Blood & Oil Season 1 Episode 3 – TV Review

Blood & Oil Amber Valletta red wine

No chair is safe.

So after last week’s soap operatic lull, we’re back to furious, breakneck speed.

And Chace has retained his outrageous spending habits.

Seriously, where is this show going to go? They’ve blown their wad every episode so far.

It needs some time to rest or it’ll get friction burns. Jesus.

TL;DR Chace enters into yet another business deal with Don, and is completely fucked over and annihilated; I think I was right about Wick being our true protagonist, because things are certainly headed that way; Lacey is still a cunt; Sheriff Delroy has already caught Wick’s psycho business partner.

Blood & Oil needs to stop burning through its material so quickly. Damn.

So this week we get to see Don’s more villainous side, which helps explain how he is so successful in the business world. In a supposed effort to rebuild bridges with Wick, he presents Wick with Baby’s First Oil Rig, a plot of land that he’s been keeping in reserve for Wick until he was ready. Chace, ever the hanger-on-er, and again showing his discontent with literally becoming a millionaire only two episodes ago, thinks this opportunity is too good to pass up. So he puts all his eggs in the Koala 1 basket (that’s what the rig is called or whatever), and promptly loses everything when it turns out to be a total fizzle. Chace licks his wounds, while Don admits that he used Wick’s pettiness (Wick and Chace had naturally been fighting over this thing the whole episode) to manipulate Chace into the bad land deal. Thanks, dad? Meanwhile, Cody and that African couple from the pilot are looking into opening that restaurant they wanted. They settle for a food truck, instead, which includes a new, flirty chef boy. African Wife likes it. Meanwhile, AJ seems to be working for some larger organisation to sabotage Briggs Oil; Don gets back into bed with Coyote Ugly; Psycho Partner goes against Wick’s instructions and sells the oil tanker, but is caught by Delroy; and Lacey is a crusted, rancid cum stain to Amber for no good reason.

Lacey is an adult woman, not a teen girl, right? Although, given her fondness for fucking teen girls, I guess I can understand Lacey’s confusion.

While I enjoyed Don’s business takedown of Chace, and Wick’s emergence as a viable protagonist, I still find Blood & Oil’s series trajectory to be a total mystery.

Chace has already stumbled through three major business deals over only three episodes, and is now penniless. There’s no way that the show can keep doing that, so where do we go from here?

Chace, without using the exact words, swears revenge on Don at the end of the episode.

You just couldn’t let it go, could you, ABC?


Why I hate this episode:

Didn’t we cancel Revenge for a reason?

Chace’s plots aren’t the only ones to suffer from the too-quick pacing. Delroy has, in only three episodes, investigated an oil robbery, a murder, and chased down a road-running thief. Blood & Oil keeps the thread untied by having Psycho Partner call Wick from jail and demand he make the arrest go away, but given the speed at which we’ve been travelling so far, I expect that’ll clear up immediately next episode.

I was right about Chace’s sacrifice from last episode being the only one to stick. Cody got to keep her oh-so-important house. What a sponge.

Chace really is a bloody idiot. I keep saying it, but I think it’s important to reiterate: Chace became a millionaire at the end of the first episode. As well as having a stake in the McCutching earnings. But he’s willing to throw that all away for a shot at some random well that Don has never bothered drilling for years and years, just because he’s apparently sentimental about saving the site for his son. Chace, you don’t become an oil baron by being sentimental. Don’t bank on that well, you dipshit.

I thought the money Chace and Cody gave to the African couple was a gift. Apparently it came with a “we’re going to be partners in your business and make big decisions without you” string attached to it, as Cody spearheads the search for a shopfront, before buying the food truck without consulting them. And she also got Finn the chef on board, too, as an equal partner. Again, without consulting the African couple. What the fuck?

The age difference between Don and Coyote Ugly is just embarrassing. Don piles on the ick factor by mentioning that their relationship was over four years ago. How old is Coyote Ugly now? We’ll go on the actors’ real ages as a guide, so mid twenties? So she was early twenties when she was banging sixty year-old Don? Oh, honey. No.

Oh, and, shockingly, their sex scene is unsexy. I think Don Johnson is just trying compete with his daughter.


But it’s not all bad:

Don, after telling Wick the truth about his big scheme, offers Wick to partner with him for real on the McCutching development. But the oil business is hard work, son, so he’ll have to dump that girlfriend of his. Oh, Don.

Don’s scheme, to use Wick’s territorial pettiness to manipulate Chace into dealing back his stake in McCutching, is genius. Chace is a complete dumbass, so it’s no surprise that he took the bait. But the added layer of Don using Wick without his knowledge is pure Bad Dad goodness, and a step in the right direction. With all of Don’s talk about loving his family and trusting that his son wouldn’t rob him, I was worried we’d have a soft oil baron on our hands. I’m happy to be wrong on this one.

My suggestion that perhaps Chace is a decoy protagonist, and that Wick is our real lead character, may not have been so wild after all. This episode starts with Wick, who continues to be conflicted over what happened with the oil theft (it’s giving him nightmares). Add that to his poor treatment from his dad, including his dad stealing his girlfriend, and Wick is much easier to care about than hotheaded, irresponsible Chace. I think this could be a Serena/Blair situation. Wick is Blair, of course.

Amber gets barely any focus this episode, but, while Don is distracted by booty calls from Coyote Ugly, she efficiently enacts business deals that she, herself, had devised.

Amber’s shit treatment from Lacey also makes her more sympathetic. I’m glad.

AJ gets some more depth this week. His little surveillance job on Don last episode is involved with some sort of larger scheme to take down Briggs Oil. He meets a contact who says the photos are of no use. Instead, AJ is tasked with getting soil samples or something. I doubt any governing body would be this nefarious, so I am betting on AJ working for a rival oil company.

The soil samples prove to test negative for whatever AJ’s people were looking for, so AJ sets his sights on Lacey as a way in for more intel.

Psycho Partner does a respectable job of outrunning Delroy in a car chase (well, tanker chase) to make it over the boundary line to the Native American reservation, where Delroy ain’t got no jurisdiction. He later manages to sell the tanker, and Wick, desperate to wash his hands of this whole business, says he can keep all the profits for himself. Sadly, Psycho Partner chooses to splash his cash back in town and is momentarily arrested by Delroy.

He’s threatening Wick with telling Delroy the truth. And given his utter bonkers track record, I think he’d do it. You better clean that shit up, Wick.

Finn is cute enough. He flirts with African Wife, who doesn’t stop him. Cody tries to tell Finn to back off her, but I doubt he’ll stick to it. I tend not to take instructions from anthropomorphic paperweights, either.

Oh, and what do you think the chances are that Coyote Ugly is just playing a really long game of Gold Digger? We know she’s a ruthless businesswoman, and Don would be a monumental score.

Blood & Oil Hustle and Flow Don sex scene

It better be golddigging. Daddy issues would be such a disappointment.

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  1. Anonymous says :

    Revenge was a real let down not bringing back Lydia.

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