iZombie Season 1 Episode 7 – TV Review

iZombie Maternity Liv rat

Yeah, I internalise DVD covers.

What’s better than incurring the responsibility of being a parent?

Experiencing it vicariously through brain-induced maternal instincts.

Oh, so you’ll yuck at eating a fat guy’s brains, but you’re down to chow on a pregnant woman’s? That’s sexist.

TL;DR The COW involves a baby and cult-esque kidnappings; Liv gets temporarily clucky; Lowell is temporarily gay; Major gets in trouble while pursuing the Candyman; Ravi makes a breakthrough on what causes zombification.

Let the zombie rat apocalypse begin.

So let’s get that COW out of the road first: Emily Sparrow, a woman missing and presumed murdered by her boyfriend for the past eight months, shows up pregnant, and then dead. The baby makes it, though. Liv eats her brains and yada yada yada the boyfriend and Emily’s parents are red herrings, and it turns out an Animal Control officer and her husband like abducting young women for their secret cult. Babineaux’s boss unnecessarily executes the Animal Control woman, too. What’s that about? Meanwhile, Liv’s relationship with Lowell hits another stumbling block when he gets the gay from his most recent brain meal. They make good gal pals, though. Meanwhile, Liv’s brain-inherited maternal instincts help her to bond with her mum; Major gets Babineaux in trouble when he teams up with a nosy reporter; Major himself gets locked up for going after the Candyman; and Ravi tests out a combination of Utopium (that new drug) and the rogue agent in the Not-Red Bull energy drink on some rats.

It turns one of them albino. And also into a zombie.

This is another solid episode that splits itself satisfyingly between the COW and the arcs. And, as we’ve come to expect, the COW also enhances the characters’ arcs. In this case, the relationship between Liv and her mum.

But I’m still upholding the worry I expressed last episode: how long can this last?


Why I hate this episode:

I’ll keep my bitching about the future of the show to a minimum this week. And I have to concede, there were no major problems this episode for me. Isn’t that nice?

Major earns some jerk points when he ambushes Babineaux with the reporter. He calls Babineaux and Babineaux assumes it’s only he and Major talking, so he has a quick snipe at the police department for putting more resources into finding a dead white girl’s killer than the investigation into the poor, street youths’ disappearances. Reporter Bitch, obviously, publishes that shit, and Babineaux gets shunned at work. Boo on you, Major.

Major also gets reckless by breaking into the Candyman’s car when he stalks him to a tanning salon. When you break into someone’s car, you don’t just lounge around in there and inspect their cooler. You nab the fucking cooler and leg it. Then the cops won’t find you literally sitting in the car you just broke into.

Liv is unjustifiably hard on Emily Sparrow’s boyfriend, presuming he would be an inept parent without much to go on. The only times she meets him are when he’s rightly irritable during an interrogation (because he actually didn’t abduct his girlfriend eight months ago. And eight months of media and police demonisation aren’t a huge ton of fun, you know?), and when he’s smarmy now that the case has been closed and he’s been vindicated. Shut up, Liv.

Oh, and Liv’s pestering somehow convinces him to give up his parental rights to Emily’s parents, too. I guess judgemental, blonde medical examiners must be his Kryptonite?


But it’s not all bad:

Liv’s maternal instincts are otherwise enjoyable. She cradles one of the test rats, and she fusses over Ravi’s safety with a scalpel.

She finds some rare common ground with her mother, too. She and her mum gang up on her slacker brother, and her mum pushes the Meat Cute job application on him. Ooh.

Liv is disturbed by Lowell apparently friend-zoning her. On their date later, she kisses him and he pulls back in apathy. Liv’s indignant reaction is a lot of fun.

Of course, the reason he isn’t into her all of a sudden is because he ate a gay brain. He gets the episode’s best line when describing to her how he knew he was gay when he saw Idris Elba on a magazine cover: “I’m mildly afraid of heights, but I would not hesitate to climb that mountain.” Can I come, too?

The biggest surprise comes when Suzuki, Babineaux’s boss, murders the hell out of the Animal Control woman after she surrenders her weapon. He’s alone, natch. I wonder why?

He and Liv also seem to recognise each other’s zombification after the shootout at the cult farm.

Would zombification turn a black person white? Was Michael Jackson secretly a zombie?

Ravi and Lowell bond over their shared Britishness. As you do.

Teryl Rothery plays Emily Sparrow’s mum. The CW must have her on retainer, because I’ve also seen her as Moira’s lawyer on Arrow, and as the inspiration for Kelly on Cult. She’s like an older Katie Cassidy.

Major almost gets the jump on the Candyman by finding a brain in a cooler in his car. When the police are arresting him, Major directs them to search it, and they do become suspicious of the Candyman. You know, for having a whole, raw brain just chilling (literally) in his car. But the Candyman manages to explain it away by proving he works for boutique butcher Meat Cute, and Major gets his butt thrown in jail. So close.

Oh, and the closing shot of the episode is one of the rats from Ravi’s experiment, now white and hungry, feasting on the other experiment rats. It even got through their cages. One of the other rats is shown pawing at the door in the hope of escaping. Poor little thing.

iZombie Maternity Liv zombie rat

It’s subtext. Wake up, people.

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