Revenge Season 4 Episode 23 – TV Review

Revenge Two Graves Emily gun

Oof, Em. So close with the word choice, there.

Yes, finale week is kicking off. Once Upon a Time’s was cute enough, but there’s nothing like the series finale conclusion to four years of soap operatic revenge.

Could have been a bit more operatic, though.

TL;DR Victoria is finally killed; Emily finally gets together with Jack; Nolan’s adventure continues; Louise and Margaux do the right thing; Courtney Love gets beat up and foiled.

It’s what she deserved.

So with Hunter dead and Victoria all but confirmed alive, Emily takes a new approach of pleading guilty to Victoria’s murder so she’ll get sent to a high security prison. The same high security prison that Nolan can hack so she can escape. Emily and Jack follow Hunter’s trail, which leads them to discover the body Victoria used for her decoy in the Grayson Manor explosion was her own mother. Gross. They also hook the fuck up, which was nice. At this time, Margaux, having heard the news about Emily’s jailbreak, retains Courtney’s services again to capture Emily, but she attacks Jack. Emily is not fucking impressed with this, which happily coincides with Louise’s decision to turn on Victoria (discovering Victoria was alive, thus proving Victoria is framing Emily, didn’t please Louise too much). Emily confronts Victoria, gun in hand, but David sneaks in and shoots Victoria to death to avoid Emily being prosecuted for the murder. Victoria gets a shot off on Emily, too, but Emily survives, marries Jack, and literally sails off into the sunset. Ahh, it feels so good. Meanwhile, Nolan isn’t too impressed with Courtney’s attack on Jack, either, so he uses computer wizardry to get all the dirt he needs on Margaux and Courtney, manages to convince Margaux to help him take Courtney down, and then Margaux even has the decency to turn herself over to the police for her part in Hunter’s murder. I appreciated it. Nolan ends the series unsure of his future, but Emily sends a new revenge case his way, which he relishes. And David dies from lymphoma after successfully taking the fall for killing Victoria. Everybody wins.

Except Victoria. Thankfully.

To be fair to Revenge, and after how much shit I’ve given it over the years (particularly in season 2. But that was very warranted), I think it’s earned it, all the characters’ plot lines are wrapped up satisfyingly.

But to be fair to myself, holy shit Victoria’s death wasn’t good enough.

Like, at all.

Revenge is supposed to be a fabulous soap opera, and a gut shot in a dimly lit, under construction penthouse is the best they can do?

Fuck that.


Why I hate this episode:

Victoria’s death deserved to be much, much bigger than that. Or at least a headshot or something.

And while the workaround of David killing her to spare Emily the prosecution does facilitate the plot, it’s such bullshit that Emily, after all these years, didn’t get to finally put that cunt to bed. It was her destiny. And David robbed her of that.

For super ninja assassin spy mobsters, David and Emily are stupid to turn their backs on a woman who only got shot once in the abdomen. Unsurprisingly, Victoria then gets a shot off into Emily’s back. You idiots.

Even after discovering that Courtney murdered Hunter, when she was only hired to extract Victoria, Margaux still hires Courtney again to abduct Emily. No shocks when she encounters Jack, and tries to murder him, instead.

I clung to the hope of seeing Lydia again before the series was over, and my hope proved futile. Lydia doesn’t turn up. She isn’t even mentioned. Rude.

Likewise, I think Ashley could have been easily inserted into the wedding at the end. She was only banished because of Victoria and Conrad, who are both dead now. She wouldn’t have even needed a line or anything. Just a supportive head nod at Emily would have been enough. I know that Ashley has now spent as much time out of Revenge as she was in it, but I feel like a little love for season 1 would have been nice.

Victoria makes the ridiculous decision to reveal herself to Louise, which is the only reason Emily is able to find Victoria later. I’d say I hope it was worth it, Victoria, but it evidently wasn’t.

Margaux tries to justify her actions to Nolan by saying how she’s lost Pascal, Daniel, and her baby. Bitch, none of those were at Emily’s hands. Pascal, if I need to fucking remind you for the millionth time, was killed by Conrad; Daniel was killed by Kate Black, who was a surprise wildcard to everyone; and you yourself stepped into a busy street without looking, and that’s how your baby got pancaked. So shut the fuck up.

Oh, and to further steal finality from the killing of Victoria, Revenge has Victoria give a spiel to Emily about how she was dead inside before Emily was even born (blah blah traumatic childhood that gets referenced in those flashbacks with her mum blah), so killing her now is just a formality. That’s so disappointing. You can’t at least let us enjoy this?


