iZombie Season 2 Episode 2 – TV Review

iZombie Zombie Bro Liv crime scene tape dress

These are the kind of fratboys the Kappas should be chasing. Not golf yuppies.

Seriously? Liv turned down a horny dudebro wearing only a pizza box?

If that box had the pizza left in it, then that’s my motherfucking dream date.

She needs to get over Major, already.

TL;DR The COW gives us another somewhat accidental murder and sympathetic killer; Liv and Major struggle with their mixed feelings about each other; Ravi takes Utopium for research purposes; Blaine wages war against the local drug kingpin (and former boss, I think?); Blaine’s dad is even worse than him.

It’s the role Robert Knepper was destined to play.

As is tradition, we’ll start with the COW: Chad (of course that’s his name), a stereotypical dudebro fratboy is murdered at a costume party. His reckless life of partying, bullying, and zero consequences yields a few red herrings, including a wronged frat brother, a humiliated ugly girl, and a student who shares the victim’s name, but despises it when they’re mixed up. The killer turns out to be someone totally unrelated to Chad, and who was actually trying to kill Chad 2. Because Chad 2 drunk drove over and killed his dad one time. Oops. Meanwhile, Ravi drags Major along to a nightclub while he takes Utopium to research its effects. Major takes some, too, and ends up taking too much, so Liv has to come and take the boys home. In his intoxicated haze, Major alludes to his mission to protect her from Steven, and how much he still cares about her, but he later shuts her out. Meanwhile, Blaine works a plan to grief Mr Boss (no, really. That’s his name), the drug lord of Seattle. I’m not exactly sure what his endgame is, but the ride’s already fun, so who cares? Blaine also visits his dad, who is pure, uncut scum. Which I think explains why he was Blaine’s very first target for zombification way back when. And Secretary continues to pal around with Liv.

Please, someone tell me I’m not crazy for thinking she and Liv look exactly the same.

Alright, I think it’s almost time to declare iZombie as my favourite currently-airing CW show.

Sure, it hasn’t got the powerful melodrama of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

But it also hasn’t got the bullshit melodrama of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

Arrow doesn’t get a place, by the way. Because it’s Arrow.


Why I hate this episode:

The only thing that really irked me about this episode is that I’m confused about what Blaine was really doing this week. He seems to have abandoned his ambitions to make zombies using tainted Utopium, and is instead chasing the dream of being a regular old drug lord. But then his dealers all end up dead, and Blaine leverages the fact that the dealers were all rich kids (he had earlier instructed his new goons to specifically target rich kids for recruitment) to force the DA (also a zombie client. Obv) to make moves on Mr Boss. So it seems clear to me that Blaine either murdered his dealers himself to look like Mr Boss did it, or he engineered their death at Mr Boss’ hands. But still, what happened to wanting to make new zombies?

I fully expect this vagueness to be intentional, as a minor scene involving a different, brighter goon sees Blaine letting said goon in on the zombie secret. So I think that’s still the goal. But I can’t help but feel a little lost at the moment.

The clubbing scenes with Ravi and Major are great, but I’m shocked at Ravi’s decision to just go and drop some drugs for research. If the zombification process included meth, would Ravi have done some of that just to see what happens? Jesus, man.

Oh, and Babineaux isn’t given much time this episode, to make room for Ravi. They’re both my babies, but I think Babineaux deserves it more.


But it’s not all bad:

Ravi has an awesome Utopium trip. Though he is discouraged that his audio notes were just him yelling like a Woo Girl.

Major does not have an awesome trip. He got bored at the club, so decided to drop Ravi’s second dose. It starts off well, but he soon gets a craving for more, which leads to semi-unconsciousness and a call to Liv from a concerned fellow clubber (Liv was listed in Major’s phone as his “in case of emergency”). Liv gets Major and Ravi into a cab, and Major seemingly randomly takes her phone and throws it into traffic. The genius part is when he kind of babbles that “they” could be listening. Aww, he still cares.

This is lovingly compounded when Liv goes to leave after safely getting Major to the toilet (to vomit) at his place. He asks her to stay, and she complies, but sits at a safe distance. Major soon closes that by laying his head in her lap. And he, again in his drug haze, promises to protect her. I think this could be the moment, people.

Naturally, because this is iZombie and Liv and Major can never be happy, Major shuts Liv out when she tries to visit him later. And he’s doing Utopium alone in his room, I assume to dull his guilt over his new “job.” So tortured. So hot.

The COW is much like last episode’s, where the murder was sort of by accident, and the victim is extremely remorseful and sympathetic. The killer’s goal was to murder Chad 2, who killed his father in a drink driving accident years ago. The killer, who I will call Furry Boyfriend (you’ll see why) had looked up Chad 2 on the Internet and had found Chad, who was a beer-swilling frat dickhead. So, thinking that his father’s murderer was living a life of boozy luxury, Furry Boyfriend went out and murdered him. Except, of course, that’s the wrong Chad. When Babineaux and Liv break the news to him, the poor guy is destroyed.

Worse, Chad 2 had actually reformed himself and dedicated his life to teaching people about the dangers of drink driving. A point of contention between Chad 2 and Chad, which is why Chad 2 is a suspect, is that Chad had accidentally received an invitation meant for Chad 2 to speak at a school about drink driving. Chad had gotten drunk and gone and made the speech encouraging them to do it, which did not impress Chad 2 much. Furry Boyfriend despairs when he finds out. I felt sympathy for him.

I call him Furry Boyfriend because he committed the crime while wearing a fur suit. When Babineaux and Liv manage to interview Furry Boyfriend and Furry Girlfriend, who are totally unrelated to the frat, obviously, they admit that Furry Girlfriend likes getting plowed by a plushie. Liv, in fratboy mode, thinks it’s hilarious.

Liv does a good fratboy voice. The second best line of the episode is during the first interview with the frat. Liv just gets straight to the point when asking about possible suspects: “Like, who do you guys know who totally sucks?” Very official.

Best line of the episode goes to Secretary, who accepts Liv’s invitation to come to a party at the frat. The boys offer her a drink: “Yeah, there’s no way I’m drinking something I didn’t pour myself. And there’s no way I’m not drinking, so I’ll be right back.” Safety first, alcoholism even more first. I can get down with half of that.

Liv wears a crime scene tape dress to this party, which is a “no clothes” party. Secretary wears a trashbag dress. And the frat’s 2IC, who’s chummy with Bro Liv, wears a pizza box. He is delicious.

One of the other red herrings, the wronged frat brother, has a pretty harrowing tale. Chad had made him do a streaking run, but didn’t tell him it was in front of an elementary school. So the guy was arrested, and is now a registered sex offender. Fucking hell.

Blaine almost steals the episode with his villainous machinations. And I was right about the inconsistency with his hair. He is turning back to normal, but he has a makeup girl in-house to keep him looking like a zombie for meetings with his zombie clients. I love it.

Robert Knepper does steal the episode as Blaine’s perfectly cast Bad Dad. He’s a super powerful businessman, and we find out that he usurped the company from his own father. Blaine loved his grandfather, so hates his dad for that. Blaine also blames his father for his mother’s suicide, and Robert does a non-existant job of refuting it. Good God.

Robert is also the very first person Blaine zombified when he found out he could. Blaine knows how to prioritise. And extort money from his zombie dad.

Mr Boss is a fantastic name.

Oh, and although Secretary is game for joining Liv at the frat party, she noticeably doesn’t seem interested in having a good time just because Liv is. So maybe she won’t go Single White Female or Fatal Attraction on her. Keep me guessing, iZombie.

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