The Originals Season 2 Episode 22 – TV Review

The Originals Ashes to Ashes Elijah Freya Klaus Rebekah

One of the few highlights from this season.

Just like every episode following the wedding, this season finale is inconsequential.

They just rope in a few of the Originals who have been absent, kill off (like we even believe that’ll be permanent) a couple of villains who never really did anything, anyway, and end without any of the conflict or tension that made last season’s finale so spectacular.

Pick your shit up next season, guys? Okay?

TL;DR The gang dredge up Esther in her original body to kill Dahlia; they kill Dahlia; Claire Holt returns and then fucks off again; Klaus makes enemies that we know won’t stay mad for long; Davina pretends to be imposing; Hope, in a massive shock twist, ends up totally fine.

Holy shit, I never saw that coming.

So we’re picking up right after Klaus’ revealed-to-be-a-ruse betrayal of everyone last episode, as Camille rallies Elijah, Rebekah, and Marcel with Klaus’ true plan: buy time to get the real ingredients to defeat Dahlia. Klaus aids this by allowing Dahlia to link to him, and then daggering himself. Elijah and Rebekah (who, thank God, did wake back up as Claire Holt) dig up Esther’s body and burn it for more Viking ash, and then hijack Davina’s resurrection plan for Kol to resurrect Esther, in her original body, instead. Because Esther is the witch Dahlia loved the most, and they need her blood. Freya, in her fear of Dahlia (and because the anti-Klaus dagger is melting), tries invinci-staking Klaus, but he and Dahlia wake up and stop her. Dahlia steals a drop of Hope’s blood (which is all she needs to link to her), the invinci-stake, and Freya, and flees. Then everyone kind of has a huge whinge at Klaus for always being the chessmaster and using them. Which is true. They put their bullshit aside and find Dahlia in time to save Freya, reunite Dahlia with Esther,  and run them through with a sword while they’re hugging, which kills them both for good. Or until next season. The episode ends with Klaus alone, but satisfied, with Hope, as he’s alienated pretty much everyone to protect his daughter. Subplots include: Hayley still being trapped under the Crescent curse and only getting one scene; Camille admitting to Actual Vincent that she’s in love with Klaus; Camille and Klaus still not fucking getting together; Elijah vowing to end his allegiance with Klaus, but returning to his side at Hayley’s insistence (so that Hope can have Elijah as a role model); Davina being pretty pissed off that the Mikaelsons spoiled her one chance to resurrect Kol, and vowing to wage war on them; Dahlia exploding the invinci-stake; Rebekah choosing to be Re-black-ah again, and leaving town; and Josh doesn’t appear in this episode.

It was already a little bloated, so it’s probably for the best. Aiden was the hotter one, anyway.

Like I crazily predicted, Hope ends up okay. With no other major characters in significant peril, this finale just proves The Originals kind of lost its balls in the second half of this season.

What exactly was at stake?


Why I hate this episode:

Speaking of stakes, with the invinci-stake now gone, the Originals literally can no longer be killed. I fully expect a new method of killing them to be revealed next season, but it would be a massive slap in the face to the invinci-stake, which has been consistently (one of the few consistent things when it comes to magic in the TVD-verse) the only weapon against the Originals since season 3 of The Vampire Diaries. It would be a mighty shame to have that overturned just because the plot requires it.

And they’ll have to. Because it was bad enough when so little was at stake this season. They can’t continue on without any fatal threat against the Original vampires next season.

The only characters who die this episode are Dahlia and Esther. Esther’s already been killed several times before, and Dahlia has only been around a little while, so excuse me for not feeling any gravity from this loss.

I suppose you could count Kol as another victim of the episode, as Davina apparently only had one shot at using the ancestors’ power to resurrect someone. How absurdly arbitrary.

Davina is being positioned as the major antagonist for next season. That’s embarrassing.

Claire Holt comes back only for this episode. I was hopeful that the death of Eva’s body would mean that at the very least, if she left, she’d still be original Rebekah. But no, Freya patches up Eva’s corpse, and Rebekah gives us the worst of both worlds by both choosing to be Re-black-ah for now, and leaving town, too. What excuse will she find to return next season?

Klaus and Camille can’t get their lips together, and it’s exhausting. They have an almost-kiss this episode. After Romero and Norma on Bates Motel, I’m suffering from too much almost-kiss fatigue to put up with this.

Marcel’s role on this show has completely eroded. He’s just an errand boy and/or an obstacle that needs to be shuffled around. Klaus says he’s going to return reign over New Orleans back to Marcel now that he has Hope, so maybe he’ll step up next season.

