Under the Dome – Discontinued

Under the Dome Move On But I'm Not Melanie egg pods

I will miss the cave raves, though.

I was hoping that Under the Dome would pull a Revenge Season 3 and loudly ignore the shitpile of its second season and return to the triumphant, if middling, survival drama it used to be.

I was wrong.

Season 3 instead seems to be doubling down on the crazy, Lost-esque drivel that spewed forth from season 2, as the premiere double episode introduces a whole new set of bizarre, alien nonsense.

I could forgive the egg/pod people/alternate reality stuff if, like Revenge’s season 3 openers, they were only included so the show could cut the ends off the loose threads from season 2. But this shit is all new to this season. This is the direction the show is going on, and I’ll have no part of it.

The only thing that could turn me around would be if Natalie Zea and Britt Robertson’s characters suddenly came back (I might consider settling for Linda), Barbie and Hunter had a secret affair with each other, and Barbie walked around oiled and shirtless all the time.

But that’s not going to happen.

It’s a shame that Marg Helgenberger let herself be roped into this. She shouldn’t have to sully her Species sci-fi cred on this utter failure of a television show.

As much fun as I had hate-watching Under the Dome last year, it’s simply not worth the effort to go on.

Under the Dome Move On But I'm Not Barbie/Hunter UST

Is it still UST if it’s this blatant?

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7 responses to “Under the Dome – Discontinued”

  1. Teylen says :

    Awww. Well got UtD Season 3 start still on my series pile.
    Seems like it will be a chore to watch it.
    I am curious though how they did include the aliens.

  2. morty says :

    yer captions are stupid and not funny

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