Blood & Oil Season 1 Episode 2 – TV Review

Blood & Oil Amber Valletta Carla wine

She’ll do it, I tell you.

Well, after the destructively fast pace of last week’s premiere, it’s time for Blood & Oil to grow up and become a proper ABC primetime soap.

So get ready for arbitrary additional characters, poor communication between our leads, and a break-neck drop in speed.

At least Revenge had the revenge-of-the-week thing to keep it moving.

TL;DR Chace and Cody are obscenely reckless with money; the whole oil theft thing gets dropped for a murder investigation we already know the answer to; Don has a boring, predictable daughter (but hey, she’s biracial); Wick could be our true protagonist after all.

I knew there was some of that Kristoff goodness hiding in there.

So Chace and Cody are seemingly not grateful of their million dollar victory last episode, as they both needlessly spend money without the other’s consent. Cody is, of course, not even doing anything fun with it, as she buys a shitty little house for a big price tag from Miss Coyote Ugly. Because she’s thinking about her “family.” Chace, meanwhile, is palling around with Don when a business investment opportunity comes up, and he hustles his way in. Chace and Cody both end up backing out of their respective commitments, but I suspect Chace’s withdrawal will be the only one that sticks. Either way, you guys need to fucking cool it with the spending. Meanwhile, Wick, having successfully fled the oil rig tussle last episode (nobody was seriously hurt) with his identity in tact, has trouble offloading the stolen oil. His partner ends up indulging his paranoia and pre-emptively murders a failed buyer who they suspected was going to sell them out to the police for the reward for information Don had offered. So now Sheriff Delroy has a murder to investigate, rather than an oil robbery. And Don’s daughter Lacey comes to town to see her dad, but, like Wick, she is a cunt to Amber. She does mash face with AJ, Don’s employee who ferries her around, though. That should make interesting blackmail fodder for Amber.

Always beware blondes with bitch haircuts when pashing the help in open, ranch-style homes. That’s the first rule in the book, Lacey.

Blood & Oil still looks as slick and shiny as it did last week. But again, I’m worried about the trajectory of the plot.

We’ve already galloped through Chace’s business gambit with Don, and now the oil rig robbery has been pushed aside in place of a murder investigation.

But we already know Wick’s partner did it, and why he did it. So that’s no fun.

Revenge managed to hold itself together with the driving force of Emily’s schemes. Blood & Oil is only in its second episode, and it’s already meandering aimlessly into standard soap opera territory.

It’s not a good sign.


Why I hate this episode:

I feel like a lot of this blandness comes riding on the back of Lacey. It’s telling that she wasn’t included in the pilot, because she’s boring as hell. Her threads so far seem to be that she hates Amber, and that she’s going to start a relationship with AJ. Hating Amber was already Wick’s thing, so no points there, Lace-face. And the “daddy’s little girl fucking the stable boy” thing is so tiresome.

It doesn’t help that Lacey is Talia from Pretty Little Liars. At least she isn’t trying to fuck a high schooler this time around, I suppose.

Chace and Cody are pathetic protagonists. I don’t know why anyone was worried about the fire at the oil rig, because they had a wet blanket right there to put it out: Cody. Now that she knows she’s pregnant, all she cares about is keeping her prospective baby safe. Her impetus to go out and buy a house right fucking this second is because she doesn’t want her baby to be around the roughnecks who hang out near the hotel room she and Chace are currently living in. Bitch, you just found out you were pregnant. Wait a goddamn minute.

Chace isn’t much better. He apparently isn’t satisfied with going from “broke, indebted, unemployed loser” to “literal millionaire” in the space of a couple of days, so he happily commits a huge chunk of his cash to the random business opportunity with Don. Jesus Christ. And I thought I was an obnoxious malcontent.

Worst of all is that even though it’s a battle of two absolute fucktards, Chace ends up being the one to concede. He makes a formal withdrawal from the business thing while at dinner with everyone at Don’s place. Which makes Cody happy, of course. Cody had earlier mentioned to Coyote Ugly that she wanted to back out of the house purchase, but we didn’t get confirmation. So I’m fairly certain they’ll keep the house. Boo.

The business opportunity is pretty WTF. Don and Chace have lunch with an insurance adjuster/accountant or something who estimates the repair and replacement costs for the destroyed oil rig. Don thinks it’s too expensive. But he doesn’t think spite-buying the guy’s company is too expensive, because that’s what he does. Huh?

Coyote Ugly used to be Don’s mistress or something. Ugh, so predictable. And the age disparity is embarrassing. For both of them.

Oh, and the guy who Chace bought that vital little piece of land from last episode comes angrily knocking at Chace’s door now that he’s discovered Chace has gotten into bed with Don. Who cares, dude? You’ve got your little deal in place for 25%. And you don’t have to be directly involved. How is this bad for you?


But it’s not all bad:

Chace don’t give a fuck. At least he’s steadfast where it counts: being dismissive of minor characters.

Amber, as it should come as no surprise, is the best thing about Blood & Oil so far. She’s the only one getting shit done. She correctly assumes Wick is likely behind the rig robbery. She tries to nudge Don in that direction, but he couldn’t possibly think his son could be that heinous. So she just goes to Sheriff Delroy, instead. God, she’s good.

She isn’t very subtle about her suspicions of Wick to his face, either. I love it.

Sadly, Wick’s partner seems to put things to rest for now when he murders the failed buyer, puts a burn on the guy’s shoulder (to match the burn that Don saw the thief getting from the fire), and plants the gun on him, too. Wick freaks out about what his partner has done, but it looks like he’s covered all the bases.

Lacey may be a fucking stick in the mud to rival Cody herself, but AJ shows some promise. His actor is Paul from the first season of The Following, so that’s nice. And the end of the episode shows him secretly documenting Don’s clandestine visit to Coyote Ugly. The help is helping himself, it seems.

Chace might be a decoy protagonist, because Wick is making a much better case as a main character. Chace is so dull and expected, but Wick is complicated and conflicted and much more compelling. He’s already regretting stealing from his dad, and he is wracked with guilt after seeing the severity of Don’s burns. He’s even got a girlfriend who’s hiding an affair with his father from him, and a crazy crime partner to inevitably struggle against. He’s got it all.

Oh, and Amber’s bitch face is pretty much keeping Blood & Oil afloat all on its own.

Blood & Oil Amber Valletta

There’s still time to murder Lacey. Don’t let me down again.

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