Jackson defied my wishes and didn’t die. Goddammit. He doesn’t appear in this episode, so I suppose I’ll have to take what I can get.

Elijah makes a big deal about Gia’s death. Nobody cares.

Despite making it her life’s mission to kill them, Esther can’t stand the sight of watching Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah die in front of her. Way to by wishy-washy.

Oh, and Camille again gets saddled with the role of babysitter for Hope. Such is the Matt Life.


But it’s not all bad:

Camille admits to Actual Vincent when they’re babysitting Hope in the safe house that she’s in love with Klaus. Aww. And she’s the only one Klaus is actually apologetic to after all is said and done. Wouldn’t have minded that fucking kiss, though, guys.

Klaus’ plan is pretty fantastic. As much as everyone may bitch at Klaus, my God, he knows how to get a plan done. And to be fair to everyone else, they do implicitly accept that Klaus’ plan will work, which is why they get on with it when they notice the dagger is melting and they don’t have time to consider other options.

Well, everyone except Freya, who logically reasons that, as she has discreetly stolen the invinci-stake, she should just stake Klaus while he’s linked to Dahlia, thereby killing both Dahlia and Klaus. Which isn’t a bad idea. Marcel gives her pause, as he fights to stop her because killing Klaus would kill Klaus’ sire line, which includes him. Marcel also successfully uses the sire line argument to get a fuming Davina to help with finding Dahlia later, as Davina doesn’t want to see Marcel or Josh die. I appreciate when they acknowledge the existing mythology rules.

The one time I actually gasped in the episode was when Dahlia exploded the invinci-stake. That took me by surprise. The ashes quickly infect Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah, and start burning them from the inside out. Clever.

Esther’s presence didn’t piss me off, which is the best thing I’ve said about her in a long time. It was good to have Alice Evans back in the role. She and Elijah have a verbal slapfight for that time she mindfucked him, but Esther eventually accepts her fate to end Dahlia’s life. When she and Dahlia reunite, she signals Elijah to give the enchanted sword to Klaus so he can run them through, thus piercing Dahlia with Esther’s blood, the witch she loved the most.

Esther and Dahlia then find themselves in a peaceful field, as their younger selves. Esther apologises for abandoning Dahlia for Mikael, and Dahlia forgives her. They die by turning to ash, still hugging each other lovingly. It’s nice.

Best line of the episode goes to Rebekah, when she and Klaus confront Dahlia at the final showdown. Dahlia has just finished a monologue to a captured Freya about how Esther’s betrayal turned Dahlia’s heart to stone, and now Dahlia will use that stone to crush Esther’s family:
Klaus: “Isn’t there a saying about stones and glass houses?”
Rebekah: “In case the analogy is lost on you, I believe my brother is calling you a hypocritical bitch.”
There’s something about the way Claire Holt says “bitch.”

With Gia out of the way, Hayley and Elijah’s relationship could now feasibly gain some steam. Hayley, in her only appearance this episode, meets with Elijah on a full moon. He tells her how he’s finally severed ties with Klaus, but Hayley begs him to return, so that Hope learns from people other than Klaus. He does.

Klaus holds a victory banquet after Dahlia’s defeat, and Rebekah is the only one who shows up. I lol’d. Klaus plans for Rebekah and Freya to stay with him and help raise Hope, so it looks like Klaus has come around to trusting Freya, at least.

Rebekah won’t be enacting that plan, though, as she chooses to return to Eva form and leave New Orleans to research a way to resurrect Kol. She and Marcel kiss goodbye, so they’re a step ahead of Klaus and Camille.

Actual Vincent also tells Camille that he plans to leave New Orleans. Good. I don’t want any reminders of Finn. Or anyone getting between Camille and Klaus.

The only thing that doesn’t get reset is the Crescent curse. It’s what Hayley and Jackson deserve.

Oh, and Klaus ends the episode by telling Hope a fairytale allegory for what’s happening in his life. Klaus in daddy mode could give the Elijah Hotness Parade a run for its money.

The Originals Ashes to Ashes Klaus Hope ending

It’d be too much to bear.

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7 responses to “The Originals Season 2 Episode 22 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    “It’d be too much to bear.” Was that pun deliberate?

    I have to say, this finale really disappointed me. Season 3 better be special.

  2. Lydia says :

    Season 1 was pretty spectacular, and I was so happy because it was like TVD before it went to shit. But of course it looks like this show has to follow it’s predecessor’s lead.
    But yeah. At least Elijah. I’m always rooting for my Canadian bros.

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