The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 20 – TV Review

TVD I'd Leave My Happy Home For You Elena takes the cure

It’s my one failing as an alcoholic.


Why did I ever implicitly wish for more Elena?

What’s wrong with me?

TL;DR Elena and Damon fuss over whether to take the cure all episode; Elena takes the cure; Stefan and Enzo do their best to stop Mummy from going on an arbitrary, murderous rampage; Alaric and Jo decide to leave town after their wedding; Caroline is not in this episode.

Hit snooze. Wait until next week.

So yes, it’s time for Elena to get her boring, worried ass back in the spotlight. She wastes most of the episode whining over the fact that Damon is only insisting on taking the cure with her because he feels like he’s supposed to. In the end, we come to no greater conclusion than we already had last episode: Damon is going to take it because of his wuv for Elena. Elena takes the cure, and Damon plans to suck her blood to get his dose. Meanwhile, Enzo ropes in Stefan to help with Mummy’s recent falling off the No Ripping wagon. Stefan does his best to teach Mummy about his boring, sad lifestyle. But Mummy doesn’t want to be boring and sad. She wants to murder Bonnie and Elena. She almost does, but things work out okay, and Mummy gets locked up. Stefan isn’t too impressed with Damon keeping him in the dark about the cure, though. And over in third tier character land, Matt’s newfound vampire hate spills over into Alaric, who convinces Jo to disappear into the ether after their marriage to escape supernatural dramz. Which is probably for the best, because it looks like Jo is having twins, and Kai is assembling the vitches to escape the prison world.

It’ll be so good to have him home.

Each episode of present-era TVD erodes just a little more of the independent, curious, self-assured woman Elena used to be.

She’s willing to debate getting her mortality back, the thing she used to prize in the world above all things, because she doesn’t want to make Damon feel bad. Waaah.

Good God, get a grip, girl.


Why I hate this episode:

And like I said, the episode-long wangst about if Damon is comfortable with the cure or not doesn’t get us anywhere. Damon is still interested in taking the cure because he loves Elena. You could have kept that forty minutes to yourself, Elena.

Taking the cure magically restores all of the memories of Damon Elena had compelled away. Of course it does. Now she can love Damon even moooooorrrrrreeeee.

Matt adds some more stupidity to his seemingly endless list of idiocy. He has a whinge at Tyler because Tyler has been neglecting that police training thing they agreed to. Tyler rightly points out that being a cop could put him in a position where he would have to shoot someone, and maybe kill them. Which would activate the werewolf curse, which Tyler does not fucking want. Instead of accepting how valid this is, Matt just says that Tyler needs to control his anger better. I’m pretty sure having control of your anger issues isn’t going to be much use against an armed suspect bearing down on you. Fuck you, Matt.

And Matt convinces Alaric to take Jo and get away from all this supernatural danger. How about you take your own fucking advice, you buzzkill.

Mummy attacks a now-human Elena later in the episode. To escape, Elena jabs a button pin (from Jo’s bachelorette party. Keep up) in her eye. Instead of shrugging that off and vamp whooshing after her prey, Mummy just stands there in shock. This gives Elena enough time to laboriously run through and barricade herself in the Mystic Grill’s store room, ultimately trumping Mummy by hiding in a vent. Because Mummy’s vampire hearing can detect two baby heartbeats, but can’t hear a girl frightened for her life a couple of metres away in an echo-y vent?

Elena moans at Damon when she remembers how he rejected her offer of taking the cure when they were on the island in season 4. Bitch, that was years ago. You of all people should know how much someone’s personality can change. Look at yourself.

Oh, and Mummy’s rampage is prompted by the destruction of the Ascendant. I don’t remember it being destroyed last episode. I thought Damon and Bonnie were still just hiding it? Although, to be fair, I consumed a litre of Sauvingon Blanc during last episode’s viewing, so.


But it’s not all bad:

Mummy does a few pretty cool things this episode. Attacking Elena with the intention of killing her is a good way to get me on side.

She also happens upon Bonnie and Jo after Elena has left their bachelorette party. Bonnie tries to force Mummy out with some magic attacks, but Mummy throws a receipt spike into her neck. Sweet.

She then goes to eat Jo, but Jo plays the “I’m pregnant” card. Mummy uses her vampire hearing to confirm, and also detects two heartbeats, so she leaves. Jo didn’t know it was twins, so her reaction is pretty cool, too. Those damn Gemini witches and their twin bullshit, huh?

Stefan manages to confront Mummy after her failed attack on Elena. Stefan had spent the earlier part of the episode trying to teach Mummy how to live a vampire life of moderation, but Mummy decides she doesn’t want to live a suppressed life and be sad and alone like Stefan. I lol’d. She also tries to stake herself, and then tries to stake Stefan. She’s on a hot streak, baby.

Once she’s been imprisoned in the Salvatore dungeon, she still vows to get vengeance on him. Please, do.

Enzo takes great pleasure in telling Stefan about Damon’s withholding of the cure dilemma. But Enzo does make the right choice to bring on Stefan as Mummy’s sober sponsor. He’d be a much better role model than Enzo.

And despite how he detests Stefan, Enzo does ignore Mummy’s pleas to release her from the dungeon, and leaves her in Stefan’s care, as it’s what’s best for her. How honourable.

Speaking of right choices, Alaric and Jo make the right one. I hate that it’s off the back of Matt’s suggestion, but they really do need to disappear. The Gemini coven is gonna want dem twins.

I was skeptical that there’d be enough cure to go around for Elena and Damon to take it, but Damon clarifies his proposition this episode: he’s going to let Elena take the dose, and then do what Silas did to Katherine and suck Elena almost to death so he can be cured, too. Is it too much to hope that he’ll just got that little bit too far? Please?

Enzo is disappointed that Damon would consider becoming human again, but is confident he won’t go through with it. As am I.

Enzo is confused by a jelly shot at Alaric’s bachelor party. I lol’d.

Part of Stefan’s advice to Mummy to deal with her bloodlust is to take up alcoholism. I approve of this remedy.

Mummy says seeing Stefan only reminds her of how unhappy she was in her mortal life. Sick burn.

Oh, and the episode ends with Kai apparently up and at ’em over in the prison world. He sets a dinner for the vitches and monologues to himself about how they’re going to be getting out of there soon. I knew fabulosity would find a way.

TVD I'd Leave My Happy Home For You Kai

I can’t pretend you’re Katherine if you have a beard.

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8 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 20 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    What has this show become… honestly, at least Revenge is going out with a bang (bye bye Grayson Manor sort of bang), rather than this fizzle.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Bonnie did end up burning the Ascendant after her wangst with Damon last episode.

    I want to like the vitches plot but I can’t help but feel like they’re going to be underwhelming as fuck.

  3. Sire says :

    We need Kai’s sexually ambiguous hotness and evilness back. So, so hot ❤

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