Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 6 – TV Review

Scream Queens Seven Minutes In Hell Chanel Number 3

Chanel Number 3 would make for a quick and easy Halloween costume. I’ll give her that.

If this was on ABC, I’d say that it’s no surprise that the Scream Queens episode to feature Carrie Fisher’s daughter comes hot on the heels the Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens trailer premiere.

What are you doing, Fox? Don’t give the enemy free press.

TL;DR The Kappas are trapped inside the sorority house during a slumber party; Bruno Mars dies; that frat boy with no arms dies; the other twin dies; no progress is made on finding out who the killer is; Chanel and Keke tie in the presidential vote.

But it was all part of Chanel’s plan.

So, the presidential vote results in a tie, meaning Chanel and Keke will be co-presidents. Chanel is mildly frustrated, as she reveals to Chanels Number 3 and 5 that she had schemed for Keke to win, thereby making her the most prominent Kappa, and the most obvious target for the Red Devil. Oh, well. Meanwhile, Grace and Keke think that having a slumber party and forcing the girls to play Truth Or Dare will help yield clues to the killer’s identity. Number 3 temporarily hijacks the slumber party with Spin The Bottle so she can kiss Bruno Mars, but then the house is sealed by a faulty security system, the frat boys manage to break in to comfort the girls (after No Arms gets murdered), and Truth Or Dare kicks off. Bruno Mars ends up dead after receiving a dare to creep around the basement, and while everyone is busy discovering that, the Red Devil regroups to kill Brunette Twin while he’s alone with Chanel Number 5. Chanel and Keke evade the Red Devil while escaping through a secret tunnel and manage to call the authorities. The episode ends as Jamie Lee becomes satisfied the killer is only attacking Kappas and Kappa associates, and the school is therefore otherwise safe. Minor subplots include: Chad pledging to be monogamous with Chanel, but being unable to reciprocate her proclamations of love; the revelation to the others that Number 3 is Charles Manson’s daughter; the “two killers” theory gaining traction; and Grace and Keke both making the choice to stick around and risk their lives for no reason, rather than flee this fucking college and its Kappa-focused serial killer.

Oliver is justifiably frustrated.

While the three kills this episode do not include chase scenes, we finally do get a satisfying chase scene when the Red Devil takes on Chanel and Keke in the secret tunnel.

It works because Scream Queens treats it seriously. Which is what it should have been doing with the kills in the first place.

The faint flicker of hope lives on.


Why I hate this episode:

Sadly, the three actual kills are not satisfying. First is No Arms who, shockingly, is unable to climb up a ladder quickly enough to escape the Red Devil. He gets an axe to the chest, before being decapitated. The gore is tonally appropriate, and No Arms’ reactions are overacted, but genuine. But the scene is drained of all its tension by the chorus of Kappas and frat boys watching on with their “Oh, damns” and such. Boo.

Next is Bruno, who idiotically goes through with Number 3’s dare to go take a fucking nap in the 1995 bathtub in the Kappa basement. No surprises when the Red Devil attacks and suffocates her. And just to be really cheap, Bruno requests the Red Devil show themselves before doing the job, and they do. But we don’t get to see it.

Lastly is Brunette Twin. Red Devil sneaks up on him and Number 5 while they’re having their Seven Minutes In Heaven away from everyone else, who have found Bruno dead in the basement. I could understand that Number 5 freezes when she sees the Red Devil approach, but then she just kind of sits and chills while the Red Devil unloads a box of nails from their nail gun into Brunette Twin. Fucking run, bitch. Jesus.

The Truth Or Dare scene is an abomination. Keke and Grace are convinced they’ll be able to identify the killer from their answers to Truth, and anyone who picks Dare will be suspicious for evading Truth. Candle Blogger easily points out that the killer could just choose Truth and then lie with their answer, but Chad hits an eleven on the Frothing Rage Scale and shuts down any possibility that someone could lie while playing Truth Or Dare. It’s supposed to be funny, but it’s just really dumb.

Billie Lourd seriously, honestly, cannot act. She is abysmal. Scream Queens chucks in a line about how, as an unpopular child, Number 3 learned to act distant and aloof, and then realised that is exactly how she is. But it’s not good enough. Her line deliveries are always rushed, like she’s trying to plough through some offscreen cue cards as fast as possible. And she does that look-down-then-up eye thing to appear cool and confident way too often. Please, Number 3. Die soon.

Bruno Mars is probably worse with line delivery, so thank God she’s out.

Number 3 turns out to be one of those “I love the person, not the genitals” people. Stop raiding tumblr, Ryan.

There’s no opening credits this episode. Why even bother including them last week? Were they really that desperate to make up time?

I’m giving Scream Queens a worst line of the episode with this horrid stinker of a reference from Candle Blogger when Chanel says the killer must be inside the house: “Oh, God! Has someone checked on the kids?” Oh, honey. No.

Oh, and Grace rebuffs Oliver’s demand that he take her home because she wants to stay to protect her sisters. Bitch, you’ve known these girls for, like, two seconds. And the only one who isn’t a complete monster is Keke, who can evidently handle herself with the Red Devil. Fucking go.


But it’s not all bad:

Chanel ends the episode by buying all the girls some nunchucks so they can take the fight to the Red Devil. Some proactivity could do them some good.

The chase scene in the secret tunnel is brief, but is the most solid slasher moment from Scream Queens thus far. The Red Devil goes after Chanel and Keke with dual axes. Chanel manages to get around a corner, but Keke is trapped and menaced at axe-point. The Red Devil is about to finish her off, but Chanel returns and knocks him out. The girls make it outside, and now Scream Queens can’t pretend like it doesn’t know how a chase scene works anymore. Keep it up.

Number 5 earns some more sympathy this episode. Chanel is unnecessarily cruel to her the whole time, and now the only two boys who liked her are dead. She and Number 3 console each other over their dead love interests, and make a pact to, at the very least, outlive Chanel. By killing her themselves? I’d allow it.

Chanel reckons Pete is likely one of the Red Devils, as he’s conveniently not around. I concur.

I’ll give Oliver some points for showing evidence of brain cells.

Chanel’s plan to have Keke elected president in order to move her up the victim selection list is delicious. She even voted for Keke herself, and is only disappointed that she didn’t have more time to manipulate the others into voting the way she wanted. Cool.

I think Chad might want to say “I love you” to Chanel, but is just afraid.

Oh, and the suggestive appearance of the pink nunchucks is cheap, but effective.

Scream Queens Seven Minutes In Hell Chanel Number 3 5 Billie Lourd

She’s already got enough muff on her ears. She doesn’t need any near her mouth.

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10 responses to “Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 6 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Why didn’t they lift his mask when he was knocked out and unarmed like there were two of them to stop him from attacking again also I enjoyed watching the chanel’s try and figure out how to use the nunchucks.

  2. Anonymous says :

    idk yo I liked that they kinda brought light to pansexuality (is #3 pansexual or does she just not like labels?) rather than sticking to the whole ‘hot lesbians make out and finger each other’ cliche. And is there a chance Sam might come back???

  3. Prince says :

    Personally I LOVED this episode! And I’m not saying that to be condescending or anything by the way.
    Love your blog though!

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