iZombie Season 1 Episode 11 – TV Review

iZombie Astroburger Major shirtless

We’ll let Ravi keep his on, though.

Well, I suppose a Sebastian-induced zombocalypse will have to wait.

Because it’s time for Liv to get cuh-razy.

TL;DR Liv eats a crazy person’s brain and becomes temporarily crazy; the COW draws Liv and Major closer to Blaine’s operations; Major discovers the truth about zombies twice (once for real real, once for play play); Blaine succeeds in his astronaut brain hunt; Ravi and Aly have their date.

He also finds the cure for zombie-ism, but that’s beside the point.

So the COW is again, thankfully, relevant to our arcs. Major’s new friend (you know, the one who believes in zombies) in the psychiatric facility apparently commits suicide, but Liv, Babineaux, and Ravi are soon on the case. The culprit turns out to be a sleazy doctor who fucked him to get pregnant, but Scott E has something more important in his closet: a phone video from the boat party disaster. Liv, Major, and Blaine (who had been acquaintances with Scott E) all race to find it, and Liv comes out on top. Where she doesn’t come out on top, however, is her supposedly rekindled relationship with Major, which includes spooning and admissions of zombification. Sadly, all those heartwarming moments were just inherited hallucinations from Scott E’s defective brain. Oh, well. Meanwhile, Blaine savours the success of his scheme to kill and sell the brains of famed astronaut Alan York. But he’s not too happy when he finds out Liv knew Lowell, or when a delivery is stolen at the end of the episode. By Major, naturally, who proclaims his success to Liv, as well as his intention to kill all zombies. Awkward. Meanwhile, Ravi and Aly’s date is a success. And Ravi discovers that his zombie rat has been cured by his experiments.

Good God, no. I don’t want brunette Liv back.

With only two episodes to go, I will gladly admit I’m looking forward to when our leads all finally converge. Major’s in on the zombie secret, now; Blaine is biding his time grinding his axe; and Liv will have to actually do something about the situation.

I’m guessing that Ravi will probably die. Nobody can be that affable and helpful without getting punished for it.


Why I hate this episode:

Where’s Sebastian, though?

I’ll allow it because the episode clearly advises us that Liv is ingesting the brains of a crazy person, but the reveal of Liv’s cutesy interactions with Major to have been imagined was pretty cheap. Not quite Breaking Dawn Part 2 levels of cheap, but cheap enough. That whole gut-wrenching, tear-stained revelation about her zombification and her shame and his reassurance and that hug and that kiss? Didn’t happen. Rude.

The reveal of Daran Norris’ character having been a hallucination wasn’t as surprising. The whole episode I was like “Why is this busy news guy just hanging around with Liv for days on end?” I’ll concede that I was expecting him to turn out to be evil or something, but when he faded away, I wasn’t shocked.

The talking devils were unimpressive. They were supposed to be the vital clue for the killer’s reveal, but Liv (and, presumably, Scott E. As this is his insanity she’s inherited) was seeing them everywhere. And on things that weren’t the killer’s mug. She saw it way more frequently on those chip bags. Bad clue.

Oh, and iZombie doesn’t show us how Blaine got his hands on Alan York. I wanted to see Blaine get his scheme on.


But it’s not all bad:

On the other hand, Blaine totally succeeded in abducting, murdering, and selling the brains of a celebrity. Think of the future cameo potential.

When Suzuki mentions that Liv was dating Lowell (and Blaine is still pretty snippy about Lowell trying to kill him), Blaine goes to the morgue and menaces Liv and Ravi. He must still need them for his plans, though. Otherwise I don’t see why he wouldn’t have just killed them.

The reveal of the Major hallucinations was a disappointing fake-out, but it was also effectively crushing. Liv’s reaction when she realises is super sad. And made doubly sad by Major’s announcement that he’s going to hunt down all those filthy zombies.

We get a little taste of a gambit pileup when Blaine and Major arrive at Scott E’s apartment at the same time in pursuit of his phone with the zombie video. Major, obviously, wants it as proof for his zombie suspicions. Blaine, alternatively, decides to just burn the apartment down to prevent anyone from getting it. Major manages to slip away, and Liv already has the phone by now, anyway. But I can feel the rumblings of a proper showdown.

Not only does Liv have the phone, but Scott E apparently sent the video to someone at the local news station. It isn’t Daran Norris’ weatherman, as Liv concludes Scott E’s supposed friendship with him was probably all in Scott E’s head. It was nice to have Daran Norris’ smooth voice back, though.

Ravi and Aly’s at-home date is sweet. Liv and Major end up joining them (after Major checks himself out of the psychiatric facility), but things look promising for these two.

Ravi discovers that the zombie rat has gone back to brown. Which is lucky, because he was on the brink of running out of the tainted Utopium he needed for the experiments. Now, onto human trials.

The COW is tidy enough, and Babineaux gets a little more play due to his strained relationship with Major. He is also quietly impressed when Liv fakes a noise complaint call so that police will search the apartment of the red herring orderly who has Scott E’s phone. Smart.

The other red herring is a female patient who was Scott E’s fuck buddy. Liv has a flash of a woman Scott E was banging who appeared to be trying to get pregnant off his semen. Miss Fuck Buddy is ruled out when, despite her advances on Babineaux, she happily discloses that the only pill she makes sure to take is the contraceptive pill.

The killer turns out to be Scott E’s doctor, who fucked him so she could get pregnant. She killed him and (poorly) disguised his death as a suicide to silence him. Liv is appropriately disgusted with her. Both for the murder, and for her abuse of power. Good.

Major sneaks into the boot of Blaine’s car so he can discover his base of operations. It works.

Oh, and Liv is pretty grossed out when she watches Scott E’s video, because he captured footage of her chowing down on some dude’s brain.

iZombie Astroburger Liv zombie eats brains phone video

Blackouts protect you from things for a reason.

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  1. Sire says :

    Babineaux does look like he has a hot body… so yes please. Also, I’ll take a cute shirtless Ravi

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