Scream Season 1 Episode 6 – TV Review

Scream Betrayed Emma is the killer

We’re on the same wavelength.

Just kidding. This is part of a dream sequence.

Because everyone loved those so much in Scream 3, right?


TL;DR We kind of get a kill this episode, so that’s looking up; the investigation turns towards Audrey as the prime suspect; Emma helps save her; Daisy farts out some backstory about Brandon James; Will is no fun.

What happened to that bet-making little hellraiser from freshman year, huh?

So State Detective is ready to throw her weight around, and she’s found evidence on the Brandon James mask found at the hospital that implicates Audrey. State Detective comes down on Audrey hard and fast, and Audrey makes a desperate appeal to Emma and Friend Zone to destroy her camera (remember that thing?) footage from the night of Bella’s murder. But they’re not allowed to watch it first. So they watch it, and it’s some vague threatening monologue from Audrey over the video that Bella posted. Emma, at her mother’s urging, stands up for Audrey and lies to State Detective to get Audrey off the hook. The power of friendship and fraud at work, baby. Daisy’s urging comes in the form of some exposition about how she and Brandon James had a Scout/Boo Radley type relationship, and she regrets not being strong enough to stop all the harassment he endured. Meanwhile, Brooke and Jake investigate her dad’s freezer, but don’t find her mum’s body in it. Meanwhile, Will steals the blackmail video and the money and gifts it back to Mr Mayor, while simultaneously inviting Piper along so she can report it and make him out to be a good guy or something (he needs some good PR). The episode ends with the killer mirroring my own thoughts and stabbing Will’s wet blanket butt and dragging him away.

Oh no. Please. Don’t. Someone help.

So yeah, I’m still enjoying my time with Scream.

The three consecutive episodes without a kill is starting to grate, but with only four episodes left for the season, the blood’s got to start flowing soon.

I am worried that, with the announcement of a second season, the main cast might be treated a little softly by our resident slasher/s.

We don’t need another Shea/Madison situation like in Harper’s Island.

We’ll keep Emma, obviously. But for the love of whatever Scream holds dear, please don’t let Piper walk out of this one.

It is infuriatingly clear by now that she is no Gale Weathers.


Why I hate this episode:

Even when she’s kind of being shady this episode, it doesn’t work. Considering how sympathetically she’s been built up for half the season, I don’t buy it. She’s also too young and too soft-featured to sell as potentially evil. Courtney Cox was angular (the shoulder pads’ll do it), mean, and old enough to be taken seriously as an adult. This girl could pass for one of the high schoolers. It’s not a good fit.

Will’s interaction with her is just as forced as Emma’s bizarre friendship with her, too. Piper latches onto Will’s bad press of late and that’s somehow enough to convince him to not only reveal to her that he was blackmailing the fucking mayor, but to also bring her along to eavesdrop on his and the mayor’s rendezvous? Jesus.

And he also totally fucks up the whole blackmail thing. Which added some welcome dimension to Will and Jake. And, particularly, Jake’s relationship with Brooke. Now it’s gone.

And and, Will claims that he never saw the blackmail video. Bull. Fucking. Shit. Either that, he really was retarded enough to not have seen it. I really hope you die, Will.

I’m not happy that this is a Brooke-lite episode, but I’m doubly unhappy that it’s an Audrey-heavy episode. I welcome the rational approach from State Detective about how she had motive, but I’m not in love with how Emma fucking lies to the police to get her out of trouble.

Emma continues to be really blasé about receiving calls from the killer. Bitch, in the movies, those were supposed to be terrifying. Even the PLL girls have the decency to be apprehensive whenever they get an A text. This episode, Emma sees an incoming call from a blocked number. Friend Zone suggests ignoring it, but Emma essentially rolls her eyes and is like “Ew, this again? Sigh. If I have to.” That particular call turns out not to be from the killer, but you get my point.

The dream sequence is trashy.

Friend Zone delivers yet another momentous clunker to add to the ever-increasing (thanks to this show) I Just Hate Everything Worst Line catalogue. Emma reckons that whatever is on the camera footage Audrey wants destroyed must be pretty damning. Friend Zone is incredulous that Audrey could be a serial killer: “Do you have any idea how ‘Japanese game show crazy’ that is?” Not as crazy as this line delivery making it into the final cut.

Brooke is weirdly calm about her dad possibly having murdered her mum.

Oh, and Scream attempts to enter Mr Mayor into the suspect pool by having him bring a gun to his meeting with Will. After Will’s given up the money and the video, Mr Mayor makes an assembly line threat about how there’s a killer on the loose. Will and Piper take that pretty much as a full, written confession. I can see now why she’s not a real journalist. Not even a tabloid journalist.


But it’s not all bad:

Whether Mr Mayor turns out to be the killer or not, I’m just glad someone jammed a knife into that party-pooping, inconsistent turd. It’s clear Scream didn’t know what to do with Will, so what better solution than to kill him off, right? I’ll allow it.

The downside of having State Detective focus her sights on Audrey is that a lot of screentime is spent on Audrey. The upside is that Audrey looks suspicious as hell and gets chewed out a lot. And with her salvation being lies from Emma, there’s still a chance that she’s the killer. She tells Emma, after being released, that Rachel convinced her not to hurt Bella on the night of the video release, but anyone can lie.

Speaking of suspects, Friend Zone and Audrey are not so sure about Hot Teacher anymore. Friend Zone observes that online searches for him produce nothing, so thinks he could be using a fake identity. But Audrey suggests that maybe he was being manipulated by Bella into facilitating the spy malware, and is only a pawn. Who knows?

Daisy’s backstory is unsurprisingly generic, but it does offer her a little bit more complexity. She was actually secret friends with Brandon. His feelings later grew romantic, and when Daisy’s boyfriend (Emma’s father) found out, he became the victim of harassment. The night he was shot at the lake was actually supposed to be just a meeting between him and Daisy. But, again, Emma’s father found out and alerted the police.

I applaud Emma and Friend Zone’s decision to defy Audrey’s request and totally watch the footage she wanted them to destroy. And points to Emma for straight-up breaking into Audrey’s house to get it.

Emma is supportive of her mum and Sheriff hooking up. Good.

Brooke and Jake don’t find a body in the freezer, but they do find a shred of a sheet. Like the kind of handy sheet you wrap a body in?

Oh, and Will’s unanswered pleas for help from an incapacitated Piper as he’s dragged away are a great way to cap off an episode.

Scream Betrayed Will stabbed

Like, everyone, honey.

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