Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 6 – TV Review

PLL No Stone Unturned Papa D digging up Charles grave

They should have just let Hanna finish the job last time.

Pretty Little Liars is evidently now indulging in time travel.

Because we’re back to Charles being alive, and Lesli no longer being an A suspect.

Let the crap cometh.

TL;DR Charles is likely alive, and likely A; Lesli is not A; Emily finally gets her sleazy lips on Sara; Dean is still lingering; Alison does not appear this episode.

And I didn’t miss her at all. The poor dear.

So with only four leading ladies this episode, these are our plots:

It’s an Emily-heavy episode, so ready your groans now. Emily falls deeper in lust with an increasingly unstable Sara. A friend from Emily’s time in Haiti offers her an opportunity to get away, but Emily would rather mash face with Sara, instead. Nice priorities.

Aria has some flirtations with both Clark and Ezra, and teams up with Hanna and Spencer to investigate Lesli. The investigation results in Mona telling the Liars that not only is Lesli innocent, but that Charles’ organ transplant papers (which had confirmed his death) are false. One step forward, one step back.

Hanna does a lot of the ground work for the Lesli investigation, including stealing her car. This is mostly so she can avoid Caleb, but they end up reuniting their genitals before the episode is out.

And Spencer gets some unexpected affections from Dean (who is still around for some reason), but it goes nowhere.

Oh, and Papa D receives a card from Charles threatening his imminent murder.

Can’t anybody in this show just murder someone without all the fanfare? Gosh, you guys.

So after my praise last episode, we have literally been shoved back to where we were in episode 4. And I wasn’t a huge fan of episode 4, if you recall.

At least we’re rid of Lesli, right? I mean, it’s almost too much to continue enduring the way her name is spelled.


Why I hate this episode:

In a huge slap to the face, though, we see Lesli’s name spelled as “Leslie” when her college staff profile is seen on a computer. Fuck you, PLL. If you’re going to give your characters obnoxious name spellings, be goddamn consistent.

Unsurprisingly, because this is an Emily episode, Emily turns into a major problem this week. On a regular week she isn’t the star player, either, but now she’s not only on her crusade to bed an emotionally crippled broken bird, but she succeeds. It’s a victory for sleazy, boundary-challenged manipulators everywhere.

She also compliments Sara’s shitty tattoo again. In an effort to conceal the fact she was perving. Never stop being classy, Em.

We’ve got yet another new character, as some Aussie chick who Emily worked with in Haiti (what, was Rumer Willis busy? How?) comes to offer her another aid project trip. As much as I love some Australian representation, we don’t need you, bitch. Emily first accepts the offer, but only if Sara can come. And then she declines. Because Sara can’t come. Good grief.

And she could be sticking around, as we see Aussie chick all chummy with Ezra later. Which makes Aria jealous, of course.

Oh, Aria. You’d think she’d be grateful that Emily is taking the heat off her for once. But ain’t nobody gonna out-dumb Aria. Because she’s got a black guy to flirt with/be suspicious of, and an Ezra to selfishly pine over.

Dean is still around. I have no idea why. He confesses to Spencer that he’s in love with her or something, then promptly fucks off because it’s irresponsible (something something fellow addicts something). Stay gone, then?

While Hanna is still flying the tattered remains of PLL’s logic flag, she does make the retarded decision to release all of the test animals at the college lab where Lesli works as a TA. She then promptly finds out that was indeed retarded when a raccoon kind of attacks them. Step aside, A, hey?

Mona takes one glance at Charles’ organ donation papers and dismisses them as false. It’s a good thing Mona is such a paragon of truth-telling and not-double-crossing-everyone, isn’t it?

Oh, and the girls all apparently have microchips embedded in their necks by A during their time in the bunker. Fucking what?


But it’s not all bad:

Sara gets sideswiped by a car while riding her bike (sadly, offscreen). Every inch closer to her death is welcome.

Aussie chick proves herself observant and rational when she worries that Em be creepin’ on Sara, who might not reciprocate her feelings.

Hanna and Caleb’s relationship gets some decent play this episode. She’s still giving him the cold shoulder, which leads to him spending a little more time with Ashley. Ashley is sympathetic to his plight, and encourages him to have hope that Hanna’s still hungry for him inside. Which she is, as Hanna finally relents and lets Caleb into her bad later in the episode. Aww.

Papa D gets the most relevant plot this episode. He finds a birthday card on his car at the start of the episode, and by the end of the episode he’s digging up Charles’ grave. Why? Because the letter is from Charles, who is promising to turn up for his own birthday soon. And he also heavily implies that he’s going to murder Papa D.

Mona reveals that not only is Charles likely not dead, but that he also escape from Radley on the same night Bethany did (the night of Alison’s original disappearance). Lesli also wasn’t besties with Bethany; she actually hated her, and had little interaction with her. I still can’t really remember who Bethany is, by the way. I’m sure it’ll come back to me someday.

Alison isn’t in this episode, and I didn’t miss her one bit. This show is continually overstuffed, so it’s nice to cut out a major character every now and then.

Clark seems a little bit suss. Aria and Emily return to the junkyard from last episode for A clues, and he happens to be there again, too. Ooh.

Mona is disappointed in Hanna, Spencer, and Aria’s amateurishness at breaking into Lesli’s TA lab. I concur.

Despite not being as plot relevant as Papa D’s story, Hanna nabs the best scene this episode, and probably the most fun PLL scene in a long time. She dupes a valet so she can steal Lesli’s car, and she sells that shit expertly. I also love the fact that Hanna thinks nothing of fucking stealing someone’s car.

Oh, and I’ll give Emily a little bit of a break because Sara is the one who initiates their pash-off. Emily is clearly not a beacon of self-restraint, though.

PLL No Stone Unturned Emily Bethany kiss

Remember, kiddies: if she’s an underage kidnapping victim with manic tendencies and impulsive, destructive behaviour, and she says yes, then it’s a green light.

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  1. Anonymous says :

    Do you think it’s possible that Hanna used Leslie’s car to hit Sara?

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