The Originals Season 2 Episode 21 – TV Review

The Originals Fire With Fire Klaus stabs Elijah

This shot oughtta keep the Klaus/Elijah shippers happy.

I’m gonna say it again: The Originals will not kill the baby.

So the stakes are pretty low, you know?

TL;DR Klaus unites with Dahlia and betrays everyone, but it’s actually all a ruse to betray Dahlia; everyone fails in their efforts against Dahlia and Klaus (for now); Rebekah kills herself strategically; Davina is anointed Regent of the covens; Gia dies; Camille is the only one who knows how to kill Dahlia (because Klaus told her).

Camille’s back in the game.

So the gang is doing their best to prepare for Dahlia’s onslaught, and they set up Freya as the decoy in the Ring of Death, with Rebekah concurrently performing the decoy spell, and Elijah waiting in the wings to kill Dahlia once she’s in position. They notice Klaus is missing, but optimistically dismiss the possibility that he’s allied with Dahlia (except for eternal pessimist Freya. She got it right, though). They find themselves mistaken when Klaus busts up the ambush, leaving Freya put to sleep, Elijah with the Papa Tundé knife in his chest, Gia dead, Rebekah held hostage by a compelled Marcel, and Camille dead at Klaus’ hands when she shows up at the wrong time. Klaus and Dahlia then set off to hunt down Hayley, Jackson, and Hope out in the bayou, which they do extremely easily. They rumble for a bit, but then Klaus has Dahlia put a new form of the Crescent curse on Hayley, which causes her and all the werewolves to become wolves full time. Klaus and Dahlia reach Hope, where Dahlia insists on first linking herself to Hope to supposedly limit Hope’s powers. Klaus offers himself to be linked to Dahlia, instead, which would give her the immortality she desires. And the twist is revealed as Camille awakens, digs the knife out of Elijah, and tells him Klaus got inside her mind and told her how they’re going to kill Dahlia. Meanwhile, Actual Vincent takes Davina off to get crowned Regent of the New Orleans witch covens. And Rebekah, having been unlinked from the witch kids earlier in the episode, gouges her neck out to both escape Marcel’s forced clutches, and jump back into her original body.

I do hope Claire Holt can drag herself out of bed to be in the finale, at least.

While the above plot synopsis would indicate that things are exciting on The Originals, it’s sad that the reverse is true. The entire plot (apart from Davina’s boring side story) is predicated on the belief that Hope is in danger.

But I said it last week, I said it at the top of this post, and I’ll say it again: The Originals isn’t brave enough to hurt the baby.

And with half of our cast already being immortal, that’s just another principal character who will never be in any believable danger.

Unlike Gia. Not that she’ll be missed.


Why I hate this episode:

Davina’s subplot is a total drag. It’s bad enough that everyone is frantically dashing around for the sake of a baby that won’t get hurt, but then Davina and Actual Vincent have to pop up every now and then with their witch politics. Shoo.

Worse, Davina wins over the covens, who are hesitant to accept a teenager as their leader, by telling them about how she’s tussled with the Mikaelsons and won on multiple occasions. Umm, not really, though? At best, you’re their slave witch. Cut down on the boasting, baby.

Klaus’ idea to wolf-ify all the Crescents seems really mean and awesome when you watch them go through the agony of turning. But then The Originals forgets about the fact that there is now a legion of pissed off, fully turned werewolves roaming around the woods. Even though they couldn’t kill Klaus, they could certainly fuck him up a bit. Dahlia, too.

And one of them, Jackson’s grandma, is driving with Hope when the turn occurs. She gets out to turn, and is MIA when Klaus and Dahlia reach the car. But who’s to say she wouldn’t have, in her rabidness, turned around and ripped Hope’s little head off? Bad plan, Klaus.

Once Klaus has thoroughly routed the ambush, Dahlia makes a point of using Klaus’ blood to locate Hope, as that bracelet she’s got on is blocking her signal. Bitch, didn’t we cover this last episode? Just locate Hayley or Jackson. Jesus.

Gia visits the compound early on to bitch at Elijah for keeping her out of the loop. He gives her a big, dramatic kiss and implies that their relationship is totes legits. I’m like, ew.

If Dahlia could have bonded herself to one of the Originals to gain the immortality she craves, then why didn’t she just do that in the first place? Trying to find Hope has been a huge pain, and she’s had plenty of opportunities to poach an Original.

Hayley tries to release the werewolf minions from service when it becomes clear that they’re in danger. They instead pledge their allegiance to their “queen” and awkwardly all bow to her. Including Jackson. It just looks silly.

Oh, and Hayley says “I love you” to Jackson. No, thanks.


But it’s not all bad:

Hayley gets summarily punished for her betrayal. Klaus takes joy in informing her that it was his idea to use the Crescent curse, and he relishes the agony of her turning in front of him. I relished it, too.

Klaus’ punishment for Elijah was more my style, though. They fist fight for a little bit before Klaus brings in his party trick: a compelled Gia. He holds Elijah down and makes him watch as he forces her to remove her daylight ring and burn to death. God, it was satisfying.

Elijah flies into a rage and continues their fight, but Klaus wins again by driving the Papa Tundé knife into Elijah. Camille walks in just at the tail end of this, and is rightly upset.

Klaus, with Dahlia watching, of course, then tears into Camille’s throat. I was about throw my TV through my liquor cabinet, but I figured two things: 1) the scene wasn’t dramatic enough for a main character death; and 2) this is a TVD-verse show. Nobody’s dead until they’re really dead. And even then, you never know. So I was pleasantly surprised when Camille woke up later.

She hurries over to Elijah’s body and cuts him open to get the Tundé knife out, and explains to him that Klaus communicated to her that everything was just a show to trick Dahlia, and she knows how to kill her. See, Matt? The squishy human can be useful. You need to step your game up.

The shot of Camille awaking also includes Gia’s definitely dead, burnt corpse to the side of the frame. So I guess that wasn’t fake. Good.

Rebekah witnesses the aftermath of Klaus’ assault and Klaus has Marcel hold her hostage, and orders him to kill her if she tries to escape. She and Marcel debate how to get around it, and despite Rebekah wanting to continue on in Eva’s body for the sake of helping in the Kol resurrection spell, and the chance to have babies, she decides it’s better to die and then go jump into her original body. Marcel refuses to let her trigger him into killing her, so she just stabs herself in the throat, instead. I expect we’ll probably have Claire Holt back for the finale, but I don’t know if she’ll stick around for season 3. Whatever. I’ll take what I can get.

Klaus and Dahlia fucking obliterate the werewolves when they track them down in the bayou. Duh. The surviving ones fall prey to the new Crescent curse. It’s reassuring to know Jackson’s “let’s all run to the bayou” plan was fucking useless. Just like him.

Klaus is surprised at how agonising it was to be daggered. I lol’d.

Dahlia isn’t too happy with Freya when she discovers she was trying to kill her. She lets her off pretty lightly, though, and merely puts her to sleep (I’m assuming it’s the century-long sleep). Dahlia does happen to observe that Freya got one of the weakness ingredients wrong, though: Freya’s blood wouldn’t have worked, because Freya isn’t the witch that Dahlia loved the most. Dahlia doesn’t finish that thought by telling us who she loved more, but I’ll bet that season 3 might fill us in on that one.

At Davina’s coronation, she claims that the witches will return to their glory and stand against all their opposition. Even Klaus, if need be. I’m glad. I’ve missed watching swaths of witches getting murdered.

Oh, and Camille really goes for it when she’s cutting Elijah open.

The Originals Fire With Fire Camille cuts open Elijah

She’s living the dream.

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