The Salvation – CBF Review

The Salvation Eva Green Mads Mikkelsen Penny Dreadful Hannibal

Sorry, Mads.

Two of television’s biggest horror show stars unite in an atmospheric, brutal, modern western?

Sign me the fuck up.

The plot sees Mads, an immigrant, bringing his son and wife to America join his farmer brother (who is, sadly, not portrayed by Lars Mikkelsen. That would have been epic). Sonny and Wifey are promptly murdered by a gangster, who Mads murders right the fuck back. It’s a shame that gangster was the brother of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the local mob boss, who sets his sights on vengeance. Eva Green shows up as that dead gangster’s mute wife, who schemes to rob Jeffrey Dean and ditch this dirt patch. Eventually, Mads and Eva unite to take down Jeffrey Dean, and leave on a journey together. Which I presume will consist of terrifying and arousing every person they come across with their grim, but beautiful, faces.

I hate this movie because although I appreciate how stripped-back it was, it ends up becoming pretty hollow as a result; there is an upsetting amount of bizarre CGI; and that kid who helped during the final siege kind of gets offed without any fanfare. Rude.

But it’s not all bad because without even uttering a single word, Eva Green totally dominates the entire movie; Mads Mikkelsen is even better at being a grizzled, unfettered beast than he is at being a suave cannibal; and (except for that poor kid. And Mads’ brother getting killed) the ending is a total win for our heroes. Mads and Eva demolish Jeffrey Dean and his gang, and ride off into the sunset together.

Verdict: 3 out of 5 stars.

It’s a stylish little slice of brutality, but it won’t go down in history. Here, let Eva show you.

The Salvation Eva Green withering stare

Her withering stare would kill a man. She doesn’t even need the gun.

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