iZombie Season 2 Episode 4 – TV Review

iZombie Even Cowgirls Get The Black & Blues Peyton wine

Petyon’s comin’ back strong.

Peyton’s back. Blaine’s back. Major and Liv are back (together).

iZombie’s back, baby.

And it never even left.


TL;DR The COW gives Liv the strength she needs to release Major for good; so he naturally comes sobbing back into her arms; Blaine does indeed want to make more zombie-creating Utopium; Blaine and Peyton both want to take down Mr Boss; Babineaux finally gets his own subplot and love interest.

And she’s a hot blonde. But not Zombie Blonde.

So the COW is about a cowgirl getting murdered in her home. The list of red herrings include her lecherous boss, her lecherous boss’ pregnant wife, and an ex-con ex-boyfriend. But it turns out a perp in an unrelated armed robbery case killed her simply because he wanted to hide out in her house, and she happened to be home. Liv does take a cue from Cowgirl’s country singer personality, though, and finds the strength to tell Major that it’s over between them for good. So Major then tumbles further down the Utopium spiral, and ends up in tears at her door. Meanwhile, Babineaux begins working with an FBI agent on the recent disappearances of wealthy Seattle-ites, including that astronaut from last season, and a couple of Major’s recent assassination targets. Meanwhile, Peyton scours Seattle’s drug criminals for an informant to take down Mr Boss, and Blaine is more than happy to oblige (and flirt). And Blaine himself is perplexed by the disappearances of some of his wealthier clients (Major’s targets). But he does manage to track down that Utopium cutter he’s been looking for. The dude isn’t forthcoming, so Blaine zombifies him and turfs him out to starve some sense into him.

Classic Blaine. Always one wrongly-predicted variable away from inciting the zombie apocalypse. He lives on the edge.

I’m so glad to see Peyton back, and even gladder to see her becoming properly entrenched in valuable plotlines. I can’t recall her ever being integral to the first season, beyond her role as Liv’s best friend.

It’s good to see her doing some actual ADA work. Casting Aly Michalka as a hotshot lawyer was always a bit tough to swallow, but she’s put on her Serious Law Person pants and gotten to work.

Also, she’s flirting with Blaine, which is disgustingly arousing.


Why I hate this episode:

So Blaine is apparently indeed interested in obtaining tainted Utopium to continue creating zombies. Which again begs the question: just get your zombie minions to make the zombies, instead. We see just this episode that Blaine has that play in his repertoire, as he has his big, mute goon scratch the Cutter to zombify him. Like, duh, Blaine. Unless, as I’ve been hoping (because it’s the only way this makes sense), Blaine has some larger plan for the zombification-inducing drugs.

Ravi seems oddly oblivious to the fact that Major’s drastic swings in personality could be caused by drugs. Instead, he just thinks Major is being an obnoxious douchebag. See the signs, man.

I was hoping the COW and/or the armed robbery case would link back up with our characters in some meaningful way (about halfway through I thought that maybe Major had been the apparent armed robber, and the store clerk was a zombie on the hit list. It would have explained Babineaux’s “ah ha!” moment when hearing where the gun was found. Because he’s got a bee in his bonnet about pinning shit on Major. But sadly, it wasn’t).

Oh, and iZombie plays the soap opera game of having Peyton mention that to Liv she met a guy through her case that she likes, but not say his name. All she’d have to do is be like “His name is Blaine,” and then Liv could nip that shit in the bud.


But it’s not all bad:

I didn’t expect the Blaine/Peyton flirtation, but goddamn, it’s brilliant. What a fantastic surprise. Fantastic surprises are kind of iZombie’s thing.

Peyton goes through a procession of reluctant criminals before landing on Blaine. Blaine bargains his knowledge of Mr Boss’ operations (and if Peyton’s whiteboard is any indication, it is extensive) for immunity for any crimes he’ll be implicated in as a result. Blaine’s goals for the tainted Utopium may be murky, but I’m impressed with how directly he’s upholding his ploy to overthrow Mr Boss.

Blaine’s cutter is now a preacher or something, and even after torture, refuses to divulge the recipe. So Blaine zombifies him. Cutter, despite his hungering for the brains Blaine dangles in front of him, remains stalwart. So Blaine kicks him out into the night and expects to wait until he’s desperate enough for a brains fix to come back. I don’t know why Blaine is so confident that Cutter won’t just kill and eat somebody, instead, but I admire Blaine’s arrogance.

The COW is ultimately throwaway, but it does yield a wonderful scene where Liv plays at the country bar that Cowgirl worked at. She sings a song she wrote about how she and Major love each other but hurt each other. I don’t know if iZombie used Rose McIver’s actual singing voice, but if that is her, she does a fine job. Just like another Rob Thomas heroine.

Ravi’s new girlfriend, Steph, is a cool chick. She’s spunky and blonde, and when she encounters Peyton while she and Ravi are having an at-home date, she flawlessly nabs herself the episode’s second best line: “That’s the girl you used to date? Damn, playa!” My threesome vibe is tingling.

Major also invited Peyton to stay at the house for the time being, so it could happen.

Best line of the episode goes to Peyton, after she’s had a long day at work:
Liv: “Are you sure you don’t want anything?”
Peyton: “Wine is all I need.”
She is the ideal.

Babineaux is tasked with helping the FBI agent on the missing rich people case. They flirt more than subtly, and I’m satisfied that Babineaux at last has a subplot to call his own.

Blaine’s similar confusion as to where his top-paying clients have gone is also great.

Even though I haven’t mentioned her anywhere else this week, I’m name upgrading Secretary to Gilda. Because she is proving her staying power.

Ravi names the dog Major acquired last episode “Minor.” I lol’d.

Major falls further into his Utopium dependency this episode. He ratchets up the rudeness to Liv and Ravi in the process, and is even negligent enough to temporarily lose Minor. The ultimate humiliation comes when he slithers out to buy some Utopium from street bums, and the seller happens to be one of his former youth mentees. This is what sends him crying to Liv’s arms at the end. He’s so hot and broken.

Oh, and Liv evidently agrees with me.

iZombie Even Cowgirls Get The Black & Blues Liv Major kiss

Eh, I’m sure Gilda is the kind of girl who has a bucket of condoms lying around. Liv can use one of them.

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