Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 7 – TV Review

PLL Oh Brother Where Art Thou Jason Charles shadow

Everything is terrifying in Rosewood. Mainly Sara’s inability to act, though.

Yes, we finally see Charles.

Well, his shadow.

That counts, right?

TL;DR The gang fumbles an opportunity to catch Charles; Spencer accidentally drugs Toby; Mike and Mona are back together; Sara still hasn’t committed suicide yet.

The Sara Death Watch goes on.

Alison’s back this week, so here are our five major plot threads:

Spencer nudges out in front this episode, as she and the Liars try to set an ambush for Charles, who has arranged a supposedly secret rendezvous with Jason. They fuck it up spectacularly, of course, with the icing on the cake being that Spencer unknowingly receives some more special treats from Sabrina, which Toby happens to eat, and now he’s probably going to be fired. Girlfriend Of The Year or what, huh?

Emily continues her advantage-taking romance with Sara and gets jealous when Sara wants to spend some time with an old friend (that one we met way back when).

Hanna gets a surprise college scholarship from a company that has ties to Radley, but is too late to voice her concerns to Ashley, who deposits the cheque.

Aria pretty much sulks around like her wet blanket self, but she does lend an ear to Mike, who manages to get his relationship with Mona back on track. She later finds out that she has been accepted into that photography show Clark told her about. Because that matters.

And Papa D evacuates Alison from the home. When she finds out that Charles is on the loose, she alerts the Liars, who then scheme to ambush him at the rendezvous with Jason. Alison also alerts the police (thank you!), and the ambush ends up being a disappointing kerfuffle.

But hey, Jason lives to smolder another day.

It’s yet more filler that only serves to keep us from finding out who Charles is, but it’s not like that’s anything new for Pretty Little Liars.

I’ll holster my irritation just for a little bit, and say I’m at least thankful that the Liars are making an effort.

And Alison has the sense to call the actual police, which is what all of them should have been doing this whole fucking season so far.

Snaps, Alison.


Why I hate this episode:

The rendezvous fumble is a fucking joke. Charles/A manages to get away by weaponising a baseball shooting machine (the building is an abandoned arcade) to take out Toby and Lorenzo, who are first on the scene. This somehow works, and the Liars, who are next to bust in, just kind of flap around and worry about Toby, instead of, oh, I don’t know, using their sheer numbers to corner A?

Jason isn’t much use either, although I suppose he can be forgiven because he had no idea what was going on. But not even the actual police manage to catch A. How much more severely does A have to outnumbered? Fucking hell.

Spencer assumes that A doesn’t know that the Liars have discovered their tracking implants, and they should use them to fool A. This is ridiculously presumptuous, which Emily, of all people, points out during the ambush scheme discussion later. To add insult to fuckheadedness, Spencer turns out to be right, as A is shown to be monitoring the implants (having been removed and left at Spencer’s house at this point) without realising what the Liars are up to. Is A omniscient or not, PLL? Gosh.

I was expecting Hanna’s “scholarship” to actually turn out to be a ruse by Ashley, who had gotten a loan or something to help Hanna pay for college. That would have been some proper drama, and Ashley did act kind of suss when telling Hanna about it originally. But lol nope, massive Radley conspiracy strikes again.

Oh, and Emily’s jealousy of Claire (Sara’s friend) is amazingly transparent and pathetic. I’d tell Emily to get herself some dignity, but she’s the one preying on a damaged teen girl. So, you know. That ship’s already sailed.


But it’s not all bad:

Sara has fucked off over to Claire’s place (for the night? For longer? I wasn’t paying attention), so that’s a big plus. Thank God. We might even get an episode without her.

Despite the slapstick-level failure of the ambush, I applaud the Liars’ attempt. They even cut out their implants (sadly, offscreen). Good on them.

And despite the fact that the actual police arriving was the final nail in the plan’s coffin, I thank Alison for having the sense to call the fucking police for once. She sneaks out of the hotel room Papa D has them hiding in and is picked up by Mona. Mona’s surprise at Alison calling the police mirrored my own.

Charles/A had originally invited Jason alone to the rendezvous point. Jason almost gets to meet him, but everyone else piles in before they get face-to-face. So close.

He and Alison then find a projector in their house playing a home movie from when they were kids and Jessica took them to a supposed second cousin’s birthday party. They now realise this boy must have been Charles.

The most interesting new development is the episode’s stinger, as Charles/A receives a birthday gift from someone who signs as “your friend and ally.” So Charles/A either has an accomplice, or there’s another A out there operating independently. Spooky. The gift was a painted still from the birthday party home movie, btw.

Best line of the episode goes to Ashley, who is none too impressed with Hanna’s vigilantism in trying to ambush Charles/A:
Hanna: “We were so close to catching him.”
Ashley: “That is not your job! You are a high school student.”
I’ve been saying it all along, Ash.

Mona and Mike’s reconciliation was surprisingly vital to me. I was pretty crushed for him when he thought she was dead, so it was good for him to emerge from the darkness.

I liked watching Claire blow up Emily’s spot.

Oh, and Toby, still high, no doubt, fucks Spencer off for accidentally drugging him while on the job. I don’t think Roma will be too happy, either.

PLL Oh Brother Where Art Thou Toby on drugs

“You ate it all? Selfish narc arsehole!”

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  1. Anonymous says :

    I can’t tell you how much I love reading these after watching each episode. After all the shit PLL’s been pulling lately, this is probably the only thing I’m actually looking forward to while watching this series. So thanks.

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