iZombie Season 1 Episode 8 – TV Review

iZombie Dead Air Liv Lowell sex foot rub

Damn you, network censorship.

I’d like to congratulate iZombie on needing only seven episodes to make it into my Top 5 TV Shows list this year.

Who ever said I hate everything? Where did you get that idea?

TL;DR The COW is fun, but completely tangential; Liv does some pining for Major, and some fucking with Lowell; Ravi and Aly decide to go on a date; Major’s life continues to disintegrate while he obsessively pursues the Candyman; Blaine has Suzuki under thumb.

Blaine has really come a long way from being a party boat drug pusher. A true success story.

COW go now: Sasha, a sex and relationships radio DJ, is murdered on-air (while Liv is listening, no less). The red herrings only expose what a massive slutbag Sasha was, and in the end the killer turns out to be Sasha’s best friend and colleague whose career Sasha had arbitrarily destroyed. Because Sasha was an awful person, you know? Meanwhile, Liv’s enjoyment of her fling with Lowell is dampened when she sees Major all beat up (jail wasn’t a good time). She tries to pass off her over-analysis of things on Sasha’s brain stuff. But this becomes unimportant when she sees Blaine delivering brains to Lowell’s building, and has a flash from the brain she just ate at Lowell’s: the kid with the shoes from the skate park. Oh, damn. Meanwhile, Liv discourages Ravi from romantically pursuing Aly (because Aly is a man-eating goddess, and Ravi is just morgue trash), but she comes around and Aly agrees to a date. Ravi also gets bitten when doing a test on the zombie rat. Ooh. Meanwhile, Major falls further down his dark path to the truth; and Blaine uses Suzuki (I presume he’s the one who zombified Suzuki) to cover up all those kids he’s murdering.

But is it really a crime when they taste so good?

I’d say the only real downside to this episode is that the COW is one of the least relevant to our main characters yet. The only ground it covers is with Liv’s mild indecision over which dude in her life she should be banging.

And all it takes is for Lowell to be like “You on the Sasha brain train, gurl,” and Liv chooses him.

What a conflict-riddled, heavy dilemma.


Why I hate this episode:

She also can’t be with Major because she’s a zombie. So there’s that, Liv. Just in case you forgot.

Although it could also be palmed off on Sasha’s brain effects, Liv’s dismissal of Ravi as a potential date for Aly is uncharacteristically rude. She essentially tells Ravi, to his face, that Aly’s out of his league. Liv should know from first hand experience that American girls can’t resist a British accent. Or a doctor. Surely Sasha would have come to the same conclusion, so why didn’t Liv?

Ravi specifically buys some chainmail gloves so he can handle the zombie rat. But then it just bites through them anyway. What a waste of money.

I appreciate Major’s tenacity in fighting for the truth, but he needs to calm the fuck down with his Candyman investigation. Apparently getting gang bashed by bikies after getting arrested isn’t enough fun, so he ends this episode by buying a gun from the back of a car. Good luck with that.

Oh, and has Blaine seriously not hired another delivery driver yet? I’m starting to doubt his crime lord efficiency.


But it’s not all bad:

Like any good CW show, iZombie saves its most valuable plot point for the end, when Liv is happily leaving Lowell’s apartment, still in her afterglow, and she sees Blaine on a delivery run. She then has a perfectly timed memory flash, courtesy of the breakfast brains she just had from Lowell’s fridge, of Shoes Kid’s kidnapping in the back seat of Blaine’s car.

And with Blaine’s ominous, offhand comment to Suzuki earlier about how Liv has a bigger part to play in his plans, does that mean Lowell is part of the conspiracy? Because that would be hot.

Major tells Liv about how he found a human brain in the Candyman’s car cooler, and Liv is like shiiiitttt. You better save that boy before he gets himself zombified, baby.

To reinforce Major’s recklessness, he spends the entire episode with hideous facial bruising and scars. I appreciated it.

Major’s new girlfriend dumps him because of his obsession. She also gets best line of the episode when pointing out how absurd it is: “You’re in a running battle with someone known as the Candyman? What the hell?” Major also gets fired from his youth mentoring job because getting arrested isn’t setting a good example. I know, right.

It turns out Aly totally is a bit of a man-eater, as she blithely tells Liv about how she’s not seeing anyone right now, but has a harem of men she sees merely casually. Ravi still gets a yes for the date, though. I liked how he defied nerd stereotyping and wasn’t discouraged by Liv’s attempted shutdown.

The COW has a couple of cute turns. There’s an opposing, misogynist scumbag DJ who has a known feud/escalating prank war with Sasha. And Liv gets a memory flash of he and Sasha having an affair, but he and his wife are ruled out as suspects. He says the feud was only a show to get ratings, too.

The next one is better: an assistant at the radio station turns out to be a fake regular caller for Sasha’s show, and on the show Sasha died, the fake caller said her cheating husband was cheating with Sasha. Liv and Babineaux identify her because she used the same fake voice to do a radio ad for the station. Of course, it turns out the assistant was only messing with Sasha in retribution for a one-time fling she had with her husband.

The assistant does point our heroes in the direction of the true culprit, though: Sasha’s BFF and producer. They had originally both started as on-air presenters, but the show evolved to be just Sasha, and BFF was stuck in obscurity. When Sasha found out about BFF recently trying to apply for jobs elsewhere, Sasha ruined BFF’s prospects at every other radio station. So BFF killed her, and used the assistant’s petty revenge scheme as a frame job. Pretty good.

BFF hilariously gets in front of the mic for the Sasha tribute show, and the calls from listeners are not flattering. It’s what she deserved.

Liv observes that Babineaux is reluctant to discuss his love life. I wonder why?

Suzuki plants the bodies of the skate park kids at the cult ranch from last episode, and the police seem to buy that the cultists killed them. I suppose that explains why Suzuki murdered the unarmed cult woman last episode: so she couldn’t refute it.

Ravi and Liv are shocked to find the zombie rat’s trail of carnage in the lab, but are excited about testing on the rat to get closer to finding a cure. The zombie rat is affectionate to Liv, too. Aww.

Oh, and Ravi is appropriately horrified when the zombie rat bites him. Will a rat bite be all it takes?

iZombie Dead Air Ravi rat bite

It’s too horrible to even contemplate. Ravi couldn’t pull off that kind of nose.

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