Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 8 – TV Review

PLL FrAmed Rhys Matthews

Nah, bro.

But I would believe you if you said you were a horrendously visible red herring.

I mean, can it really be this easy, A?

TL;DR The Liars discover a compelling Charles/A suspect; Clark is also evil (natch); Aria’s photography show is gloriously ruined; Roma is back, but doesn’t do much; Alison is now sympathetic to Charles.

Because of that one time when they met as kids.

Our plots this week are:

It’s time for Aria to dampen proceedings as she pulls ahead with this photography show shit. A replaces her entries with those photos of the Liars on the fake morgue slabs, which gave me a good laugh. She also plays hot n’ cold with Ezra (who is still kind of seeing Aussie chick). And Clark is revealed to be in league with our new A suspect, which is bad news for Aria’s lonely genitals.

Hanna is the one who leads us to our new A suspect: Rhys Matthews, an employee at the Carissimi Group (the company responsible for her mystery scholarship). She and Spencer Nancy Drew him down, and he does bear a striking resemblance to Jason, so you never know. The ruse does result in Hanna tossing away her scholarship, though. $30,000? Who needs it, right?

Spencer helps Hanna with the Carissimi investigation, and then she, Hanna, and Emily later tail Rhys to an abandoned doll factory (of course it is), where Rhys is joined by Clark. The ladies decide to flee the scene without further investigation. Because we’ve got another two episodes to burn through, dammit.

Emily brags about her sexual manipulation of Sara to Aria, but Sara is thankfully absent from the episode.

And Alison uses Lorenzo so she can get access to the police station and their investigation room. She’s concerned about what Papa D, who is privately meeting with Roma, is saying. And she’s worried that the police with shoot Charles on sight if they find him, and she doesn’t want her kidnapping, drugging, torturing, estranged brother to be taken away.

It’s a frightening world where Papa D is the most sane Dilaurentis.

This episode at least gives us a compelling new A suspect. But the last time it did that, she was vetoed the very next episode.

And the ease with which the Liars find Rhys is far too suspicious.

Oh, and Red Coat’s fucking back. Because who wouldn’t want to be reminded of season 4: the season of Ravenswood prepping?

Good times.


Why I hate this episode:

I don’t even care who Red Coat is at this point. The Liars should just move somewhere with a warmer climate. No more hoodies or coats to worry about. Problem solved.

Also, these characters really need to start closing their curtains or at least look out their windows more often. Red Coat just chills right in front of a window at Hanna’s house while Ashley and Ella have a talk. Use your peripheral vision, ladies.

Aria isn’t a big problem this episode. Mainly because she gets shut down at pretty much every turn. But she does take the opportunity to bug me when she doesn’t find Emily’s seduction of a probably-crazy Sara to be gross in any way.

Hanna fucking gives the money back to Carissimi. I wouldn’t give a shit where it came from. These girls already have murderers on their heels for no real reason. So what if Carissimi starts pulling the strings attached to her scholarship later? It’d be already spent, and how much worse than A could they be? Fucking cash that shit and move on. Ashley had the right idea.

Were the people who approved the gallery show photos not present at the event? Did none of them see the photos in Aria’s space that clearly weren’t her entries? One of them was on the fucking flyer ad, for God’s sake. Nobody noticed it wasn’t on display?

Carissimi is the new Radley. Jesus. I made that joke in last season’s finale about how A is like the Umbrella Corporation. It looks like I was right.

The school is considering barring the girls from attending prom because it’s a security concern. But they’re apparently not that concerned about the graduation assembly, where Spencer (and, if she’s there, presumably the other girls) is being invited to attend and make a speech? Wouldn’t graduation be worse? Prom is mostly just the kids and some chaperones. Graduation is the kids, all the relevant faculty, and, more importantly to the school’s reputation, the families of all the graduates. I see Rosewood High’s priorities are dictated by the plot.

Oh, and I’m just going to let Alison’s sympathy for Charles slide by me on this one. It only exists to create artificial drama between Alison and the Liars, and I don’t expect it to be something we’ll have to deal with in the long haul. Shut up, Alison.


But it’s not all bad:

Roma puts her in her idiotic place, though. Alison’s all like “Wah wah my brother my brother.” But Roma’s like “Cunt, he’s a psychopathic murderer. Check yourself.” Mmm, gurl.

Alison does do a decent job of duping the hell out of Lorenzo. She makes him soup (he’s injured from the baseball cannon of doom from last episode, remember) and hangs out at his house until he falls asleep, then steals his key card and breaks into the investigation room at the police station. Roma catches her red handed. Sadly, she doesn’t arrest Alison or anything, but a verbal dressing down will satisfy me for now.

Roma actually gets a little bit of play outside of just being the designated cop this episode. Charles/A leaves a coded taunt with the swapped photos directed at her (a mostly banal message about how he has the facilities to learn things about her). Could Roma be A!? No.

Aria impresses me this episode. Because she gets snapped in every situation. First, she fails in asking Emily to be her bro buddy to prom. Then she gets turned down by Ezra, too, when Aussie chick shows up. And then her photography show is not only ruined, but entirely shut down because the police are called in. Fail on, baby. Please me.

Points for calling in the police to the photography show, by the way. If this had been an earlier season, the Liars would have just endured it with some worried glances. Use the police, girls. They believe you now.

Rhys makes for a compelling Charles/A suspect. He has that Dilaurentis look about him (Emily even mistakes a photo Hanna shows her for Jason); he’s got the wealth of a shady company at his disposal; and he acts evil as fuck in his meeting with Hanna and Spencer. I can’t wait to see how the next episode will show him to be completely pointless.

But hey, maybe Charles went to Michael Jackson’s dermatologist and got a reverse treatment to become Clark? I knew ABC Family wouldn’t let us trust a black man.

Hanna gets the best line of the episode when she pushes back against Alison’s claims of empathy for Charles due to that party she went to as a child: “You played skee ball. Once. I wouldn’t call that family bonding.” They were all thinking it.

After the gallery incident, Ella goes to Ashley and cries about how they’re so powerless to protect their children. Could the parents of the Liars finally be rising up?

Sara isn’t in this episode.

Lorenzo dumps Alison, so with any luck we’ll be rid of him, too.

Roma has surveillance camera footage from the gallery of the person switching the photos. We don’t see a face, but they very heavily appear to be Rhys.

Red Coat and Charles/A keep an eye on proceedings. And they end the episode by preparing for Charles/A to attend prom. Hoodies go with tuxedos, don’t they?

Oh, and Aria continues the surprises by not dressing like a punk/goth/emo wannabe hipster doofus at the gallery. She looks very presentable, actually. Nice job.

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