Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 3 – TV Review

PLL Songs of Experience Liars

They really need to re-edit the opening, too.

I think it’s time to prepare for the apocalypse, because this week marks three uncomplicated PLL episodes in a row.

Surely this can’t keep up.

TL;DR Charles Dilaurentis did exist; Andrew is released without charge; Sara is looking pretty mentally fucked; Alison is still sniffing around Lorenzo’s dick.

He ain’t no Enzo, though.

The girls mostly keep their plots together this week. Their major goal is continuing the investigation into Charles, but their conviction in Andrew being Charles starts to wane. Jason provides a clue in that he had a supposedly imaginary childhood friend named “Charlie,” who Papa D one day told him had left for good. This leads the ladies into finding a photo of Jessica with the two boys from A/Charles’ home movie, which Alison and Jason use to confront Papa D at the episode’s end. Meanwhile, Andrew alibis out for Sara’s original kidnapping and for Mona’s fake murder/kidnapping. so is released. The Liars do find out he’s adopted, though, so he’s not out of the woods yet. Meanwhile, Sara stays at Emily’s place and acts generally unhinged; Hanna unsuccessfully tries to arrange a group therapy session for the Liars with Dr Sullivan; Toby wants Alison to keep her vagina off Lorenzo; Alison is intent on getting her vagina on Lorenzo; and the “game” A/Charles forced the Liars to play in the bunker gets its balls cut off.

They weren’t actually electrocuting each other after all. Boo.

So yeah, more sensible, plot-forward momentum from Pretty Little Liars.

After so many seasons of unwieldy, mounting bullshit, I still can’t feel confident that this peace will last.

But I’m happy to praise PLL for the work it has done so far. Don’t backslide, baby.


Why I hate this episode:

Pretty bummed about the game reveal, though. It turns out that A/Charles was just making them think they were electrocuting each other, because the Liars finally conference about it, and they all reveal that they never got shocked on their end. That’s so pointless, though. If he was willing to kidnap, starve, noise torture and otherwise psychologically maim them for three weeks (not to mention the two years he put Sara through, so it’s not like he’s just a big softie), then why not let them actually electrocute each other? What’s the difference?

Did Papa D not anticipate that Alison/the Liars might ask Jason about Charles? You gotta pre-empt this shit, bro.

Sara is a ball and chain. Here’s hoping she commits suicide soon or something. I don’t care about her little sob stories or manifesting psychosis. Her rationale for originally running away from home was that her dad had left her, and her mum was a bit of a dick. Oh, shoosh. I’m glad she got kidnapped for two years. It’s a just punishment for that magnitude of brat-itude.

Lorenzo is cute (if a little way too old), but PLL was already clogged up with four lead characters and their love interests. We don’t need our shoved-in fifth lead getting a shoved-in love interest. There’s simply not enough room.

Alison puts on her martyr pants when she tells Spencer that she blames herself for the Liars’ kidnapping. I’d make a sarcastic remark about how everything just has to be about Alison, but given the direction PLL is heading, it’d be true. I don’t appreciate martyrdom, though.

Oh, and Andrew tries to rub Aria’s (and the other Liars, but mainly Aria) face in the injustice he’s suffered by telling her he spent the three weeks they were missing looking for them. That’d be sweet, except for how fucking suspicious it looked that he completely vanished in supposed pursuit of this search. If you don’t want to look shady, don’t act shady, lady.


But it’s not all bad:

Andrew is out. And to further prove not only to the Liars, but to us, too, that he’s not Charles, the Liars receive a threatening Facetime from A/Charles while Andrew is locked up. Unless, of course, he has an accomplice. Oh, shit.

The girls get their detective work done quickly with the Charlie story. As soon as they know about him, Alison immediately puts them to work ransacking her house for clues. Aria finds the photo hidden in a button jar, and Jason and Alison waste no time in confronting Papa D with it. The episode closes before we can hear his response, but I don’t think PLL will bother concealing that from us next episode. Touché, everyone.

Sara is an obstacle (and that girl is rivalling Toby’s actor in the “why is someone paying us for this” stakes), but she is largely unobtrusive for now. A threatens her life to prevent the Liars from telling Dr Sullivan about Charles, but that genie won’t stay in its bottle for long. They should just take Sara with them next time, right?

It’s nice to see Dr Sullivan back, even if she didn’t get a chance to do much. She’s a reminder of better times.

Toby reasonably wants to keep Alison away from Lorenzo because he still kind of hates her. Which is fair. Spencer is obligatorily appalled by him, and later encourages Alison to get dat dick. Girl power!

Out of the Liars plus Alison, Hanna is the only one who sticks to the plan of going back to school. Because she’s what? Professional.

Ezra impersonates a police officer over the phone to find out that Andrew is adopted. I pray that will come back to haunt him (because that’s super illegal).

Aria gets the best line of the episode when telling the others about Andrew being adopted: “…he might be older than we think he is.” Well, duh. Have you looked at him?

Oh, and I respect PLL’s attempts to make Aria feel more important by letting her find the photo and giving her prominence in the Andrew release scene. Somebody has to put in the effort to remember she exists, you know.

PLL Songs of Experience Aria camera photography

Yes. Just like Emily and her swimming.

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