But it’s not all bad:

Victoria is fucking dead. Praise be. God, it’s so good to see that bitch lying in her pool of blood.

Victoria sets up surveillance cameras so that she can capture Emily murdering her and send it to the police, which is part of the reason David takes the shot, instead (the other part is that Emily’s soul won’t be tainted by cold-blooded murder). Clever girl.

But David’s decision to shoot down Victoria allows Emily to live happily ever after with Jack. And David dies of lymphoma shortly after his conviction, so he doesn’t have to even suffer very much. Hurray.

Nolan’s resolution is the least solid of them all. Just before the wedding, he tells Emily that he doesn’t know what his life will be like without revenge and without her (which is what we’re all thinking, right?). So as the reception is ending, a young man comes to Nolan asking for help for his mother, who has been falsely imprisoned for embezzlement and murder. Emily sent him Nolan’s way, and Nolan seems keen to get back to his white collar vigilantism. It’s not very epic, but it gets the job done.

Margaux finally does the right thing. Nolan confronts her with images of Hunter’s dead body, and then tells her that Courtney stabbed and tried to kill Jack (which genuinely upsets her). She agrees to a sting to catch Courtney, wherein Margaux hires Courtney to attack Nolan to draw out Emily. She stabs Nolan through the hand, but Nolan hits her with a taser, and dumps a USB with computer evidence of every job Courtney’s ever worked on. Just before the police arrive, Margaux decides to stay and be caught, too. For her hand in Hunter’s murder and the attack on Jack. How honourable.

During the earlier meeting (the one where Nolan shows her the photos of Hunter), Nolan flares up with some sincere fury at Margaux. I appreciated it.

Louise also manages to fully redeem herself this episode. She is disappointed that neither Charlotte, nor Patrick, attended the funeral, and delivers a glowing eulogy. Victoria, ever the vain arsehole, attends her own funeral, and after seeing Louise’s grief, insists Margaux bring her to her so they can tell her the truth. Louise bascially makes a beeline from that meeting to Emily to rat Victoria out. Because Victoria is fucking evil, you know?

We find out the decoy body in the Grayson Manor explosion is Victoria’s mum. She called Victoria on the night of Emily’s interview as she was dying in the hospital. She only wanted to see Victoria so she could gloat about how terrible Victoria has been as a mother, which wins herself some points. Because Victoria called her such a bad mother for so long. What a vindictive old crone. The resemblance in Victoria is uncanny.

So when her mum died, Victoria used the body, and had her dentist forge the dental records. Gross. But effective.

Charlotte doesn’t go to Victoria’s funeral, but she does go to Emily’s wedding. Burn, Victoria. In Hell, of course.

During his wedding reception toast, Jack name drops all the loved ones who’ve perished: Declan, Real Emily, Carl Sr, Aiden, and Hunter. What about Conrad, though? He was the best thing about this show.

Emily buys Jack a new Golden Retriever puppy for their wedding. Aww. Just like Sam.

Oh, and I really should have mentioned Emily and Jack’s pash and sex earlier, huh? Well, it was worth the wait.

Revenge Two Graves Emily Jack kiss

Can we shoot Victoria again? In the head? Just to be sure? And also for fun?

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10 responses to “Revenge Season 4 Episode 23 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    omg it definitely worth the wait for Amanda and Jack to hook up

  2. ex360 says :

    This finale was as “Meh” as the whole fourth season. Third season finale should have been the end.
    At least Charlotte didn’t do any Charlotte-like thing. Why did Patrick skip his mom’s funeral though? Had Charlotte already told him “She has died before”? Why didn’t anyone remind the rest that it was Victoria who sent the FBI agent to the manor making her actually the real guilty party on Daniel’s death? I’m glad it’s all over. The only sad thing is that we didn’t get to see more Everwood faces after Madison and Dr. Abbott.

  3. Anonymous says :

    mostly ironic part of the episode, victoria’s heart was used to save amanda

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Yeah, I forgot to mention that part in the post. I think it was played off as a bad dream, but can you imagine if they’d actually gotten a season 5 and Emily started acting like Victoria because she had her heart? That would have been terrible.

      I still would have watched, though.

  4. Amadan says :

    The best thing about this show was you talking about it.
    I feel like Victoria incest story is worth an honorable mention though that was as disgusting as it was amazing.

  5. IHateJuliePlec says :

    I started this a few years ago after watching on and off during the series and just realized I haven’t finished it. I’m bored and this is something to do 🙂

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