Scream Season 1 Episode 8 – TV Review

Scream Ghosts Will head split

Just kidding. It was rubbish. But I couldn’t resist the pun.

It’s nice that Scream could sense my unease over whether or not to truly like it, and gave me a nudge in the right direction.

Which, for me, obv, is to hate it.

Thanks, MTV.

TL;DR All momentum that could have been gained from Will’s death is wasted away on mourning and trauma (which we already covered when Token Asian got killed); Hot Teacher forms as a suspect, but nothing is done about it until the last scene of the episode; Emma’s dad is back in town; Daisy had a baby to Brandon James back in the day.

Of all the Screams, and this show is borrowing mostly from Scream 3? Oh, honey, no.

So Will’s gory death sends Emma into a trauma spiral. She tries putting on a brave face, and stoically rejects offers of consolation from almost every character. She also takes another page from the “you probably shouldn’t be taking these ones” book of Scream 3 tricks by seeing hallucinations of Will (remember how great those Maureen ghost scenes were? No?). With his head flopping open, of course. She ends up in the hospital, her dad arrives in town to visit her, and then she recalls a memory from when her dad bailed as a child that leads to a confrontation with Daisy, and Daisy admits Brandon James dun got her pregnant when they fucked one time. So expect the new killer to have a Roman Bridger motive excuse. Meanwhile, Audrey and Friend Zone continue their investigation into Hot Teacher, which leads to a bloody knife in his classroom, and proof that he changed his identity after a student of his wound up murdered. The police arrest him to close the episode. Meanwhile, Piper exposes the blackmail video to Sheriff, and it turns out Brooke’s mum is fine: the dead body was a junkie friend of her mum’s, and Mr Mayor covered up their OD to protect his wife’s reputation. And Jake is recovering in hospital from his stab wound last episode.

Bitch, you don’t need time to recover from a stab wound in Scream. You get your lazy ass up and tussle with your deranged niece and then kill her with a defibrillator, dammit.

So yeah, this isn’t a stellar episode of Scream.

We should have covered all the “oh, no. Our friend is dead” melodrama with Token Asian. But here we fucking go again.

And can you believe that, with only two episodes to go for the season, the slutty blonde girl is still alive?

This is madness.


Why I hate this episode:

Brooke doesn’t win any points this episode. She stupidly throws herself at Hot Teacher again because she’s, like, so emotionally unstable right now. And she makes this inane speech to her dad after he’s admitted the truth about the body in the boot. She tries to be all independent and sassy by basically not forgiving him, anyway, and saying that maybe they shouldn’t be a family wahhh. What? The man put his reputation, job, and freedom on the line to get your mother sober and cover up a dead body that would have ruined you all. Fucking ungrateful.

There’s some weird shuffle thing that occurs between Mr Mayor, Sheriff, and Brooke. Sheriff brings in Mr Mayor for questioning about the video, and Mr Mayor somehow demands that he tell Brooke about it first, before he tells Sheriff. Brooke wants to make sure her mum is alive before she talks to her dad (stand up for yourself, Sheriff. Gosh). So she calls her and she is indeed alive. But then Brooke doesn’t get around to talking to her dad until, like, the next day. So he’s just chilling in a jail cell overnight because she’s, what, lazy?

Piper is keeping up her solid run of being absolutely not the reporter character this show needs. Unless there’s a last minute reveal of her as the killer, she could possibly be the worst character in this show. And I’m including Audrey and Friend Zone in that roster. Piper records a podcast about how she just wishes the killings would be over, and that she’s so scared and stuff. Firstly, Gale Weathers would have been begging for more flashy kills like the trench digger. Secondly, just fucking leave, then. Does Piper really think she’s friends with Emma?

She also chooses not to break the story about the mayor and the blackmail, and instead goes to Sheriff with the information. Even he is surprised that she isn’t running with it.

Scream the TV Series seems to be drawing on Scream 3 the most. The ghost hallucinations/dreams were an unfortunate staple of Scream 3. And Roman Bridger, Scream 3’s (sole, it’s important to add) killer was an illegitimate and abandoned child of Maureen Prescott, who was Sidney’s mum. I doubt the show would so heavily push the revelation of Daisy’s Brandon baby if that character wasn’t going to show up, so it looks like it’s doing a Scream 3. I hope Emma can shut his motive rant down like Sidney did to Roman.

Scream 3 is the one with the worst plot, if you didn’t know.

Friend Zone drops a reference to The Faculty. I mean, I like The Faculty, but fuck me, that’s a dated reference. I don’t believe a teenager in 2015 would be that well versed in The Faculty to just pepper it in to everyday conversation.

Emma refers to her hospitalisation situation with a reference to Girl, Interrupted. Which is also a super dooper dated reference. Come on, Scream writers.

Oh, and during Brooke and Hot Teacher’s auditorium hookup, Hot Teacher leaves to investigate a strange noise. Like, seriously?


But it’s not all bad:

The killer then promptly attacks Brooke. And then when he’s gone, Hot Teacher suddenly reappears. So I get that they’re showing that Hot Teacher could be the killer, but Jesus, that scene where he leaves just hits the ground with a goddamn thud. Ugh.

Brooke gets a minor chase scene. Hell, it’s more chase scene than you get in most major horror movies these days, so I’ll take it. She gets a little, TV-friendly cut, too. She’s a survivor.

I appreciate that Hot Teacher’s suspect status is so accelerated this episode. Audrey and Friend Zone find a bloody knife hidden in his classroom, and then an Internet search reveals he changed his name after he had an affair with a student (who was eighteen, so settle down) and that student was found murdered. They present this to Sheriff, and he arrests Hot Teacher. In and out. Done.

Papa Emma is sitting right behind Hot Teacher in the suspect lane. Sheriff and Daisy discuss how he’s been difficult to contact, and then they find out he’s been using his credit card at a nearby town. I’m not sure what his motive would be, but I’m always game for a Bad Dad murderer. I didn’t think Mr Mayor was the killer, but I was bummed to find out he didn’t at least kill his wife. Maybe Papa Emma can be the slasher he couldn’t?

We see many glimpses of Will’s partially bisected, flopping head, which gives the show a little gore cred. Most of those shots are Emma’s hallucinations, but there is an early scene (pictured above) where Will’s mum sees Will’s body and the camera tracks through the opening in his skull. It’s wet.

Jake cries (obscured by Brooke’s comforting shoulder, natch) when he finds out Will is dead. Aww.

Oh, and if Hot Teacher does turn out to be the killer, his little strange noise investigation would be simple genius in retrospect.

Scream Ghosts Brooke Hot Teacher auditorium hookup

There’s no joke here. I just like ANTM.

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4 responses to “Scream Season 1 Episode 8 – TV Review”

  1. Teylen says :

    I actually liked Ghost-Will better than the alive one. As a ghost he could at least contribute to some spoofy splatter factor, alive he was just boring,

    As far as the who’s dunnit goes,.. my bet would be on the reporter chick.
    She gets very close to our main protagonist, she dropped like two or four times she has major father issues (the father is Brandon imo and shes angry that he got killed obv.) and she conveniently didn’t got killed when the murder had a chance.

    My bet on her murder-buddy would be main protagonist oil-rig daddy.
    Who is totally angry about the whole Brandon thing and stuff and likes the idea of terrorizing his ex-girlfriends daughter.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Damn, that Piper theory is solid. I can’t believe I didn’t put that together, myself.

      Still kinda hoping it’ll turn out to be Daisy, though. I mean, she’s already a bad actress. Why not make her a bad mum, too?

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