Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 2 – TV Review

PLL Songs of Innocence Emily shooting range

They finally figured it out.

What absurdity is this?

Two PLL episodes in a row that aren’t spilling with bizarre, callback bullshit?

Well, except Sara Harvey.

But nobody really cares about her.

TL;DR Things are kept pretty low-key, as the Liars struggle through their bunker-induced traumas; the police apprehend Andrew; Alison meets a new love interest; Andrew might not be Charles, though.

That’d be way too easy for this show.

So it’s back to the Liar-by-Liar breakdown, baby:

Hanna carries the gravest mental scars from the bunker, as she goes Reno Rumble on her bedroom to eradicate everything that reminds her of the fake room in Charles’ dungeon. She confesses to Ashley that Charles made them play some twisted games or something, although we don’t see much of what they really were.

Aria’s way of coping with the trauma is to be overeager in pinning down Andrew for the crime (Toby and the police catch him this episode). She lies to the investigators that she saw Andrew’s face while in the bunker, so he’s definitely the culprit. Ella is none too pleased, and Aria herself regrets it.

Emily deals with her stress by going to a shooting range with her dad’s guns, which alarms Pam. Emily also gets a visit from Sara (who has run away from home again), and Sara doesn’t seem convinced that Andrew is the one who locked her up for two years.

Spencer Joneses for some pills to relieve her stress, but Veronica won’t let her have any (because of her addictive personality, you know?). So she steals some from Aria.

And Alison doesn’t get shit from Papa D when she asks him about a Charles Dilaurentis. She does meet Toby’s new cop partner, Lorenzo, though, and they get to flirting. Despite the fact that he looks like he’s about thirty and she’s still in high school.

Not that inappropriate age match-ups ever mattered to anyone in Rosewood.

Season 6 is making me pretty nervous so far. Apart from the ass pull of Sara, there hasn’t been anything objectionably bizarre. Where’s the ceaseless storm of ridiculousness that we’re used to?

Come on, bunker flashbacks. Get to it.


Why I hate this episode:

What we do see of the bunker flashbacks appears to be the girls being forced to electrocute one of their friends, and if they don’t choose, then everyone gets shocked. Is this an episode of The Simpsons? What?

Lorenzo is yet another new character that we don’t need. And seriously, why do adults in this show keep getting so enamoured with the idea of dating a high school girl? Gross.

Andrew is so obviously not Charles that I think even the show isn’t taking him seriously as a red herring. Move on, already.

I’d say that I can’t believe Aria could be so stupid as to make a false statement to the investigators, but this is Aria we’re talking about, so.

Spencer’s pill addiction shit can keep the fuck out, please. We already did that.

Hanna puts Ashley under undue financial pressure so she can redecorate her room. Rude bitch.

Oh, and it’s absolutely ludicrous that any of the Liars, having endured the years and years of A fake-outs and conspiracies, would just be completely convinced that Andrew is Charles. No doubt. No exceptions. He’s Charles, and that’s that. Good God, girls. Haven’t you learned anything?


But it’s not all bad:

The investigator notes that the police do have a paper trail connecting Andrew to the bunker, they’re just baffled as to how a high schooler could afford all the construction work to build it.

Interestingly, Toby leads the push later in the episode that Andrew might be getting framed up by someone. Toby starts off the episode ready to rip Andrew apart when he catches him, but he’s finding it hard to believe that all the connections to Charles were so easy to find.

Add that to Sara’s uncertainty as to whether Andrew is Charles, and it looks like these bitches are going to have to keep digging.

Papa D claims there is no Charles Dilaurentis, but he is very quick off the mark to shut Alison’s inquiry down. Alison is shown looking through a photo album at the end of the episode, and there are photos missing.

Emily is pretty handy with a gun. That should be useful down the line.

Pam makes a good point about how Emily is a high school girl going around with fucking guns. There might be hope for American parents yet.

Sara explains that she ran away from home two years ago, and was attacked by someone and then woke up in the bunker.

In the present, she runs away from home again to come meet Emily and the Liars. She says that her mum appears to have enjoyed the attention of having a missing daughter, and she didn’t want to take that from her. That’s just crazy enough to be hilarious.

Aria implies that she chose to electrocute Spencer during one of the bunker games. I lol’d.

Oh, and Hanna may be a presumptuous, capricious jerk, but the girl doesn’t waste any time ripping her room apart. She kept the evil pillows, though.

PLL Songs of Innocence Hanna's room

“Tell me about it.” -Caleb

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