iZombie Season 1 Episode 12 – TV Review

iZombie Dead Rat Live Rat Brown Rat White Rat Liv stoned

And I am most definitely not from New Zealand.

It’s time for the zombie secret to break free.

To one more character.

Hey, it’s progress.

TL;DR The COW tracks the zombified Sebastian; Liv kills him and Aly witnesses everything; Major is abducted by the Candyman and Blaine for his theft of Blaine’s astronaut brains; Liv’s brother finally applies for that Meat Cute job.

Kids these days. So lazy.

So despite his absence last episode, iZombie hasn’t forgotten about Sebastian. He gets I Know What You Did Last Summer’d by a group of four teens, who are naturally surprised when he rises out of the shallow grave they’ve buried him in and kills one of them. Liv, Babineaux, and Ravi are on the case, and it doesn’t take Liv long to realise Sebastian is the culprit. Curiously, one of the other teens ends up murdered, too, with a third (Sin from Arrow) fearing for her life. The case is interrupted when Sebastian, who is not totally happy about Liv inadvertently making him a zombie, attacks Aly out of spite. So Liv murders the shit out of him. Which Aly witnesses, forcing Liv to reveal that she is the dreaded Z-word. Aly runs away, obviously. Meanwhile, Major continues his dogged snooping into Blaine and Meat Cute, but gets too close and ends up captured by the Candyman, with the promise of torture until he reveals what he’s done with the very valuable Alan York brains he stole. Meanwhile, the cured zombie rat dies, so Ravi uses the last of his supplies to create a final test subject; Ravi’s date getaway with Aly is ruined by the zombie revelations; Blaine accepts Liv’s brother’s job application when he sees he’s related to Liv; and Sin, even following Sebastian’s death, is attacked by an off-screen person.

I suspect it was I Know What You Did Last Summer Teen No. 4, who she may or may not have been colluding with to blackmail Teen No. 2 (the second victim). Kids these days. So criminal.

After last episode’s fake-out with Liv’s admission of being a zombie to Major, I’m glad iZombie immediately followed up with a real admission.

We didn’t need to drag this secret out any longer. And Aly is sufficiently conflicted by the news.


Why I hate this episode:

Still no love for Babineaux, though? This whole city-wide zombie crime syndicate issue would be a lot easier to resolve if you got a hot cop on your side.

Babineaux even gets close this episode when he takes a bite out of a brain pizza Liv had sitting out, but iZombie pulls back by having Babineaux assume the poor taste and texture of the topping belonged to mushrooms. I mean, I’ll bash on pizza mushrooms as much as the next person, but at least take a proper look at the slice, B. Gosh.

I was kind of hoping that iZombie would be cheeky enough not to have to spell out the fact that the teen plot was ripping off I Know What You Did Last Summer, but we get some awkward dialogue from Sin later on that namedrops it for those audience members who are not so learned in their slasher movies.

Liv also insults I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, which is not okay. That’s trash slasher royalty, bitch. And she makes a long-winded joke about how they should make a third one called “Seriously, I’m So Not Ever Forgetting What You Did Last Summer.” Ho, they already did make a third one. It’s fucking awful, but it exists. Do your Wikipedia research.

Oh, and this is a personal thing, but the fictional band that the teens are members of is called The Asshats. “Asshat” is a popular term for politically correct, mostly-on-tumblr idiots to use as a “safe” insult so they don’t rile up their neutered readers. If you want to call somebody a cunt or a retard, just do it. Who cares if there’s a hat on my ass? I’d be more impressed than anything.


But it’s not all bad:

Once again, the COW is proving itself to be a little deeper than a regular crime procedural. Not only do I appreciate that it links us back to Sebastian, but the evolving mystery regarding what Sin and Cameron (Teen No. 4) are up to is a nice addition. From what we’ve seen, it looks like Sin and Cameron were blackmailing Teen No. 2 (the stoner) by posing as a witness from the I Know What You Did Last Summer-ing using Kimber’s (the one Sebastian killed) phone.

This would be meaty enough by itself, but it has to be more important than just an extra layered COW, as the scenes of Sin being lured to meet “Cameron” at a seedy motel, and Sin’s attack, are given surprising prominence. The final shot of the episode is a bloody and dying Sin reaching out to the motel phone to call 911. It has to be relevant to our major arcs.

Throughout the course of the COW, Liv first eats Kimber’s brain, which turns her into a peppy, go-getting cheerleader type. Rose McIver does a good job with her teen speak, which ends up helping when they interview Kimber’s best friend.

After Stoner’s murder, Liv eats his brain, and develops stereotypical stoner habits. This is kind of obstructive, but she commits to it.

Sebastian tells Liv that he’s extra pissed at her for making him a zombie because his hunger overtook him and he ate his aunt, who was like a mother to him. Who knew psychopathic hitmen had feelings?

Liv’s fight with Sebastian is ridiculously slick for a CW soap. TVD and The Originals should take note. Has iZombie been borrowing Arrow’s fight choreographer?

Liv takes a knife to the gut, and a knife through the hand, but forges on to end up stabbing Sebastian in the head, using the knife lodged in her hand. Damn, that’s practical.

The highlight of the episode is Liv’s emotional admission to Aly after Aly witnesses Liv go rabid mode and stab a guy in the head with a knife lodged in her hand. It’s just as soaring as her fake admission to Major last episode. Wouldn’t have minded another kiss at the end, though.

Aly’s freak-out derails a big date Ravi had planned with her. Aww.

Liv and Ravi are disheartened when they notice the cured zombie rat has died, but luckily Ravi has just enough stuff left to make another one in the hope of doing a better job with the cure this time. Good luck.

I recently caught up on A&E’s Bates Motel-following show, The Returned, and Cameron’s actor is the same as Adam on The Returned. Adam is a psychopathic woman-murderer, so it looks like he may have found his niche.

The I Know What You Did Last Summer homage is darling.

Liv says she wants to kill Blaine quickly so she can prevent Major from putting himself in any more danger. Sadly, Major’s too quick for her, as he poses as a health inspector so he can get a closer look inside Meat Cute. When Blaine and the woman who works there talk about it later, the Candyman realises what’s up, so he abducts him and strings him up in Meat Cute. The one good thing is that Blaine can’t kill Major until he coughs up the location of the million dollars’ worth of astronaut brains he stole.

While strung up, Major overhears Blaine accepting Liv’s brother’s job application. Poor little brother.

Earlier on, Major buys more guns. And a grenade. Cool.

Babineaux and the police conclude that Sebastian must have murdered both Kimber and Teen No. 2, and with Sebastian’s death, they close the investigation. But Teen No. 2’s brains weren’t eaten, baby. I’d like to say my money is still on Cameron, but I’m hoping it’s not that simple.

Oh, and seriously, pragmatism points for Liv. And while she was in rabid mode, no less.

iZombie Sebastian death

Purge the impure.

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