Arrow Season 3 Episode 22 – TV Review

Arrow This Is Your Sword Laurel Felicity

And how superior she is to Felicity? Oliver made the wrong choice, baby.

The Super Friends aren’t that impressive without Oliver or Roy.

Laurel has magically boosted her martial arts prowess, but Diggle’s power seems to be “guns” (and we all learned from Mystery Men that guns aren’t a real power), and Felicity is a non-combatant.

Thankfully, we have third-tier characters to rope in.

TL;DR Oliver isn’t actually brainwashed, and is trying to prevent Starling from getting massacred; the New Super Friends fail to mount an offensive against Ra’s; Ra’s pushes the wedding, despite Nyssa’s protestations; Thea tracks down Roy; the flashbacks show how Maseo and Tatsu’s son died.

It was from the bioweapon, you know. Shocked? Me, too.

So yeah, Oliver isn’t actually brainwashed, and has been secretly conspiring with Malcolm to thwart Ra’s plan for Oliver to hit Starling with Omega (I know Alpha is also a component, but I’ve been calling it Omega for this long. Suffer it). Ra’s is moving faster than anticipated, though, so Malcolm hauls in Tatsu to convince the Super Friends to come to Nanda Parbat to stop the attack. Diggle, Felicity, Laurel, Malcolm, Ray, and Tatsu (kitted out in all her Katana glory) get in a big, glorious fight with the League, but are eventually overcome. So Ra’s locks them up in a dungeon and exposes them to Omega. Bad plan, team. Meanwhile, Nyssa tries futilely to avoid getting married. She even tries to murder Oliver at the altar, but the wedding goes ahead. Meanwhile, Thea tracks down Roy and he is inspired to go help the gang. And in flashbacks to Hong Kong, Oliver and Maseo abduct Shrieve in the hope of a cure for Maseo’s son, but all they get is a dead kid and captured by Shrieve’s men.

And Maseo lied about having his son die in his arms: he actually died in Tatsu’s arms. Untrustworthy!

Arrow excels when it does action, and the Nanda Parbat melee is pretty fucking fantastic.

Even if it makes the League of Assassins look incompetent. But that’s nothing new for them.


Why I hate this episode:

Tatsu’s costume change into her Katana duds doesn’t really get an explanation. I mean, I can dig some battle armour, but nobody is bothered by the obstructive face mask? Okay.

I don’t know why I believed that we were done with Roy. I just thought his exit, with his car and stuff, looked super dramatic. But no, he’s back again, already. Maybe he’ll die in the finale?

The flashback plot is a wank, considering we already know that the son will die. And I can’t believe Maseo lied about him dying in his arms. That weasel.

Why did Shrieve let Oliver, Maseo, and Tatsu live?

We see the Super Friends doing some routine heroics against some thugs, and Diggle doesn’t even wear a costume. That’s low effort, man.

Felicity is in denial about Oliver’s new personality, and thinks to herself that he’s a different person altogether. If you could just turn down the melodrama a tad, that’d be great.

Malcolm kind of randomly snitches on Oliver to Ra’s after the gang is caught. Tatsu had already lied to Ra’s that Maseo was the one feeding the group info on Ra’s’ plans. Which is solid, because Maseo is dead at this point. But then Malcolm, I suppose in an effort to avoid torture, rats out the fact that Oliver has been working against Ra’s like it ain’t no thang. Rude.

Maseo has an episode-long whinge about how his life is a prison ever since losing his son, culminating in him thanking Tatsu for freeing him when she kills him. Meh.

He’s also the one who gave Ra’s the bioweapon. Grief really does ruin a character, huh?

Oh, and Ray asks Felicity to sign a document, and she doesn’t even read it. Idiot.


But it’s not all bad:

We, the audience, get to learn that the document is a transfer of ownership contract for Ray’s company. I can’t wait for Felicity’s mum to find out that her daughter is now a billionaire.

The highlight of the episode is the daytime battle between the New Super Friends and the League at Nanda Parbat. Everyone gets their own part: Felicity works on hacking a plane supposedly carrying Omega; Malcolm, Diggle, and Laurel take on the goons; Tatsu duels with Maseo; and Ray flies in to blow up the plane after Felicity fails. Go team.

Naturally, Ra’s and Oliver then show up with scores more goons and imprison the gang. Ra’s initially plans to show them some mercy, because it’s Oliver and Nyssa’s wedding day (how Godfather of him). But when Malcolm rats out Oliver’s treason, Ra’s throws a vial of Omega into the dungeon. And Oliver does nothing to stop him. I lol’d.

Tatsu doesn’t get Omega’d, though. Ra’s moves her to a different cell because she has already taken the vaccine back in the Hong Kong days. Good continuity nod.

Tatsu almost steals the show when she kicks butt in her Katana costume. Her showdown with Maseo is well choreographed, and she displays some acting ability when she cries for him after she’s killed him. I felt it, baby.

Laurel looks so, so much better in her full costume, but without the wig or mask. The mask I’ll allow because she needs to protect her identity, but that wig needs to stay away.

Roy has a bit of body hair going now, and it looks pretty fucking good.

Thea makes a point of giving him his red leather suit back. When he leaves to assist Oliver and co, he leaves the suit for her. Cool.

Ra’s tells Nyssa about her mother, and how she was a hot concubine. Which means Nyssa isn’t from the same mother as Ra’s’ two other kids he mentioned recently. But I think the comic book fans already knew that, right? In any case, I wouldn’t mind meeting the rest of the family al Ghul.

Nyssa steals a knife and tries to stab Oliver at the altar in a last ditch effort to avoid the wedding. He anticipates her. The poor dear.

Ra’s is also demanding that Nyssa procreate with Oliver. Just to add to her indignation. That’s a fine way to brew some revenge in your gay daughter, Ra’s.

Malcolm brings Tatsu to convince the Super Friends to join him in the mission to Nanda Parbat. They rightly point out that they’ve never heard of her before. Smooth move, Malcolm.

Tatsu and Malcolm show the Super Friends footage of the Hong Kong Omega attack. They recognise it as having been passed off as a chemical spill by the Chinese government. So that explains that.

Ra’s admires Tatsu’s sword.

After Felicity’s tablet is shot during the Nanda Parbat melee, she throws it at a goon and it appears to slice his neck and kill him. The shot then reveals Malcolm actually killed him, and Felicity is disappointed. Cute.

Shrieve explains that the Omega attack on Hong Kong is to pre-empt the Chinese government from calling in America’s debts. How hilariously banal. I loved it.

Oh, and I can’t help but see the reveal of the Katana costume as conveniently coinciding with the Suicide Squad movie cast photo. Well done, CW.

Arrow This Is Your Sword Tatsu Katana costume

Because they suck.

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  1. Lydia says :

    I miss the old writers of this show. Like, I just want this season to be over.

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