skank to sneak through the party and find Alexis. Alexis, seer of the future that she is, anticipates Freya’s spell attacks. But she doesn’t anticipate Freya just punching her smug face in.

Alexis shows Freya a quick vision of Freya being buried alive. Cool.

Alexis doesn’t get to show Klaus his vision of impending death, though. Thanks, Aurora.

Best line of the episode goes to Klaus near the start, when Hayley and Elijah march in on him in his office (Freya is also already there): “Oh, good. It’s my not-so-loving elder brother and my former one night stand. What a nice, normal family gathering.” Klaus makes sarcasm seem witty.

Oh, and I’m considering restarting the engines on the Hayley Hotness Parade. When you can outshine Elijah, you’ve earned it.

The Originals A Walk On The Wild Side Hayley red dress

You’re gonna have to cut Josh from the team, boys. He’s bringing down your average.

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